Home/Office Cleanse

Having a home/office cleanse done is wonderful way to clear the space of any dense and/or Other-Energetic-Space-Clearingnegative/lower energies that needs to be removed and replaced with clean, light and positive energy.  You will notice almost immediately the difference and feel happier, more productive and attract more abundance in your life.

Some of the most common reasons why someone would request a clearing is:

  • Old energy is still lingering from previous owners;
  • Old-energy that is connected with personal items (ie furniture) can be either handled down by family or items purchased at auction/second hand store;
  • Not able to sell your home/office;
  • If there is a lot of arguing/fighting/stress/bad moods taking place in the space or if you are in a working environment that you are exposed to this kind of energy (you could be bringing it home with you);
  • If someone is suffering from an illness or has passed in the space;
  • Children afraid of certain areas will not go into certain areas (this also includes animals);
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your space or feeling that there may be some type of Spirit lingering.

As a medium, when I do a home/office cleanse I will communicate with my guides to give you information pertaining to the energy I pick up. For example; I may go into a room and pick up that someone is crying a lot over a past love or go into an office and pick up that the person is always yelling and screaming.  Of course, I can pick up deeper more personal information so please be cautious to whom will be there during the cleanse.  You’d be surprised at the information I can pick up during this process.

If there are Spirits living within the space, I will communicate with them and ask them why they are there.  If they are not a loved one who has passed and you would like them to leave, we will do so by guiding them into the light.

After the cleanse I will place crystals in specific areas to ensure that the energy stays clear well after I leave.

Rates:  $250 + HST for the first hour (this includes supplies for basic clearing (1500 sq.ft) and travel within 50kms), $150 + HST for each additional hour.  Travel outside of 50kms and extra supplies will have an additional charge, which will be discussed/agreed when booking.

For further information or to book your appointment, please contact me directly by filling out the form to the right.