“How to Play the NEW Game of Life” ~ 3 Part Webinar

In this upbeat, entertaining, and humorous 3 part online interactive webinar, I will guide you through everyday situations and experiences of life that will have you thinking “WOW, I never thought of it that way!”

In today’s society, where life is changing by the day and time is speeding up, the old ways of living and doing business are no longer effective and the new and vibrant ways are slowly emerging.  Life is supposed to be fun, not difficult, yet somehow we have forgotten that very important detail.

The beauty of all this is that we already have the keys of knowledge within to play the new game of life.  All we have to do is go back to our kindergarten years and allow the inner child to come out to play and use these lessons to enhance ones personal and professional life, right now!

My simple and easy to understand scenarios along with the new tools of life will allow attendees to see life in a brand new way and have them leave excited to start playing their own new game of life…a life where anything is possible!

During this 3 part series, I will cover:

  • What is New Earth; and, the difference between 3D/4D/5D+ energies/dimensions;
  • How the Body – 3D is going through DNA upgrading; the Mind – 4D is going through a rewiring process, and Spirit – 5D is aligning with the higher vibration/frequencies; and, how we are multidimensional beings;
  • The difference between frequencies and vibrations; plus basic spiritual terms/lingo and what they truly mean;
  • How to navigate through the emotional/mental/psychical aspects of the spiritual journey;
  • Shifting specific spiritual fundamentals/tools from the old into the new;
  • Basic information about your psychic abilities; chakras and aura and how they come into play when balancing your “Body/Mind/Spirit”;
  • What is the psychological shift all about and how does the rewiring process really work?
  • Understanding the Ego aka “The Boys” and how they work.  How to become ego friendly instead of being ego driven;
  • The importance of doing “Shadow/Soul Work” and how it helps you shift into higher frequencies;
  • Understanding if you share a frequency with another soul (aka – Frequency of One or Twin Flames/Twin Souls/Twin Rays etc) how the old no longer aligns with the energies of New Earth;
  • Current and upcoming extreme energy clusters – EEC’s and soul vault upgrades – SVU’s:
  • Plus any other information my channel wishes to discuss.

During the last webinar, I will also be gifting away a “Shift Your Vibes” session – valued at $150+ CAN for one lucky participate!

I have been guided to start this course on May 28th when the “Heart Chakra” will be in overdrive; then, May 30th when we’ll all shift in frequencies; and, June 4th when the energetic connection within all will be at its highest peak for the month.

June is a month when the creator within begins to emerge; activating soul memories at a rapid speed.  Change will be the name of the game as we all begin to play the new game of life, in a way we never have…for this is ALL NEW!

These webinars will be interactive and held from 8:00 pm EST to 9:30 pm EST on the dates below:

Tuesday, May 28th

Thursday, May 30th

Tuesday, June 4th


$149 + $19.37 HST = $168.37 CAN

If you can not make it live to any of the 3 webinars, do not worry.  ALL participants will receive a link to watch afterwards.



Payments can be made either through email transfer (if Canadian) or via PayPal.

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**Please note: there are NO refunds on this event.