Energetic Portal & Soul Wash in Affect ~Sept 23 to Oct 3

Hello my friends,

Welcome to another addition of the VR, were things have already begun to shift with the new energies.  This message is definitely not so mini and the time frames of each report are shifting, a sign that change is upon us at a rapid speed!

Those who are familiar with my work know that there are times when the channel puts me on hold till further notice.  And this was one of those times.   I was guided to wait to post this VR.  Then Yesterday afternoon I got the go head to start…so here I am!   

Humanity has just entered the second half of the energetic portal that formed on August 9/10/11.  Back then the duality train came into play with a force to reckon with.  Even those who were not riding the duality train got pulled in – it was like a giant magnet that connected to all of us and we had 5 days to pull ourselves off before we were stuck to or in it, until October 25th!

So many people did not get off the duality train and that energy is starting to align with their current reality.  This is causing them to still see through rose colored glasses.  They’re not participating in the New Game of Life and focusing on their own reality – they’re tooooo plugged in and believe all that that see/hear immediately.  And when that message changes they then go along with the next lie being told…not able to think for themselves – need to be told what to do!

Unplugging is the best thing you can do for yourself right now.  You cannot tap into your true essence if you’re not in soul solitude.  Take advantage of these crazy rules worldwide and stand up for your self-worth.

This portal has great healing energy attached to it… you just need to be real with yourself and admit that you are perfect just the way you are.  All the good, bad and ugly. 

Remember we’re a soul having a human experience and with that comes a vessel….and with the vessel comes an Ego and the Yin & Yang energy balancing game we all play.

Mr. Control Monster is very much connected to this portal so ask yourself what game(s) are you playing with him?  Whatever/whoever controlled you on August 9/10/11 is probably making another appearance in your reality right now!  This could also be someone/something you were healing back and now it/they are coming back for another round.

Remember Mr. Control Monster comes in many different forms – Who’s controlling you? Who are you trying to control?  And, what parts of your boys are controlling you? 

Mr. Fear Monster is best buds with this guy so be honest with yourself during this portal knowing when we come out on September 25th you will be greeted by a knock-ortunity specifically created by YOU for YOU!   Own whatever comes your way!

Do not waste your time helping other get off the duality train…whoever is there is energetically riding it till October 25th and there is no way to get off it!!! 

Listen to the song Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson – to help the mother hen within you pull away.  When you work on the “ME” the “WE” becomes stronger!

If you feel you’re stuck on the duality train, lock yourself into your cabin, turn on that song and do the soul/shadow work you need to do.  Think about who the boys are….the ones that put you on this duality train to begin with…what past experiences/situations are being brought to the surface by them…that which needs to be healed? 

The boys attached to you need to become your friends now! You do not want them controlling you when we step into October. 

Be honest with yourself and walk through the valley of death with them.  This is the only way to get to the New Earth where the light is always bright…this is a very difficult process…so be kind to yourself and do not self sabotage along the way.  Take a deep breath and remember you must re-live what you once experienced and begin to forgive yourself and all involved….even the by-standers! 

As you go through this process, try and NOT absorb the feelings you experienced back them – try to observe the feelings you went through.  This is difficult to do, however it will get easier the more you do this.  You should do this daily!

When you absorb the feelings, Mr. Fear Monster and any other boy(s) he’s attached to will begin to take over.  This will cause you to react to what you’re experiencing as you try to heal, causing the valley of death to open up because you’re now reacting to what took place!  

Please know it’s okay if the boys show up – just say hello and shut them down.  Do not feed them by allowing yourself to continue down the rabbit hole with whatever/whoever you’re healing.  Finish your shadow work at this point and continue the next day!  This will allow you to create a door that will shut not a revolving door you have no control over and allows the boys to creep in whenever they want!

Please know there is no shame for those who are riding the duality train – everyone is exactly where they need to be; to allow themselves to become a stronger soul. 

Believe me we’re all been there before so do not judge those that are riding it! If you’re not on the train others you live/work maybe….and if they are…let them be…let them ride it out themselves! 

If they spark (trigger) you, see them as a huff-a-lump (someone who huffs and buffs often) or wozel (someone who’s wigging out).  Using creative life source energy to get though the madness is good for your soul.  It allows you to acknowledge the boys that have walked through the door so you can greet them and seat them!  You control them unless you allow them to come in and create one heck of a party in your head! Your choice!

With an Energetic Soul Wash (ESW) coming into play from Sept 26 to Oct 3rd and an energetic portal that came into play yesterday – Sept 22/23/24, it’s important that I keep the information together. 

This is why these messages will no longer have any rhyme or reason to when they come out.  They will cover the time missed along with the new message that I am being guided to give you.  Again, anyone who knows my work knows this is how this lady rolls!

This message is shifting as well, because we’re shifting from one month’s energy to another during this ESW, which will intensify things as October comes into play.  Anytime there is an energetic cluster that takes place between months – it throws more fuel into the fire and charges it up!

To get us where we are going Sept 19th – 25th we have what I’ve been calling   “Moving Week”  now in play!  A week that leads us into our Energetic Soul Wash – preparing us all for the upcoming energy coming our way in October.  And it’s a DOOSEY!

As I write this VR we’re already past mid-week.  So you should already be experiencing people/things/situations etc shifting in your reality.  This moving week is not just about location in living, it’s about moving your reality into the energetic world you want to physically live. 

Remember New Earth works differently then Old Earth – it’s all about the energy now so it’s time to kick those people/places/things out that have outlived their welcome!

