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Hello my friends,

It’s time to re-introduce Carrie’s Chronicle where I will go deeper into what is currently happening on this planet on an energetic level…allowing you to know the TRUTH so you do not self doubt!

Its been 8 years since the last Carrie’s Chronicle…however we are starting NEW for we are now in New Earth…so this is Issue 1.

Future issues will require you to sign up to access.  It will be FREE and only those who are registered will have access to view it.  You will receive an email when an issue has been posted with a link and password to view.

As you all know, I am all about the energy…so keeping energy clean is extremely important to me.  This is why only those registered for Carrie’s Chronicle will have access to it – not the general public nor those who currently receive my newsletters for the information will not be included!  So if you feel you or a loved one may benefit for this info, please feel free to sign up.

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There will also a “Body/Mind/Spirit” area in each issue…where in each issue I will go deeper in one are.  This issue I am focusing on “The Body“.

So let’s now get into the NEW first edition of Carrie’s Chronicle.


Hello my friends,

May this message find you all well; and, riding the energetic waves as they begin to penetrate NEW frequencies through every cell in your body.

During the month of August there is an influx of energy coming into play, so get your “Soul Sail” ready to guide you on a grand adventure like no other…bringing you right into September.

The God particle within all is activating the higher frequencies and revealing wisdom & knowledge that already lies within….it’s just been dormant for eons.  This is causing what my channel is calling “The Grand Global Awakening” which is now about to switch into full gear…so hold on!

Everything is made of energy and the incoming universal energy is turning up the notch so every living organism can to begin to implement and active these new frequencies that are now available for all to tap into.

You may have noticed that the ringing in your ears is getting stronger and/or your emotions are all over the place.  Crying then laughing then getting angry…whichever “Boys” (aka ego) present themselves, please just go with the flow, this is part of the “22 Day Energetic Process”.

One must learn to express their emotions instead of suppressing them, for this will only lead to a mass explosion down the road.  When one puts band-aids on life experiences, there comes a time when the band-aid must come off….that time is NOW!

Over the next few months, we’re all going through a “Soul Wash”…some will just get more of a cleanup then others, really depends on what frequency you’re currently tapped into and how you navigate through the upcoming energies.

Each and every one of us is being giving an opportunity to spread our wings and fly.  To take that leap of faith and allow the soul to guide us.   Whatever needs to shift…will!  For some they’ll be moving on into the new without even knowing it!

And as those around you begin to wake up, be there for them, however do not try and tell them what to do.  Every journey is unique and special, so allow them to ask what it is that they feel they need help with.

“The Grand Global Awakening” is allowing Trust & Truth (T-N-T Sisters) to be revealed at warp speed.   Watch what is unleashed over the next few months.  The veil of deception is unraveling quickly as humanity begins to come out their zombie trance.

Please understand that when one lives in alignment with the energies of New Earth, the old no longer resonates.  That’s why we’re going through a total “Body/Mind/Spirit” makeover where all must be aligned to move forward.

For many of the lightworkers, the “Spirit” side is too high in 5D fufu land – this causes them to stay in a delusional stage/trance for they are NOT balanced with the “Mind/Body/Spirit”…not on planet earth…which puts them into the “Energetic Pin-Pong Effect”!

Remember Body is 3D – Mind is 4D – Spirit is 5D+.  We channel the 5D+ which is a state of conciseness through energy fields (aura & chakras) into the 3D body which then rewires the Mind in 4D+.

With so many old terms/labels still lingering, it’s no wonder so many are stuck in a delusional stage/trance.

There are so many false promises that have been made in the old energy – promises that never should have been made.  No one knows what New Earth entails.  However, there are storytellers who think they know it all, so they keep repeating the same old, same old story…then adding “this is the way it is”.

Little do their followers know they are keeping them stuck in a delusional stage/trance – by keeping them connect to an energetic beast they have all created together…called “I know the truth, not you, so let me brainwash you with my perspective!”  Which is huge on this planet right now – just look outside, you can see it everywhere!

So it does not surprise me that August & September are going to be months that give so many a reality slap, causing them to wake up and stop blaming others for their reality!

