Mr. Tyranny is in the House! Sept 5 – 11

Hello my friends,
As this week starts, “The Boys” will begin to multiply as “Mr. Tyranny” makes a grand entrance to take over the energetic beast and the entire planet!   
“Mr. Sad & Lonely” and “The H&H Brothers (Helpless & Hopeless)” will also be in the house all week.  Remember “The H&H Brothers” have the most friends – (regret, could have, would have, should have and the list goes on and on and on).  So there could be one heck of a party going on in your head/reality this week! 
The channel has stated that this energy will be like a “Boys-orgy” – think of the movie “Animal House” – and implement your boys as the actors.  Just think of all the crazy fun you’re going to have!  
With this week’s energy being so dense, its very important to keep your creative life source energy moving.  Thus why, I have used the movie “Animal House” to help you get through this week…because what transpires will make you want to shout…BIG TIME!!!
When energy is this dense, it’s very intense for those in the low-low energy.  For those in the higher vibrations, it’s actually easier.  Look at it this way, those in the low-low are like “Humpty-Dumpty’s” and those in higher vibrations are like “Weeble-Wooble’s”.
As we enter Tuesday, Miss Higher Heart will enter the picture causing all kinds of craziness to enter the party.  And right behind her on Wednesday is “Mr. Ego and his Tribe”, guaranteeing the “Boys-orgy” will be beyond anything anyone has ever seen or experienced!
Towards the end of the week, watch out for the “Truth Bombs” which will trigger so many, all while “Life Lessons” appear for all of humanity.  No one is excluded from this event!!!
Think about people/situations in your own personal reality that have been building up. Words/thoughts/feelings you’ve be keeping to yourself will be revealed this week because of this energy build up.  The pressure cooker affect is now in play!
Please know that this will be a two-way street.  Meaning that you may be busy dropping truth bombs on others – all while others are doing the same to you in return! 
This will cause the “Animal House” energy to kick in so make sure you hear the song “Shout” in your head and just laugh at whatever was fired at you…even if it makes you cry at the same time.  When you add creative life source energy into intense situations, it makes the process you’re going through easier.
This does not mean laugh in someone’s face, this means laugh to yourself so you can keep your vibrations up and stay clear of falling down the rabbit hole with whatever it is you’re dealing with.
We’re still in the “22 Day Energetic Process” from the “Holy Shift” energy so that too will be added to the energetic sh*t pot this week. 
Truth vs. Lies will be at an all time high!!!
So how are you going to navigate through the energies of New Earth this week?  Make sure you speak your truth and be open to the “Truth Bombs” dropped on you! 
Please note that many of these truth bombs/life lessons are not going to be dropped by strangers/society, they’ll be dropped by those you love the most! 
Remember we’re all blinded to our own hidden faults – but guess what we all have them – so be open when bombs are dropped!
Truth bombs actually help you heal for they can help you shift in frequencies for it’s the dark night of the soul being revealed.  So embrace whatever comes your way this week for when “Mr. Tyranny” makes his grand entrance the energetic wave will have all of humanity throwing their hands in the air screaming “You make me want to shout!”
Tyranny comes in so many different disguises so beware of which one(s) come your way and use this week’s energy (being so dense) to your advantage for it can actually make it easier to reveal the truth….the snake in the grass!
Make sure you’re truthful to yourself and except whatever comes your way is coming to ensure you get to the next level – that whatever experience you have in the “Animal House” party own it – for it was orchestrated specifically for you!
When you leave the party this week you have the ability to be more aware of who you are and where you’re going.  It really depends on how wild your party experience was and how much “The Boys” kept you from the truth!
Remember that the light will shine extremely bright this week and will force the dark to reveal itself and its agenda!  It must…for everything in Old Earth must collapse in order for New Earth to begin!
So hold on and get ready for a week where you must be “Ego Friendly” not “Ego Driven” or you’ll end up drunk and passed out under a table with “The Boys” instead of busting a move with Miss Higher Heart on the dance floor…where you have the ability to create your next step in YOUR New Game of Life!
Until next week,
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