7th Day of Vibing

Hello my friends,

Welcome to the 7th Day of Vibing and as you can see “It’s Time To Pause!”

Please note:  I’m writing this post on January 4th.

With a Geomagnetic Storm on its way, amplifying the energies of January 5/6 Partial Solar Eclipse, this channel as stated in the last video is asking us all to pause!

The influx of energies that kicked in at midnight, your time, on 2019 has created a tsunami of energies that have stirred up the global energies.  The Global Soul Shuffle also began so it’s extremely important that you keep your vibrations in check.

During a “Pause”, we’re guided to reflect on the past days of vibing.  To go back to the vibrations that you still need to do soul work/shadow work on.

UPDATE – January 9th – For those who are participating in the 21 Days of Vibing, please know we have paused at Day 7 for a reason.

NO ONE I have spoke to has been able to get to Day 6 and stay there for very long. They shift back to Day 1 or 2 for the alignment is not there and they acknowledge it. This is the snakes and ladder game I have spoken about in the videos.

Ascension is a process NOT a race. YOU are exactly where YOU need to be, right here, right now! DO NOT compare yourself to others.

The 21 Days of Vibing is allowing those who are participating to 
1. Believe in YOURSELF
2. Ensure the giving and receiving is matching
3. You’re doing your soul work/shadow work so you can heal
4. You’re being true to YOU by being your true authentic self
5. You’re listening to the power up above and trusting the information YOU are receiving,
6. Honoring the person YOU truly are at a soul level.

This is why, we have paused at Day 7.

The above is not easy to align with 24/7. To do so, it requires hard work!

Please remember this. In order to ascend, you must align the yin and yang within. And in order to do this, you must become friends with YOUR boys!

When Day 7 resumes we will ALL be put to the test so in the meanwhile take the time to align with Day 1-6 knowing that your future self will be extremely grateful that you did the work now – in your present. This is where we all want to be, for its a present for a reason!

Happy vibing and check my website often to see when Day 7 resumes. Also, if you’re not registered to receive my newsletter, you can sign up on at my website – top right hand corner.

Love & light