Let’s Play

Let’s Play

What are YOU taking into the NEW?


As we all continue to ascend, we’re being guided to create our own unique spiritual tool box.  A magical box that contains wisdom & knowledge to help YOU along YOUR spiritual journey.  Information you have learnt along the way that truly helps YOU!

So let’s play for a few minutes…..

There are 5 suitcases and 5 backpacks.   You’re getting ready to shift into higher frequencies and are being guided to take “Golden Nuggets & Gems” as well as your wisdom & knowledge with you. 

How many suitcases and how many backpacks will YOU need to take with you and why? What and how much old are you taking with you into the NEW and why? Do you require a soul buddy pass for someone you follow?  If so, how many do you need?  Where are you pulled in this picture – which suitcase(s)/backpack(s) are you taking?

Get creative with your answers for they WILL reveal so much about YOU! 

Once we’ve entered July, I will record a video that will go deeper into how your answers truly mean something that goes a lot deeper then you may realize! 

All the answers lie within YOU, so there is NO wrong or right answer, please remember this!