Holy Shift! And We’ve Only Just Begun!!!



August 2021 ~ Newsletter  


Hello my friends,

May this newsletter find you all well, as we all learn “How to Play the NEW Game of Life” together in sync, peace and harmony!

I’m sure you will all agree that the life you were living 2 years ago is definitely NOT the life you’re living today! 

Since I have not sent out any newsletters in almost 2 years, I felt that the time was now to reach out…to give you all a heads up wit

h regards to what is coming our way for the rest of the year. Please believe me when I say “We truly have only just begun riding this crazy train!”

For the past few months the energy on Mother Earth has taken on a whole new game.  Now that New Earth is in full swing, do you truly understanding what is currently happening to you at a Body/Mind/Spirit level? 

Without getting too deep, one must learn how to navigate through the energies of New Earth.  We’re all psychic, it’s a soul given gift to all.  It’s how you tap into your psychic abilities and how you use them, that really matters.

Clairvoyance means clearly seeing. Clairaudient means clear hearer. Clairalience means clearly smelling. Clairgustance means clearly taste. Clairsentience means clearly feeling or sensing. Claircognizant means clear knowing or understanding to see (clairvoyance) some have the ability to hear (clairaudio) while others can feel (clairsentience). 

The purpose of understanding your physic abilities ensure you know what you’re experiencing and how not to fear it.     You ARE an energetic being and New Earth is ruled by energy!

Understanding that one must shift energetically in vibrations in order to shift in frequencies is key!  Look at it like this….you’re an energetic radio and depending on what song your soul is singing will depend on what channel you will land on. 

Some may be at 88.0, while others are at 99.9 or 108, and every channel in between.  Every channel connects you to a different song.  And depending on what channel your soul is plugged into will determine what song you’re physically experiencing.   

The lower your soul song (88.0) the more crazy your reality will be.  Mr. Fear Monster hangs out at 88.0 and slowly gets less powerful as you get higher in frequencies (the channels). 

However, no matter what channel you’re at Mr. Fear Monster can come in and take you back down to his channels…that’s if you allow him!

As you have all noticed Mr. Fear Monster has taken over the planet and if you have a revolving door of fear, your own personal fear will only become greater.  One must learn how to shut the door and not allow it into your own personal reality.  To allow the soul to vibe love as often as possible!

There are only 2 main vibrations – love and fear.  However those 2 vibrations segregate into endless other vibrations, which allows Mr. Fear Monster to grow by leaps and bounds.

New Earth also requires one to distinguish the difference between Old Earth and New Earth energies.   In simple terms that means, we live in a 3D reality and always will until we transition to the higher realms.  However we no longer have to live in 3D energy (fear based).  We have the ability to shift the energy within our physical vessel from 3D to 4D to 5D+ (love based).

New Earth is about living a 3D reality in 5D energies – to be able to distinguish between the two and keep them both in control.  To be able to keep “The Boys” aka Ego – at bay so you’re aligned energetically to be Ego Friendly NOT Ego Driven!  Your Ego is not going anywhere (belongs to the vessel) so I would highly recommend that you become friends.

Please note the reason I refer to the Ego as “The Boys” is because it’s masculine energy.  Please do not allow your program to think I am referring to MEN! That’s an old program.

Since Mr. Control Monster is one of Mr. Fear Monsters best friend lets go a little deeper with him.  Mr. Control Monster comes in many different disguises:  Who do you control? Who tries to control you?  And what part of your ego is controlling you?  When you find the answers, it will be very apparent just how much Mr. Control Monster controls you and what radio station you’re hanging out on.

When one sends out vibrations to the universe through words, thoughts and feeling…the universe will connect you to a frequency (radio station) and that will be the soul song you will be singing which also reflects into your physical reality.

Take a second to digest that!  To digest that your physical reality will become a mirror image of your energetic reality…that’s how New Earth works!



Learning how to reprogram/unplug from Old Earth to enter into New Earth is a very difficult PROCESS that does not happen overnight.  It takes years!

I’ve been working with others all over the world for many many years and I can personally say that the more you’re programmed in Old Earth…the longer it takes to reprogram.

Do not think you can not unplug because you CAN!  You just need to understand the process and understand energy and how it works in New Earth!

Think about what is happening on Mother Earth right now.  This newsletter goes out to people in 141 countries and I know for a fact it does not matter where you live – what is happening is the same! 

Mr. Fear Monster and his best friend Mr. Control Monster are having a massive party!  As the song “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by AC/DC starts playing.   Gotta love this channel!

Since Spirit has gotten my attention with this song, I believe they want you all to know that the easiest way to keep grounded is by getting your creative life source energy (Sacral Chakra) moving.

Singing, dancing and laughing are the 3 easiest ways to shift your vessel into higher vibrations and possibly shifting you to higher frequencies. 

So the next time your “Boys” come out to play – turn on the music and dance like no one is watching and sing what your soul truly is guiding you to do – VIBE LOVE! 

Warning:  Do Not listen to music that will trigger you – take you to a place that is not lovely!  You have been warned!!!

Again, it does not matter where you live “The Boys” are in full swing – you can see Old Earth collapsing in front of your eyes and this is so New Earth can be co-created.  It’s part of the PROCESS! 

We’re all co-creators and you want to ensure you’re co-creating what you truly desire during this very historical time of change and craziness!

Those who have been working closely with me over the years, know exactly what is going on and are prepared energetically and physically for what is coming.  However are you? 

I have to be honest, the last quarter of 2021 is going to be “A Sh*t Show”.  For 8 years, I’ve been channeling information about what is coming and the channel has always been right!   They have helped us prepare for what is coming and have never let us down.

And that’s what this is all about – educating YOU so YOU can be prepared – there is no need to fear the truth!  The truth will set you free from the Energetic Beast!

There is so much I want to share with you about balancing your Body/Mind/Spirit, however I simply do not want to write a book instead of a newsletter. 

So below you will see many classes/courses being offered starting this weekend, to help you understand deeper what is happening.  The urgency of getting this info out right away has never been stronger!!!

These classes will not be posted on any other platforms – Only my website.  So if you feel that someone you love could benefit from attending, please let them know how to find me. 

Wondering why?  Because back in 2017 when I spoke about “The Global Psychological Shift” on my radio show “Vibe Nation Radio” I was shadow band/censored for speaking about it. 

Since then most of my work has been censored/blocked on social media – FB even locked me out in Feb of this year – for what is happening is a psychological warfare on humanity and they do not want you to know this!

I do not open up the revolving door and allow “The Boys” to take me down about this.  Those of you who are meant to attend one or more of the classes/courses below will get this newsletters and register.  Believe when I say Spirit/The Channel already knows who’s coming to class…lol    

I work with my Spirit team & Channel.  I understand how New Earth works and I want as many of you as possible to know about it too.  This is a process not a race, so do not allow your “Boys” to tell you otherwise.

The only way to get to New Earth is to energetically shift over.  And to do that one must learn how to balance “The Yang – Masculine Energy – The Boys” before crossing over the bridge to “The Yin – Feminine Energy – The Soul Sisters” to become balanced. 

If you do not control your “Boys” during this process, you WILL turn into a unicorn and fly away to the “No common sense and logic” Land.  I’m sure you all know a few of those!

It’s up to you to do what you want, for you make the choices in your reality.  Whatever you decide to do make sure you take the time to unplug from the craziness and allow your soul to sing – sing a song you truly want to live!  For the soul will never steer you the wrong way unless you let “The Boys” to come in!

Stay strong and grounded,