We’ll be encountering energetic waves we’ve never felt before – which will be causing the “Soul Wash” effect.  We’ll be incubating, implementing and activating (IIA) new frequencies at a DNA level, all at the same time!

Ascension as you all know is not an easy task.  It takes hard work to heal.  However, the beauty to all of this is, we’ve never energetically lived in 5D+ energies, so once we become friends with “The Boys” reality becomes a lot easier to navigate through!

Becoming “Ego Friendly” not “Ego Driven” is so important.  The ego is not going anywhere that is until you leave your physical body.

No one said this was going to be easy process; we just assumed or expected something completely different.   But guess what?  That was “The Boys” talking.

Mr. Expectation does not live in 4D+ energies.  As for Mr. Assumption, he can as long as you only set boundaries…you get into details and Mr. Assumption will lead you to Mr. Disappointment who is Mr. Expectations BFF!

Again, we have NEVER been this evolved so be good to yourself, do not beat yourself up by allowing “The Boys” to take you down in your head.  There is no wrong or right to what you are experiencing – you’re just experiencing, which is what we are here to do.

We’re co-creators, and we co-create through experience.  So make sure you do your “Shadow Work” so that you can get through this “Soul Wash” process – coming out squeaky clean!

Your true authentic self is ready to make a grand appearance, however before it can do so, you must enter the “Soul Wash”.  We’re all going through it, so be kind and gentle to yourself and others, knowing you understand at a deeper level what is truly going on!

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Until next time, stay strong my friends and be kind to yourself!

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BODY ~ Your body’s systems and cells rely on each other to function properly.  You only have one body.  Are you living at your peak?

During these ever changing times, it is so important for you to do your research on what you are putting in and on your body!

There are so many hidden dangers in mainstream cleaning products, how they can affect your health and why you should make the switch to cleaning products that contain only natural ingredients.

Many cleaning supplies sold in stores can irritate your eyes and throat and even burn your skin. Some of them also release volatile organic compounds, which can trigger allergic reactions, headaches and chronic respiratory problems. What’s more, many cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals that have been found to cause serious health problems, including liver damage and cancer.

Scientific Study on Household Cleaning Products and Women’s Lung Health Explained

A new, independent study based on 20 years of research reveals a sobering fact: Cleaning your home with national brand cleaners significantly damages lung tissue. Almost all the cleaning products that you buy at the grocery store are made with a multitude of harmful chemicals. According to the study, some of the likely culprits are ammonia, chlorine bleach, and quaternary disinfectant compounds. The study also showed that cleaning with products that contain dangerous chemicals as little as once per week was as damaging over time to respiratory health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years!

About the Study

Starting in the 1990s, the Community Respiratory Health Survey began tracking a large population of 6,235 women and men with a beginning average age of 34 at 22 health centers in multiple countries. Over the next 20 years, participants were quizzed about their use of both spray and liquid home cleaning products and had their lung capacity tested regularly. Lung capacity was measured by breathing into a spirometer, an instrument that measures how much air you can exhale. Those with compromised lung function are not able to exhale as much volume as someone who is healthy.

Fifty-three percent of the participants were women and 44% were lifelong non-smokers. Analysis was adjusted for smokers and those with doctor-diagnosed asthma. Participant data was extensive, ensuring that each subject was well characterized, significantly reducing the likelihood of misrepresentation.

Once twenty years of data had been collected, the results were compiled and analyzed by a top team of 28 international researchers from nine countries, led by scientists at The University of Bergen in Norway. The study, titled Cleaning at Home and at Work in Relation to Lung Function Decline and Airway Obstruction, was recently published in the American Thoracic Society’s American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

The results confirm what has been known for years: toxic chemical ingredients in national brand home cleaning products take a toll on the health of those who clean with them. The extent of the devastation is only now beginning to be uncovered.

Finding 1: Using national brand cleaners as little as once per week is as damaging to lung health as smoking 20 cigarettes per day.

By now, just about everyone knows the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Among their many hazards include depleted lung capacity—the result of damage to the tender internal tissues of the respiratory system. Lung capacity is important because it is a marker of overall health and fitness. The body depends on the lungs’ life-giving ability to oxygenate blood and expel carbon dioxide—the waste product of metabolism.

