3rd Day of Vibing

Hello my friends,

Welcome to the “3rd Day of Vibing”.  If you have not watched the “Intro Video” and “RESET Video”, please do so first.

Remember you’re only continuing on if you feel within the deep of YOUR soul that you’ve already aligned Day 1 and 2.  If you feel you must go back or sit on Day 2, please do so!

If you’re ready then here we go!

With all the inner work you have done in “Day 1 & 2”, YOUR soul is ready to go through a ‘GREAT HEALING”

Yes…Day 3 is an internal healing day where you’re true self worth is shifting in vibrations.  To move forward, one must heal the past knowing it has played its role in making YOU who YOU are today!

Take time today to be in soul solitude – whatever that may mean to YOU!  Use the spiritual tools you have that work for YOU!  Some may need to go for a walk while others may have to close their eyes to go within.  There is no wrong or right to YOUR way of being in the moment with the God in YOU!

Remember we’re on the final day of the last “Extreme Energy Cluster – EEC” of 2019.  DO NOT allow the holiday madness suck you in – causing you to shift over to the duality train that arrives today!  Stay on YOUR own soul track knowing there is no wrong or right/this way or that way…everything just is!  

Be an observer not an absorber so that YOU remain a responder not a reactor!

If you get pulled in, take your loved one(s) to the bridge and heal it immediately.  Make sure you have your “Golden Nuggets & Gems” ready, just in case! 

There is so much soul healing taking place at a global level so remember the light within you and keep it shining.  DO NOT feed “The Boys”  – agree to disagree if need be!

FEEL the love that lies within knowing at the end of this “Great Healing” day, you will feel either be refreshed and ready for Day 4 or you’ll make your own soul decision to stay put and keep the healing within going! 

YOUR CHOICE just remember to be true to YOU!

Love & light