Do you have to move away from a toxic person or toxic job?  Maybe you have to move away from a toxic location or are now starting to feel the pull that you must move locations in the near future.  This moving week can represent anything and everything in your reality.  Everything moves so here we go!

See it as you have been given a new chess game of life to play – who/what are the players now?  Who/what plays each position – how much power to you give each player.  Are you bringing in ponds or are you renaming that position to something else (ponds to warriors). 

Get creative and realize that you will want to represent yourself as both King and Queen – to balance the masculine and feminine energy within you.

As we enter into the week of Sept 26 – Oct 2, we’re all going through an Energetic Soul Wash…as I begin to hear that song “Car Wash by Rose Royce”   

This is a time to clean up the mess within.  See yourself as an old car that has character however it needs a completely new upgrade – to replace everything – from old interior/exterior of your car. 

It’s a great time to heal whatever you’re battling internally and externally.   This time frame has extremely intense energy – a power punch to wake your sub-conscious up to your conscious.  Past scary sexual events may pop out of nowhere!  Do not suppress whatever is revealed – its being revealed so you can do shadow work to heal it.

Open up to God/Creator or whomever/whatever you believe it during this time.  The God particle within you is going to allow you to get out of your ECW shiny and sparkling clean.  You just have to take whatever is thrown at you and roll with it. 

Humanity is coming together during this time and whatever we’re vibing as a collective will start to manifest in the near future.  Make sure you play your part and get yourself in check so we can keep the Yin/Yang balanced as others begin to wake up.

The tools you need to move forward are already within you…you just have to remember.  There are many tools available to all of you under Soul Work here on my website…please use them.

When the energy from September to October flips the ESW will shift into the Yang energy.  Whatever you have been putting lots of energy too will be presented to you – will it be a prezie of love or a prezie of yukkiness?  Whatever is presented will being teaching you something or many things! 

Please be aware you may also be a teacher helping someone in some way make their day a little bit brighter.  This energy goes both ways – going with the Yin/Yang flow.

Back on August29th, I mentioned in the VR – Energetic Souls Shifts what is coming down the pipeline for September.  The following was said:

In September, if you or someone you know has trust issues, please do/show them how to do shadow work.  One must learn to trust this process we’re all going through and if you have trust issues energetically you will feel like a weeble wooble – your Yin and Yang will be out of sorts.

The third eye with give you clarity throughout the month while the root chakra will help you keep grounded.  With both chakras in full swing this month expect to experience dizziness/vertigo, headaches/migraines, lower back issues, feet/knee issues, hip issues, and bowl issues.  This is part of the energetic shift happening within your body.

Most of all make sure you take the time this week and all of September to go within and perform a mini retrograde on yourself – realign, review, revisit, rest etc – it’s all about the Me and Re’s so the WE can become stronger while the God connection within all fills our souls with unconditional love! 

Now that this energy is about to flip October’s overview will intertwine the two simply because of the ESW – it’s a cluster so it intertwines both months.

Just like September you are still be guided to stay within your mini retrograde to ensure you illuminate what you desire…the positive vibes…not what you do not want.   We are wired this way, so do your best to rewire when it shows up.

Remember this is a process and rewiring takes time and will always be.  Just be more aware by being in the moment more.  This will allow you to catch yourself in action. 

Be an observer not an absorber of the global energetic beast. This monster is going to be messing with the creative life source energy – which is connected to the sacral chakra.  So humanity is about to go through what I call a “Healing & Dealing” process.  You’re healing the past while dealing with it in the present.

Anyone who has experienced any type of sexual trauma will be pulled into this.  The truth about what is happening to the children of planet earth will also be revealed.  The underground sex trade and all it entails has very dark energy attached to it…so hold on! For any funky childhood experiences could come rushing back – the band-aids coming off!

If you were shamed or spoken down to as a child about anything creative – singing, dancing, writing, drawing, building etc – you too will be pulled in.  When one experiences shame attached to creative life source energy it causes the sacral chakra to create energetic webs of yukkiness.  It can also cause the sacral chakra to stop or even shift it to move the opposite way against energy!!!      

Clean all this sh*t up now, no matter how hard it is.  Your future self will be extremely grateful you did.

October requires you to illuminate Joy as often as you can.  So while living life, if you have a “Happy Happy, Joy Joy” moment…feel it within…fill your vessel with that feeling.  These moments will help co-create stability in your reality.

The entire month of October you’ll be shifting gears, which in turn will change the focus of your energy.  Where will you put your energy?  Who/What is worthy of coming to New Earth with you?

When the ESW is complete on October 2nd the energy of September will pull away.  And when that happens the “H&H Brothers and their Gang” will show up. 

It’s like humanity will exit the “Soul Wash” and TAADAAA…there they are trying to create an illusion hoping to hypnotize you into joining them at the final quarter show down of 2021.  This is when Mr. Helpless and Mr. Hopeless bring in their Gang….Mr. Regret and Mr. Could have/Should have/ Would have.  They too will also be bringing friend to the party!

So keep your boys in check for once the H&H Brothers show up they are not going anywhere till 2022!

I realize this was a lot of information, however I hope you made it to the end of this VR with me where I want to seal this message with a VR K.I.S.S. – keeping it soul simple!

As always, thanking you in advance for your ongoing support of my work, I truly appreciate the donations sent. I feel blessed and honored to be helping so many around the world during these very crazy times.

Should you feel this message my help others that you love, please share with them.    

Until the next VR, have fun in the ESW and allow the God Particle within to be sparkling when you get out…this way you can blind your boys with your NEW bling bling…they won’t know what hit them…lol. 

Stay strong and grounded,