12 Days of Vibing!!!

12 Days of Vibing

Are You Up To This Energetic Challenge!

If you’re in tune with energies, then you know navigating through them throughout the day, can be a difficult process.  With so much energy of fear swirling around the planet, one must learn to unplug and go in…for that is where the love vibe begins…with YOU!

Join me for 12 Days of Vibing…an energetic challenge that with allow you to keep your vibrations in check all whilst navigating through your own personal reality!

Even though the 12 Days of Vibing has already begun…anyone can join at anytime for Day 1 is the day you start…whenever that may be!

This challenge does not focus on daily energy – it focuses on specific vibrations you intertwine into that day with a song or two is provided to get your vibrations going.

This year the channel has spiced it up – there are 3 vibrations per day and each days message is carried into the next day.  So let’s say today we’re doing Day 6 however Day 1-5 vibes are also in play…you want to intertwine all the days prior into the current day you are doing. 

Each day’s 12 days of vibing costs less then a cup a coffee a day, so come join in and have some fun – challenge yourself to see how many days you can keep in check before you fall off your soul track and have to got back to Day 1.  

Its like an energetic game of snakes and ladders!  However, this game you play solo.  Time to bring the little kid out to play all while busting a move to your favorite tunes!!!

The cost of this challenge is less than a cup of coffee each day. I am offering this 12 Days of Vibing for $2 a day = $24 CAN plus HST.

To purchase, please fill out the contact form on the right side of this page and put “12 Days” in subject line and someone will be be in touch with you within 24 hrs!

    • Once Payment is received an email will be sent with further information.  Link and password to watch each days message will be sent daily;
    • All purchases are final – No refunds
    • Payment:  Canadians can send an email transfer or receive an invoice from PayPal.  All other countries must use PayPal.