4th Day of Vibing

Hello my friends, 

Welcome to the 4th Day of Vibing.  

REMINDER:  If you have not watched the “Intro Video” and “RESET Video”, please do so first.

Remember you’re only continuing on if you feel within the deep of YOUR soul that you’ve already aligned Day 1,2 & 3.  If you feel you must go back or remain on Day 3, please do so!

If you’re ready then here we go!

Today’s Vibe has so much meaning to me for my dear Auntie Tessa has passed away and she would say this to me often…JUST BE YOU!

To “Just be You”  you need to ensure you believe in yourself.  To be able to honor who you are, all the good, bad and ugly!

Have faith that when you’re being your true authentic self, your soul will shine to allow all the world to see! 

If you need to do “Shadow Work” make sure you forgive yourself for not being able to be who you truly are – for allowing “Your Boys” to make you think otherwise.  As well as, forgiving others who have allowed you to go against your truth by their words!

As for the “Golden Nuggets & Gems” you know who you are, so find that magic within and send out those vibrations to the universe!

Say “I love myself” three times…a couple times a day and use the “Dynamic Trio” to amplify those vibes!  

Happy vibing and Merry Christmas!

Love & light