It’s Time To…Share The LOVE!

Over the past 6 years, I’ve connected with so many new people and built stronger connections with those I’ve be working with for up to 16 years.

And it’s been 6 years since I’ve added any NEW testimonials.

So in June I’m going to be adding a new testimonials page and I’m asking for your my clients to participate in sharing the love.

If you’ve ever had a session with me and would like to share your experience (even if you’ve submitted a testimonial in the past) please do so by May 31st.

If you’ve never booked a session however have been following my newsletter you too can participate. Share how my information has helped you…its that simple!

On June 1st, I will be sharing the love right back at you by giving away complimentary sessions.

Everyone who submits a testimonial will be entered into the draw.

Depending on how many testimonials I receive will depend on how many I give away.

The world is changing rapidly and humanity is waking up and finding truth in a world of lies and so much unknown can be very scary.

Thus why its so important that those who are new, who are guided to my website understand that their in good hands when they’re working with me. I’m the real deal…raw and real…I say it as it is, no sugarcoating…and you all know that!

This is what newbies need to know – that I’m not a Madam X looking into a crystal ball. That I truly am gifted and only work in the vibration of love!!!

So let’s share the love knowing we’re all connected and together we can create magic through the energetic exchange of giving and receiving.