Energetic Soul Shifts – Aug 29 – Sept 4

Hello my friends,
As we enter this week there will be several energetic soul shifts taking place and navigating through them will require you to connect with the God particle within at a deeper level.
This week will be a test to see how well you’re balancing your energetic world with your physical world.   Remember New Earth is all about energy.  So take the time each day to learn how to use your personal energy to shift your physical reality.
The first half of the week you have the ability to release old repeated patterns, the ones that keep showing up – you know the one(s).  We all have them!
So doing shadow work is highly recommended – this will help shift the old energy through your vessel and allow the new to be revealed.
The God energy is coming in with great force on Tuesday and will be illuminating all on Mother Earth until the end of September.  This will cause an energetic wave to balance the Yin/Yang energy on this planet.
The Energetic Beast of Fear that surrounds Mother Earth is becoming more powerful by the hour so it’s important to unplug and become an observer of what is happening around you.  To go within and just breathe.
 This will keep the beast at bay.  If you allow whatever triggers you to become a reaction – please know it’s because you’re absorbing the energy of whatever you’re experiencing.
Try and shift your focus by doing your soul dirty laundry.  Put the experience in one pile and put the energy your feeling (The Boy’s) in another.  This will allow you to see where the repeated patterns are for both.
As we enter mid-week Mr. Sad & Lonely shows up till the following week so if you get pulled in – acknowledge Mr. S&L – allow the energy to flow through you – cry if you need be.  Just do not allow Mr. S&L to stay for too long for next week they will multiple and bring in Mr. Isolation and many other boys into the picture!
Ensure you energetically focus on the feelings you want to feel all the time in all areas of your life.  Remember your vibrations (words/thoughts/feelings) create your reality in New Earth not your visions in your head.  So make sure you focus energetically on what you want…not what you do not want!
Removing n’t from vocabulary is a great start – it’s a higher vibe.  When someone tells someone don’t do that – it harsh (3D old energy).  When someone tells someone do not do that – its lighter (4D New Earth energy).  That is why I write the way I do.
Ride the energetic wave of the God particle that will be created…doing your best to observe what is going on around you, as much as possible.  Do not open up the door to Mr. Fear Monster for he will pull you into the Yang energy.  All while the Yin energy is at an all time high.   This will make you feel out of balance/in the fog/bipolar – that’s the rewiring process from old to new.
Remember love is more powerful than fear however when fear takes over it dimes the light within -the power of love.  Beware of your Boys and how they work for the month of September for they will be setting up a tarp in your head – trying to block your third eye from the clarity of truth.
By the end of the week you should begin to see a shift within your current reality, as well as, others around you.  Humanity has the ability to shift in frequencies – the question is what way are you going?  Are you raising your vibes or lowering them?  Your reality will give you evidence. 
In September, if you or someone you know has trust issues, please do/show them how to do shadow work.  One must learn to trust this process we’re all going through and if you have trust issues energetically you will feel like a weeble wooble – your Yin and Yang will be out of sorts.
The third eye with give you clarity throughout the month while the root chakra will help you keep grounded.  With both chakras in full swing this month expect to experience dizziness/vertigo, headaches/migraines, lower back issues, feet/knee issues, hip issues, and bowl issues.  This is part of the energetic shift happening within your body.
Most of all make sure you take the time this week and all of September to go within and perform a mini retrograde on yourself – realign, review, revisit, rest etc – its all about the Me and Re’s so the WE can become stronger while the God connection within all fills our souls with unconditional love! 
We’re all energetically connected so do your best to work on yourself and watch how your reality begins to shift.  
Stay strong and I’ll see you all next week.