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Hello and Welcome!

The Vibe Report is day-by-day guidance that is channelled from “The Embassy of Light” through me – Carrie.  Its purpose is help you navigate through the energies of New Earth, as we all shift into higher frequencies.

I’ve been doing the Vibe Report since Oct 2014.  It started as a written version however in August 2015 it went to video so I could provide more insight and allow my followers to hear my voice and see me in action.  Since then, we have had many visitors in Spirit who have come through to give their loved one watching a special message.

Vibe Report Cover

The Vibe Report has a monthly overview video, as well as, an energy chart – which allows you to see the energy for the entire month (see example below).   My daily channelled messages are put into clusters – Spirit puts certain days together in one message because of the energy.  So there may be 1 video for the week or there could be 3 or 4 videos.  I have also channelled many meditations that go along with the Vibe Report.  Most videos are 30-45mins long in length and some of the meditations are 60mins.

We have a saying at “The Embassy” – “Expect the Unexpected” for we never know what is going to come through the channel.  We have a lot of good laughs and the way I am guided to explain what is happening or what you are experiencing is usually very comical and easy to understand.

The Vibe Report is located on a safe & secure site that can only be accessed by members.  It’s a place you can call home where the channelled messages will not be abused or plagiarized, unlike social media but appreciated by all those watching!  We’re a channel of pure love & light!

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