Animal Vibes


Which of the 5 animals below are calling out to you?  The meanings below are of my own creation.  While looking into the picture and channeling, I used my knowledge of Spirit/Totem animals to get the messages.   My channel likes to have fun as you will see.  If you do not understand the lingo, please click on The Vibe Report Lingo page .

The opening vibes for each animal is so my Dad and Bradley (both in Spirit) and those who know them, know they LOVE to have fun and make us laugh.  They know all too well that laughing is one of the easiest ways to raise your vibrations.  And when you think about it my friends, as crazy as this journey is, we all volunteered to be here to help humanity shift into the 5th dimension so enjoy the messages and remember we are all in this together.

Love & light


Gorilla – “Hmmmmm, I’m not really sure what is going on” is what you’re vibing and the Universe is saying “You ARE currently undergoing an intense body/mind/soul rewiring”.  Listen closely to every word that is being spoken to you from within.  Do not self doubt for your higher self is calling out to you to release all that which no longer serves you!  It’s time to finally evict all those who still hold you prisoner in your head, including yourself!  You ARE thinking way too much and it’s time to shut off the mind chatter.  Think of those who started out as monkeys but very quickly turned into gorillas & orangutans…these are the ones you want to throw banana’s at to shut them up….eviction them!  It’s time to respect and honor who YOU truly are.  The Universe is currently guiding you to a very wise soul teacher(s) who has shown up in your life for a reason.  You’re being pulled to their vibration/frequency and very soon more will show up.  You’ve known them before in past lives so there will be an instant connection.  TRUST that you ARE soul family! The “Calling Cards” will be there as well, the “S&S Soul Sisters” will be out sprinkling their magic everywhere, ensuring you keep on your true soul’s path.  Trust that your higher self is speaking to you NOW for when you do your clairaudience abilities will enhance.  Listen very closely to the messages you are receiving and have faith my friends that all is as it should be, so it is!

Lion – “I’ve got my eye on you” is what you’re currently vibing as you look directly into their eyes – the widow of the soul – either in person or in a picture.  Something feels off yet you’re not sure how to proceed.  Know your higher self is currently unlocking soul memories from within your higher heart that will give you the keys you need to move forward.  You are NOT imagining what is happening for you truly are experiencing a soul merge with whomever you are currently watching.  If you’re a twin flame/soul you’re being reminded to keep your dignity no matter what you are faced with.  Hold your head high and bring out the lion in you!  The connection between you and your beloved is so much stronger then you realize.  Now is NOT the time to pounce, for there is still more wisdom and knowledge that needs to be revealed.  Your patience is once again being tested.  All who were called by the lion are being guided to use their inner strength to tap into their Solar Plexus and vibrate “Roars” to the Universe of who they truly are!  Allow your heart to lead the way rather than letting “The Boys” take over!  Embrace the unknown my friends for only the divine truly knows!

Cheetah – “Well, well, well – look what we’ve got here” is what you’re currently vibing as the Universe continues to open many, many doors in front of you.  Listen to your intuition and if something does not seem right then run the other way.  You’ve come way too far to go back there again.  The past is the past and it no longer matters, it’s what’s in front of you that will make your heart skip a beat.  Make sure you remain flexible and willing to change course in a moment’s notice.  If you do go off course the “S&S Soul Sisters” will kick your butt to and get you back on track.  You no longer have time for others who do not resonate with YOUR truth.  You’re now speaking/vibing truth,  and for this you will be rewarded by the Universe.  Your life will speed up very soon but in a really good way…it’s all good!   Be rest assured that the repeated patterns and triggers that were holding you back have finally been released.  Many opportunities are in the works so have faith that the power up above is holding your hand.  Your loved ones in Spirit are rejoicing that you’ve finally been able to release so much pain and sorrow; that brought you so much grief and tears in so many lifetimes.  Keep your “Dynamic Trio” in check and watch how whatever/whoever you’ve got your eye on, all of a sudden appears into your reality. Have faith my friends for the best is yet to come!

Elephant – “Are you f**king kidding me?” is what you’re currently vibing as you once again have to stand up for yourself or someone you love.  Your soul may be tired of this however please know this too shall pass very quickly.  You’re eliminating those who no long match your frequency, making room for your true soul family to arrive.  Listen to your gut more for it truly is leading the way!  As your soul is being called to help humanity do NOT let anyone get in your way.  This is your OWN unique soul journey and only YOU can lead the way.  Believe me, you have a whole tribe of soul members coming your way, where you will all intertwine your wisdom & knowledge to create magic together – you are NOT alone!  See your current situation as a hurdle you had to overcome to get where you are going.  Once you get over that fence your determination and persistence will lead you exactly where you need to be.  See the isolation you have been in as “Soul Rejuvenation Time”.  You needed this time to build up your self-confidence; to learn to love yourself whole heartedly again.  The Universe applauds you for all your hard work, and for finding your true soul self again!  The power up above is so excited to say that LOVE is about to flow into all facets of your life.  Enjoy this new found love with your life my dear friends, this is   going to blow your mind!