Decreased lung capacity can lead to obvious declines in fitness, but since the body is so dependent on oxygen exchange, whole systems of the body can be compromised when the lungs become even partially debilitated.

Shockingly, the study concluded that women who used home cleaning products at least once per week saw the same reduction in lung capacity as those who smoked a pack a day over the same period. According to the authors, “Women cleaning at home or working as occupational cleaners had accelerated decline in lung function, suggesting that exposures related to cleaning activities may constitute a risk to long-term respiratory health.”

Finding 2: Women are affected far more than men.

Though there was a clear correlation between women who cleaned and respiratory illness, there was less correlation for men. While the scientists pointed out that the total number of men regularly using household cleaning products was significantly lower than women, the study summary also points out previous research that elaborates the increased sensitivity in the female respiratory system.

This finding is particularly concerning when considering that the most sensitive members of the population are also those engaging with these products with the most frequency.

Finding 3: Cleaning at home is just as, if not more harmful, than being an occupational cleaner.

The study survey categorized participants as “not cleaning,” “cleaning at home,” and “occupational cleaning.” While the “not cleaning” subset of women saw only expected, age-related change in lung capacity, the “cleaning at home” group saw the same decreases in lung health as “occupational cleaning.” How could this be the case when cleaning professionals are using cleaning products on a daily, ongoing basis, versus someone performing chores less frequently in their own home?

First, consider that occupational cleaners are most often required to use protective gloves, clothing, and even masks while performing their duties. Those at home casually disregard warning labels and use cleaning products without adequate protection. Additionally, professional cleaners move from room to room, working in larger spaces with better ventilation than someone at home. In fact, using cleaning products within the relaxed, comfortable confines of home may actually lend to a general complacency that ultimately leads to impaired health.

Finding 4: Liquid cleaners are just as dangerous as sprays.

Study researchers originally suspected that products delivered through a spray or mist would prove more dangerous than those applied as a liquid, gel, or wipe. Surprisingly, the study found no significant difference between cleaner delivery types. The implication is that the chemicals in liquid cleaners become just as available for inhalation through evaporation as those used in sprays.

Finding 5: Dangerous chemical ingredients including ammonia, chlorine bleach, and quaternary disinfecting compounds appear to be primary culprits.

In their conclusions, the researchers stated, “one could hypothesize that long-term exposure to airway irritants such as ammonia and bleach used when cleaning at home could cause fibrotic or other interstitial changes in the lung tissue, thereby leading to accelerated decline of FVC (forced vital capacity).”

Finding 6: Women who regularly use cleaning products have increased rates of asthma.

Researchers found increased rates of asthma within the groups who used national brand cleaning products regularly. This echoes multiple recent studies that have clearly linked the use of dangerous chemical cleaning agents with the onset of asthma.

Finding 7: Damage is cumulative over time.

When toxic chemicals–like those found in most all national brand cleaning products–are regularly inhaled into the sensitive tissues within the lungs, it makes sense that respiratory problems would result. “Exposure to cleaning chemicals,” the researchers wrote, “could result in accelerated lung function decline and chronic airway obstruction; low-grade inflammation over many years could possibly lead to persistent damage to the airways.”

Simply stated, regular exposure to the toxins within the home never allow the respiratory system an opportunity to heal, creating a condition where internal damage accumulates. Dr. Cecile Svanes, a professor at the University of Bergen and senior author of the study said, “We feared that such chemicals, by steadily causing a little damage to the airways day after day, year after year, might accelerate the rate of lung function decline that occurs with age.”

What the Study Means for You

For most women who try to keep a clean, safe home, the results of the study are an imperative call to action.

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to rid your home of the dangerous national cleaning products that contain so many harmful chemicals! What kinds of cleaners are to blame? Most all home cleaning products including disinfectants, kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, toilet cleaners, shower and tub cleaners, scrubs, stain removers, floor cleaners, degreasers, window and glass cleaners, and surface cleaners.

Though the research results have gained some immediate public interest online and in the general news media, it is up to you to not only take care of your own home, but to warn friends, family, and neighbors of the very real consequences of using these conventional home cleaning products.

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