Carrie-Ann Turcotte

International Motivational Speaker
Educating Medium & Channel
Self-Transcendence Mentor/Guide
Authorized Associate, Insight Learning Foundation 


PLEASE NOTE:  Due to my work being censored, if you’re not using a computer to view my site, you may NOT see any of my tabs/services.  Please send me a message (to the right) and I will send you the link to the information/service you’re seeking.

As an International Motivational Speaker & Educating Medium/Channel, Carrie has a natural ability to tap into your personal energy and provide you with unique spiritual guidance, specifically for your own unique soul journey/path.   

As an Authorized Associate with the Insight Learning Foundation, Carrie has over 35 years experience, in teaching others who they truly are; she has spoken at numerous international conferences/seminars, helping tens of thousands of people rediscover and realign themselves with their true source energy.

During gallery readings, Carrie delivers messages from Spirit while enlightening the audience on how the Spirit world works.  This allows the audience to understand that Carrie simply is the channel.   When Spirit begins to come through,  they’ll validate that they truly are communicating through Carrie for their words will touch the heart & soul of their loved one(s) she is giving the message(s) to.  And for many, giving them the validation that their loved ones are just fine and watching over them from the other side.

In her personal readings & mentoring program, Carrie can help you shift your vibrations/frequencies into the higher levels (4D+) and guide you on how to use this energy in your 3D reality.  These abilities have earned her a vast and loyal following worldwide, for the messages revealed allows the individuals to access the keys of knowledge that already exist within them.  

As you follow your true soul path, doors will begin to open.  You will discover for yourself that you truly have the power within to change your life for YOU are the creator of your reality!