Extremely Important Message for those in the FOO – aka Twin Flames

If you have read the post I made on FB, please scroll down to the next message.

POSTED ON FB AUG 28:  Currently there is an Energetic Beast that is doing its best to intertwine its energy into the FOO. If you truly are in the FOO you will know what I am talking about.

This beast is nothing to joke about – DO NOT allow the fear it feeds to become a part of the frequency you share.

There is an energetic twist about to happen again at the end of the month and you DO NOT want this beast connected to the frequency when this happens.

I will get deeper into this in a newsletter however I am swamped and will not be able to do so for at least another 24hrs.

For those who have been inquiring about a session, I currently am booking for the week of Sept 17th. Please be patient for energy work is draining and I will only do so many readings a week to ensure I keep my energy clean. Lots of pre and post work I must do myself after a session.

Just remember that there are ONLY 2 vibrations – love or fear – which one are you feeding?

Love & light


AUG 30:  Today we enter another “Extreme Energy Cluster – ECC” that will last 4 days.  This EEC is intertwining the FOO with the Divine Source (God) and the Spirit team all into one!  This also means that you have access to the Spirit team on both side of the frequency.

Please understand that if you still label yourself as a twin flame, believe you share a soul and that one is masculine and one is feminine, then you may want to stop reading now.

I simply say this because this channel teaches this journey in a very different way.  For over 2 years the channel has been rewiring those that I work with to understand that you share a frequency, not a soul!  That then wipes out the masculine/feminine belief.

I have used these examples before however I am going to use them again.

  1. If you shared a soul, you would not need to question anything about the other side and what they are doing.  You would already know, if you shared a soul.
  2. If you shared a soul, when one passed so would the other.

As you all know, this simply is not the case.

When you come to truly understand this journey on a frequency level that which you thought was truth begins shift and reveal that simply is not the case. 

There is no judgment here.  Whatever you believe is yours to own, however if you do not understand the way my channel teaches you may not agree with what I am about to say.

 If you get triggered, ask yourself why?  What is your soul asking you to look deeper into? 

Triggers are good things, for it’s your soul saying “Hello what vibration is making itself present here, that YOU should heal yourself on a deeper level!” 

Triggers occur when you absorb the energy instead of observing it.  Absorbing the energy causes one to get sucked into the energy and react!  Observing the energy allows one to respond simply because they are not being sucked in!

When it comes to the FOO you want to learn to become an observer, as well as, become friends with your “Boys – aka Ego”.  Remember you are a soul having a human experience.  Being human means you have feelings and emotions and always will.

When one is “Ego Friendly” they have become friends with their boys.  However, when one has not, they become “Ego Driven”.  They allow “The Boys” to sleep over and/or move in instead of having a quickie!

Embrace “The Boys” when they show up knowing you’re allowed to be human and express your feelings, just remember to be “Ego Friendly!”

This is so important to understand going into September when the FOO is going through month 3 of this 6 month process. 

Since July we have entered into a 6 month rewiring/reprogramming of the FOO.  Each month represents something energetically different and this month the Yin has been in power. 

However, on Sept 1 that energy shifts and only the FOO is rewiring.  Meaning the Yin and Yang rewiring is YOURS to own.  DO NOT put static in the channel by putting the other side down.  The sh*t that appears in your life is for YOU to clean up….do not point the finger!

Please understand that you share a “Soul Vault” that’s where wisdom & knowledge that lies within you goes.  The soul vault is shared between the FOO.  See it as a “Drop Box” that allows you both access to tap into the wisdom & knowledge of the other side. 

It’s important to understand that by sharing a frequency, that which who you are at a soul level is the same.  However, the personality that comes with the vessel is unique so guess what?  You’re not the same as humans! 

This means you DO NOT think the same because you’re wired differently.  Every human being is uniquely wired – like a snowflake or finger print – no two are alike!  

So whatever you have imputed into the “Soul Vault” gets downloaded as your perspective, in an energetic way. 

It’s now up to the other side of the frequency to tap into that “Energetic Blueprint” and decipher it in THEIR own perspective what that blueprint means to THEM. 

Depending on how they are wired will determine how they will perceive that blueprint.  If they choose so, they can then download that wisdom & knowledge and intertwine it into their own reality  

Please understand you have been given such a beautiful gift called “The Soul Vault” – do not mix this up with “The Akashic Records.”  The Akashic Records belongs to the soul – not the frequency! 

I will use myself as an example, to help you understand this at a deeper level.  

Hold on my friends, I’m feeling many of you are about to experience “50 Shades of OMG WTF” in a very good way….lol. 

As someone who is in the FOO program, the frequency that I share is uniquely designed with many different stations to tap into.  A few are the “Psychic Channel”, the “Mediumship Channel” & “The Embassy of Light Channel.”

The psychic channel is a channel I have been tapped into all of my life.  It becomes stronger every day.

