12 Days of Vibing!!!

12 Days of Vibing
Dec 13th – Dec 24th
Keeping Your Vibrations in Check with this Energetic Challenge!

If you’re in tune with energies, then you know navigating through them throughout the day, can be a difficult process.  With so much energy of fear swirling around the planet, one must learn to unplug and go in…for that is where the love vibe begins…with YOU!

Join me for 12 Days of Vibing…an energetic challenge that with allow you to keep your vibrations in check all whilst navigating through your own personal reality…leading up to Christmas Eve!

This is not the first time doing this challenge – it has been done before.  During that challenge many found they felt they were playing energetic snakes and ladders.  For they would get a few days in, and then fears would creep in…taking them back to Day 1 of the challenge.  This process took months for most of the participates…including myself.  However many more did not even finish!

Fast forward to today, and it’s time to do this again!  I feel more than even, we must align ourselves in the frequency of love as often as we can.

Remember, those who participated last time…you are NOT that person anymore!

How this will work:

  • Each day, starting December 13th, I will post a video with a channeled message informing you of the vibration of the day and how to integrate it into your OWN personal current reality;
  • No two days will have the same vibration;
  • Each video will be approximately 5-10 minutes in length;
  • Each day you will add onto the previous day(s). For example, Day 2 includes Day 1…Day 3 includes Day 1 and 2…and so on.
  • If you fall off your vibe track, then you start back at Day 1. Saying this…I’m not sure how many people will be able to complete this challenge on December 24th;
  • All 12 videos will be posted by December 24th;
  • All videos will stay active until I notice no one is watching them anymore – meaning they either completed the challenge or dropped out!

The cost of this challenge is less than a cup of coffee each day. I am offering this 12 Days of Vibing for $2 a day = $24 CAN plus HST.

To purchase, please fill out the contact form on the right side of this page and put “12 Days” in subject line and someone will be be in touch with you within 24 hrs!

  • Once Payment is received an email will be sent with further information.  Link and password to watch each days message will be sent daily;
  • All purchases are final – No refunds
  • Payment:  Canadians can send an email transfer or receive an invoice from PayPal.  All other countries must use PayPal.