Cos-whoa Compass ~ Your Upcoming Energetic Forecast

Thursday, October 28th at 7:30 pm EST

In this 2 ½ hour live on-webinar, Carrie and Lisa Salvatore will allow your soul to go on an energetic cosmic journey – a journey that will provide in-depth information…an energetic blue print, for November and December.

During these chaotic times it is too easy to lose sight of what is important while experiencing WTF moments, all too often! 

So together, Carrie and Lisa will arm you with:

  • Cosmic awareness;
  • Insight into what is coming down the pipeline;
  • How to best prepare yourself so you can stay in your center and keep grounded, during these extreme changes we’re all going through.

Together they’ll provide you with wisdom and knowledge to help you ride the upcoming cosmic wave…an energetic surfboard – one created through channeled astrology and channeled messages for the upcoming weeks. 

Even if you are not into astrology/planets or channeled messages, this webinar will allow you to see just how it all aligns in the most magical way!

This webinar is only being offered via private link…so if you want in, please fill out the form to the right and write “IM IN” in the subject line and someone will be in touch with you within 24hrs.

The cost is $40 US Dollars and will be recorded.

For more information about Lisa Salvatore, please click here!

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