“21 Day Soul Challenge”~ Feb 22 to March 14

“21 Day Soul Challenge”~ Feb 22 to March 14


This 21 Day Soul Challenge is aligned with upcoming energies channeled.

On March 14th, we enter into another brand NEW “Extreme Energy Cluster”, which I am calling “The Collective Energy Web”.   This EEC is energetically bringing humanity closer together to create a NEW foundation frequency on a global scale.

During the 21 day challenge you will be provided information that you will then use to tap into your own “Soul Channel” so it can reveal to you that which you need to know.

We will be going through 2 EEC’s, in 2 different months where the energy is completely different!  This is as benefit those who sign up for FREE will see.

Make a decision to honor your soul and take this “21 Day “Soul Challenge”, knowing that together we WILL make a difference!

We’re all connected yet so unique and special in our own way!

Please remember this for we all have our own “Soul Channel” that is connected to the “God Channel”.  This is where we create magic together – that’s uniqueness extraordinaire!

To register for this FREE 21 Day Soul Challenge,
please send me an email by filling out the form at the bottom indicating
“You’re up for the challenge!”  
Embrace the unknown of this challenge, knowing you can achieve anything! 
Details will be sent out to all those who register soon.  On Feb. 21st at 6pm EST registration will close.  
Remember this is a soul challenge so guess what?
You’ll be spending a lot of time doing soul work! 

Are YOU up for the “21 Day Soul Challenge?”

If so, sign up here!

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