It’s all About Sharing the Love ~ Sept. 12 – 18

Hello my friends,
Are you ready for a week that’s all about Sharing the Love?  I’m positive you are!  So make sure this week you’re sharing the love with all that is!
Something as simple as a smile or a hello, can actually make a difference in someone’s life…please do not assume where someone else is internally.  They may act/look fine however that could be a wall that has been put up to keep people out of their personal business…what is going on inside.
As this week begins, your personal reality will reflect who’s who in your life.  What situations/experiences are showing you that there is a dedicated effort in play for all involved?  Good, bad and the ugly may be present.
Meaning, you could be dealing with multiple situations/experiences however each will have its own high and lows…just how powerful are they? And how are they controlling the energy of those involved?
Beware, that Mr. Fear Monster comes out RARRRRing as well, which could heat things up!  Whatever fears you currently have will also be added to the pot.
Please be honest with yourself about your fears, for we all have them.  Know that Mr. Fear Monster comes with many friends so make sure you keep them all in check.
One thing is for sure, you must believe in yourself and your self worth in order to be able to succeed with what you’re currently dealing with.
Mid-week on, the soul memories will amp up allowing you to unlock soul wisdom/knowledge which could currently be used in your personally reality.  Sudden thought shifts/day flashes -visions/night dreams etc. will take place and reveal whatever it is that you need to know right now.
There will be a great Yin/Yang balance taking place….an opportunity to get your life more in order.
At the end of the week, take the time to just enjoy life.  Do whatever makes you feel good, something that will bring out the “Joy” in you!  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy should be your daily motto.
The more “Joy” you bring into your reality the more stability you will create.
So go out in nature, breathe and just be…allow yourself to enjoy life for what it’s meant to be – FUN!  Allow the little kid to come out and play knowing that the more you share the love this week – the better off you will be!
Until next week,