Align Your Vibes

Align Your Vibes

In this reading, I will tap into your energy and give you guidance on what you’re vibing out to the universe.

Any lower vibrations I pick up on that may be holding you back, I will simply help you shift them back into a positive vibe.

If these vibrations are feeding from a past life, I can be energetically be pulled there to help you release them – find where it is feeding from so you can finally release it.

Many know where the lower vibrations started in this lifetime…childhood!  But for many that is all they remember!  So if you’re ready to go back in time to remember where the lower vibration(s) was originally planted, then you may just find out during this reading .

I will communicate with your Spirit Guides and loved ones to give the utmost loving message possible and for you highest good to help you on your sacred journey back to one!

Please note that this is not meant to be a Mediumship reading, your loved ones will be providing me with guidance only.  To let you know that they are with you during this very transitional time.

Payments can be made either through email transfer (if Canadian) or via PayPal.  Please note that PayPal users will also have a service charge, located in the shipping & handling area.  For email transfers, please fill out the contact form to the right and I’ll be in touch with you within 24 hrs!

It’s time to get VIBING my friends!

60-90 minutes – $200 Canadian 
90-120 minutes – $250  Canadian 

Align Your Vibes