How to Play the NEW Game of Life for those in The Frequency of One Program 

Tuesday, October 12 @ 7:30 pm EST
Tuesday, October 19 @ 7:30 pm EST
Tuesday, October 26 @ 7:30 om EST
$199 CAN +HST – Early Bird Special till midnight September 17th PST
September 18th on – $249 CAN + HST

This course is limited to 15 participates due to the energy created


When one awakens to the FOO program, they usually get pulled to the T.w..n. F.l..m.e label.  Which then makes them think they share a soul with someone – and the story goes on from there.

Please understand that the TF label is part of Old Earth, it’s a program that must be reprogrammed into the New Earth truth.  No two people share a soul, its impossible!    

All in the FOO program have participated in the Old Earth programming at some level, some deeper then others.  There is NO Judgement here.  You are where you are and if you need help deprogramming, then this course will help you get started. 

Please understand the FOO program is about sharing a frequency, not a soul.  Meaning, the frequency that your soul was created is the same.  BIG Difference!  This is all about energy!

When it comes to The New Game of Life, those in the FOO program are in a completely different ball game then the collective.  If you want to know the difference and how to use your FOO power during these very crazy times, this is the course for you. 

The course outline is very similar to the Collective however how Carrie and Patricia will explain it, is very different!

Please note:  Carrie will be channeling during class so expect the unexpected.  The channel knows who is in class and what information they need to hear, so the below content being covering is just a guideline to open up the channel to include whatever else they want to cover.  That’s how Carrie’s channel works as most of you already know.


Tuesday, October 12 @ 7:30 pm EST     2 ½ – 3 hours

  • Carrie will cover: TF & FOO – what’s the difference, deprogramming; the Soul Vault; The 22 Day Energetic Cycle; How to separate your 3D physical reality from your 5D energetic reality; The importance of doing soul/shadow work and how to do it properly with tools provided; The Boys aka Ego – what is ego – how it works; the importance of creative life source energy.
  • Patricia will cover: FOO energy clearings; the basic 7 chakras; energetic tools used for the New Earth energy


Tuesday, October 19 @ 7:30 pm EST           2 ½ – 3 hours

  • Carrie and Patricia will cover: New Earth energy and how it affects children who are on the Autism spectrum and pets; finding the power of peace within to heal.
  • Carrie will do an hour guided meditation (which will be recorded in advance to ensure sound quality). Where she will take you to YOUR “Soul Island” to discover your own unique gem stones and boulders!  While you’re on your adventure, Patricia will tap into each participate separately and clear/balance the chakra’s while cutting energetic cords.  She will then do an aura clearing and repair.  Once the mediation is over a discussion will take place about what we all just experienced and what to expect during the 22 day energetic process.


Tuesday, October 26 @ 7:30 pm EST            2 ½ – 3 hours

  • Quick check-in regarding previous weeks mediation/energy healing – Q&A
  • Carrie will be sharing an energetic blueprint of what to expect for the remainder of 2021, while she channels new information at the same time.


Pre-requisite:  You must understand you share a frequency not a soul

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