The mediumship channel has also been there all of my life, however I shut it down as I got older.  See it going from bright to dim on a light dial switch.    

When my father, good old “Dancing Dave” got his golden wings my channel went from dim on the dial switch to around the middle of the dial.

When I tapped into FOO program my mediumship channel went from middle into FULL swing!  Within months, I knew everything about chakras/aura/clairs etc.

Why?  Because the mediumship wisdom & knowledge was already available within the “Soul Vault” and as someone who is wired as an “Orange/Blue” I did not question all the information I was downloading, I just went with the flow of what was coming through me and out of my mouth!

I’m grateful everyday for the wisdom & knowledge I have been granted access to within the “Soul Vault” for I know I would not have the power I do today without the FOO.  When one truly understands the beautiful gift of “Soul Vault” you begin the experience this journey in a very different way. 

When the FOO program turned on I shifted in frequencies which then opened up “The Embassy of Light” channel which is the FOO channel – in the past was also known as “The Vibe Report.”

This is the power of “The Soul Vault!”  Both vessels have access to so much wisdom & knowledge however when one puts static into the FOO channel – its causes distortion!


“ Distortion is the alteration of the original shape of something. In communications and electronics it means the alteration of the waveform of an information-bearing signal, such as an audio signal representing sound or a video signal representing images, in an electronic device or communication channel. – Wikpedia”


 Please be extremely careful of your words, thoughts and feelings.  ALL are vibrations that will feed the FOO, if you’re not careful!  Remember this is a two way channel – energetic partners in crime! 

Within the FOO that are many different channels as you can see with my example.  You just need to understand how to tap energetically into it, the “Soul Vault!”

With this 6 month rewiring of the FOO, it’s so important to honor your soul so that the FOO can become stronger.  We’re cleaning up the “Soul Vault” together and depending on what month it is – there is a different list of chores to do J

No matter where you are in your journey, remember that we’re here on a mission.  To help Gaia and all of here inhabitants shift into the frequency of love – 432 HZ. 

God provided those in the FOO program a higher vibration so that we could help transmute the lower vibrations through our vessels.  Your ability to shift in frequencies over the next 2 days is off the charts so get as high as you can!

In September this 6 month process shifts energetic gears again getting us prepared for October, when the Yang rewiring begins at a FOO level!  This energy shift is nothing to joke about simply because we have not been energetically connected to the masculine energy within the “Soul Vault” since June!!!

You know what that means?  “The Boys” that have been presenting themselves over the past 2 months are YOURS to own. So, if you participated in the “Blame Game” and blamed the other side of the frequency for anything – you were telling the FOO channel that’s what you think about yourself! This puts so much static in the channel because it then reflects back on you, then you vibrate that within the FOO channel so they do too!    

Because of this so many in the FOO program are being taken down often; their getting sucked into the “Energetic Beast” that is HUGE right now!  We’re the cleanup crew so if you have static in the channel start cleaning it up!  September is the perfect month to do so!

During this EEC (Aug 30-Sep 2) the power up above is channeling their magic to help you bring the FOO to the highest possible frequency before the end of the month. 

God is asking YOU to “Seek the God Particle within so you can heal that which puts static in the FOO channel.”

Call in your “Spirit Team” to help heal the repeated vibrations that are creating your current reality.  Do any shadow work that still needs doing with loved ones on the other side.  They may no longer be here in the physical however they are energetically so remember how this works – clean up YOUR channel with them – allow the static to disappear so you shift in frequencies and become more connect to them!  How cool is that!  

When we enter September for the final 2 days of this EEC, you will feel an energetic shift that may just blow your mind!  The 3rd eye is going to go into full swing and reveal things that you could not see before the energy shift – if you read this before then, just wait…this is going to be one heck of a “Love Slap” to wake us ALL up to whatever it is we need.

Please be aware that Mr. Control Monster will also be coming out to play on the final day of this EEC.  DO NOT allow him to crawl into head bed with you.  Embrace whatever form he comes in knowing that only YOU control your reality!  When you learn how to jump on your “Ego Friendly” Harley you learn to enjoy the ride.  Because “The Boys” hold on to you as YOU steer the way!

Use month 3 of this 6 month FOO rewiring process to clean up your own “Sh*t Pot”, we ALL have them.  Take responsibility for your own reality even if the other side is in it. 

September is about you energetically cleaning up your OWN soul Vault – knowing that in October the “Soul Vault” you share will reopen – reopen in the Yang! 

Do YOUR shadow work NOW because when the masculine energy reconnects there could be some major shortages taking place within the FOO channel – causing “The Boys” x2 to try and take you down!

Take a deep breath knowing we are still 3 months out till the FOO channel will be upgraded to the NEW frequencies that will allow us to step into a whole new game in 2019!

Till next time my friends,
Love & light

Thanking you in advance for those who wish to”Pay it Forward” and support my work.

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