Energy Alert ~ June 17, 2019

The emotional roller coaster ride you may have been on over the weekend is coming to an end TODAY with a “SOUL PREZIE!” What will this “Prezie’ consist of? It will be exactly that which YOUR soul needs – be it the good/bad or ugly. Whatever YOUR soul is trying to tell you will be what you receive!

As energies of the Full Moon in Sagittarius are aligning with the Galactic Centre, getting us ready for Solstice…the flame within is also being relit in a very NEW way.

From June 18 to June 21, we’re also be entering into another “Soul Vault Upgrade”. Meaning, everyone on this planet is about to go through another DNA upgrade.

My channel is calling this SVU a “SV Reboot”. Think of your vessel as a computer. From June 8-11 we all went through a “Sh*t Cluster” which was like a virus check & defragment on your vessel…locating were the “JUNK” is. NOW we’re getting the reboot we need to clean up those viruses and remove the “JUNK!”

These are the old programs which need to be rewired to clean up the soul so you’re ready for the “GFS – Galactic Frequency Shift” taking place July 2-6 in alignment with the Total Solar Eclipse.

So please stay in the present as much as possible while you’re going this process. It is really, really important to be “An Observer” not “An Absorber” of energy.

Remember if you absorb the energy you will become “A Reactor”…if you observe the energy you will be “A Responder!”

Also embrace whatever is revealed knowing the creator within is asking you live in YOUR TRUTH! Allow the energy to flow through you – do not suppress “The Boys” or they will not allow you to see YOUR truth!

Most of all REMEMBER that God/The Creator within is at an all time high now…teaching YOU what YOU need to remember for YOUR OWN soul journey that is about to step into a brand new reality…a reality YOU are co-creating according to YOUR own personal vibrations & frequencies.

If you’re in the “FOO – Frequency of One” aka twin flames, please remember that you share a frequency NOT a soul. Very important to remember during this “SV Reboot”.

If you give too much of your energy to the other side you will not shift in frequencies, only vibrations! Remember we’re entering the NEW where the OLD no longer aligns.

If you’re looking for guidance during this process, a “Shift Your Vibes” session may be exactly what you need.  If you’re in the FOO, there is a session specifically for you as well.

Stay strong my friends,
Love & light