Do You Follow Me?

Do You Follow Me?

Hello my dear friends,

It’s been over 10 years since I opened the door to my spiritual business and what a journey it has been.  Just like all of you, I have grown tremendously and along the way I have come to know myself better then ever before.  As a teacher you’re also a student, we’re always experiencing so we’re always growing!

I personally have come to trust my higher self and my connection; and in doing so my channel have become stronger allowing me to provide all of you with simply and easy to follow messages.  Keeping the crazy K.I.S.S. – Keep It Soul Simple!

With so much censoring currently taking place, I am in the works with something that will allow you my followers to be able to find me in REAL time, not day/weeks later, if at all!  To be able to have access to my work whenever you want.  This will also allow my channel to speak freely through me knowing there is NO censoring!  

If you’ve ever been part of the VR then you know how my channel works, so hold on and get ready as this NEW, will be coming soon – sometime in July!

To ensure you keep in the loop, please visit my website often for so many are no longer receiving my newsletter as well, due to this censoring!

As we ALL step into a land of  energetic unknown, its time to step up the game – we’re no longer going to be playing hide-n-seek or broken telephone – we’re playing the NEW game of life – A life created souly by YOUR vibrationS!

Stay tuned to find out where you will soon find me!  As I hear my Dad singing “Follow Me” in my head…gotta love Spirit!

Love & light