July 9 – Timelines Colliding

July 9 – Timelines Colliding

Hello my friends,

 Just a quick update about the current energies and how they will be affecting you.

On July 1st we entered into brand new frequencies – frequencies we’ve never had access to before so last week’s EEC energetically was working with your root chakra/crown chakra & solar plexus to give you insight to that which needs your attention on an energetic level NOW.  Many suffered with headaches/migraines/vertigo/sinus infections/stomach issues etc.

With all this happening, many have been asking me “WTF is going on?”  – To keep this simple, old frequencies are intertwining with the new frequencies causing timelines to collide.  Bringing to your attention situations/people/places/things that still need healing!

If you’re in the “Frequency of One Program – FOO” you should be noticing that you’re being sent back to the time just before you walked through the door to this journey!  Whatever happened to cause you to step into this journey is once again revealing itself in a very BIG way….pay attention!

This is part of the energetic twist that is also taking place – taking back YOUR power by having a NEW soul vault to work with.  This energy clamping is effect till year end so hold on for we’ve only just begun! 

The FOO is being rewired in ways we could have never imagined so please shift your beliefs from sharing a soul if you’re still there – for that leads into DM/DF way of thinking – which is an illusion that was created in the old energy!

What is your soul telling you right now is whats important.  Please listen and follow what YOUR soul is telling YOU not anyone else for YOU are the one who experienced it, not them!  This is soul healing at its finest!

Jupiter is about to go direct and a partial solar eclipse in Cancer is also on its way.  These energies will absolutely shift your vibrations which in turn will shift you in frequencies.  Which way do you go is completely up to you!

Please take the time to go deep within NOW to figure out what YOUR soul is telling YOU! 

July is a month of shifting in frequencies and with timelines colliding things are about to get very interesting indeed.

Stay strong!
Love & light