Giraffe – “Whooaaaaa….Whaaaatttttt is going on” is what you’re currently vibing as you deal with all the rapid changes happening in your life.  There are many people around you that are making you feel very uncomfortable.  It could be words, actions and/or vibrations coming from anyone.  You’ve come to realize that you’re just not on the same frequency anymore, that you truly are ascending quickly.  Your higher self is calling you to hold your head high and trust that the Universe is leading to way.  It’s important you spend lots of time in nature.  That is where you will find the “S&S Soul Sisters” sprinkling their magic.  This will also allow you to ground and centre yourself while breathing in the fresh air – believe me, your soul will thank you for it.  Do not give up at the 11th hour for what you truly desire is on the horizon.   You’ve traveled eons to get where you are today so take the time to celebrate all that you have experienced.  You’re the person you are today because of it so find the “Golden Nuggets” and “Gems” and use the “Dynamic Trio” to get yourself in tune with your true “Soul Song”.  Listen carefully to what it’s playing and know that when you truly surrender and release to the unknown, it will play beautiful music to your ears.  Your clairvoyant abilities are also enhancing which is allowing your dreams to become more vivid & real.  You’re multidimensional being has kicked in and day flashes and/or night dreams are becoming the norm. Enjoy this new found clarity for you’re beginning to realize that there is so much more going on behind the scenes, than meets the eye!  Hold on my friends for you are now boarding the ride you’ve been waiting for!

© Copyright 2016 – Carrie Turcotte 


Is the Lemur or Crane, calling out to you?  While looking into the picture and channeling, I used my knowledge of Spirit/Totem animals to get the follow messages.   My channel likes to have fun as you will see.  If you do not understand the lingo, please click on The Vibe Report Lingo page.
Love & light

The Lemur

You’re vibing: “Dahdahdahdahhhhhh….Bring on the Clarity!”

Your current reality may feel like you’re living on a completely different planet!  You’re not sure if you want to hang with a special friend(s)/family or retreat into your own personal world.  But you do know that your home is your sanctuary so ensure you sage/smudge often!

Being outdoors is also very beneficial for your soul, especially being out in the bush!  Ensure you take the time to find a special tree to lean against and ground to.  Allow your higher self to give you the messages you need through the tree network.

Your clairvoyance abilities are also amplifying as we live in the energies of New Earth.  So you must learn to trust what you see at this time, especially in night dreams/day flashes.  Remember we can not live in 5D, so bring yourself back to planet Earth often and ground!

You may want to have your handy dandy notebook ready so you can record the soul memories being revealed at this time.  These memories are allowing the clarity to shine through in specific situations in your current reality. 

You may even experience past life memories linked to Africa, particularly Madagascar. Just know that whatever is revealed to you at this time, will help you shift to a completely different vibration!  You are truly evolving!

Allow your thirst for wisdom & knowledge to just be, at the moment.  You must remember that the wisdom & knowledge you seek, already lies within!  Trust in yourself for it’s time to shut off the monkeys or in this case Lemurs and quite the mind…where the answers are waiting to be revealed!

Your soul may also be pulling you to guide/teach others at this time; to take that giant leap of faith and show the world that you truly are….Taaataaaaaaa….here’s the NEW ME!  Do not allow Mr. Fear Monster to stop you for your more powerful then you realize!

Next time you walk by a mirror, do yourself a favor….look into your eyes, then say “Hello Beautiful, I TRUST YOU to show me the way” – FEEL your words and watch how clarity begins to create a beautiful reality specifically designed for YOU!   

The Crane

You‘re vibing:  “Swuussshhhhhhhhhh….Bring on the Balance!”

Your current reality may feel as if you need more balance in specific areas.  It could be anything in your life – love, abundance, energy etc.  This is a perfect time to realign and ensure that the giving & receiving is matching…as above, so below!

As the energies of New Earth intertwine with your physical body, you’re beginning to allow the inner child to come out to play and rejuvenate your soul.  As you do so, soul memories may be triggered, this is a good thing!  Whatever may be blocking the balance you so desire is probably feeding from childhood and needs healing!

You’ve been working really hard for so long and know you’re worthy of an abundant life, yet sometimes you allow others to change your perspective!  You may not resonate with their truth yet their “Boys” start to become friends with your “Boys”, shifting your personal vibrations and your reality.     

You may have a tendency to fly into the future and be there for too long, more than 30 seconds, causing Mr. Anxiety to show up with Mr. Assumption & Mr. Expectations!  DO NOT go there my friends!  Live in the moment as much as possible, so when the Universe comes knocking….you answer!   If you’re living in the past or the future, you will not hear them!

The “S & S Soul Sisters” are also sprinkling their magic into your reality, so pay close attention!  Have your handy dandy notebook ready to keep track, if need be.  This is how the Universe allows the little child to come out to play.  They give you the clues/dots, and you must connect them to create the bigger picture.  This takes time, for it is a process not a race! 

Your night dreams/day flashes may also be showing you a glimpse of what could be.  If the soul is revealing something to you currently, ensure you let go of any fear that may still be attached to manifesting your soul desires.  

The time is now to ensure you put your energy into whatever makes your soul sing, you do this and watch how the balance begins to enter your reality!

© Copyright 2017 – Carrie Turcotte