Live 3.5hr/2 Part Live Webinar ~The Celestial Call To Find God Within

Live 3.5hr/2 Part Live Webinar ~The Celestial Call To Find God Within



Join International Educating Psychic Medium & Channel~The Vibe Report, Carrie Turcotte and International Intuitive Astrologer & Teacher of ACIM, Chris Anderson~Onefeather, as they join forces to bring forth an “Extremely Urgent Message Received By Both” in this LIVE 3.5 hour/2 Part Webinar “The Celestial Call To Find God Within”.

Over the past couple of years, Carrie & Chris have created a beautiful “SoulShip” that allows magical words to flow through them when they come together.  Both feel blessed and honored to be stepping into mission together to share this message on behalf of God.

The time is NOW to find the God within, so together Carrie & Chris will be providing in-depth information to what this all means and how to navigate through these energies of New Earth at the same time.

With Carrie being a medium/channel and Chris being a channel, please know that these live webinars WILL be guided by Spirit.  Carrie & Chris will have their notes however Spirit will be guiding the way – this is how Carrie & Chris work together to create magic in the moment!

Monday, September 18th 6pmPST/8pmCST/9pmEST
Part 1 ~ “The Celestial Compass ~ 2017 Year End Energy Report”

In this live 2 hour webinar, Carrie & Chris will be intertwining their wisdom & knowledge to create a clearer picture of what lies ahead for the remainder of 2017 and beyond!  

Carrie will be sharing channeled information as Chris aligns it with the Cosmos all while they both intertwine their own unique soul messages for all those who are guided to join in.






Monday, September 25th 6pmPST/8pmCST/9pmEST
Part 2 ~ “Finding YOUR Miracle”

In this live 90 minute webinar, Carrie & Chris will be going deeper into specific energy clusters spoken about in Part 1, where God will be speaking directly to YOUR soul!  

They will provide simple ways for you to find the God within so YOU can do the SOUL WORK yourself.

Chris will bring forth his wisdom & knowledge of ACIM as Carrie intertwines her “Soul Glasses”…together they look forward to lighting up the way for others as we ALL illuminate the God within – A Historical Universal Event that we are ALL part of!





Both Webinars – Video
$35 US

Monday, September 18th ONLY – Video 
$20 US

Monday, September 25th ONLY – Video 
$20 US

Both Webinars AUDIO ONLY