Mediumship Readings

During these readings I will tap into your energy and begin to communicate with Spirit to give you personal messages that you are to receive for the utmost loving reasons and in your highest good. Spirit will guide the direction of your reading during your appointment, for I am only the channel.

I have the ability to connect with loved ones on the other side, including animals, Angels and Spirit Guides. Please note that I do not control who comes through or the information they give me.  There is no direct line or a do not disturb sign.

If you book an in person reading you’re welcome to bring items that belonged to your loved one(s), as well as pictures however it is not necessary.  I do not need them to connect with your loved ones in Spirit.

Group readings (private and public/corporate) are also available however I personally put a limit to the number of people who can be present during private group readings.

To schedule an appointment, please fill out the form below with payment preference.  We will also need to know if you prefer morning/afternoon/night ~ weekday/weekend, as well as, if the reading is in-person or over the telephone.  Please note that I do not have to be in-front of you to tap into your energy to communicate with Spirit.

Payments can be made via Email Transfer or Paypal.  Please note that Paypal payments will also have a surcharge that is added in the shipping area.

60-90 mins ~ 1 person ~ CAN $250 + HST


For groups rates including corporate events, please contact me directly by filling out the form to the right.  Thank you