Music for the Soul


Having Difficulty Turning Off The Monkeys?
Here is a simple way to do so while meditating 

For some time now I have found that many people are still having difficulty turning the monkeys off especially during meditation.

If you are newly awakened, you might find it almost impossible to turn the monkeys off long enough to even try and meditate. If this is the case, I would highly recommend that you try this meditation. I guide my clients/students to tap into their higher self without having to battle the monkeys for very long.

When you use this OM chant, I want you to visualize/feel the following:

1. When the music begins, you will hear a Tibetan Bell go off twice. When the first bell goes off open up your heart chakra; when the second bell goes off connect with your higher self and open up your crown chakra

2. You will hear birds chirping in the back ground then when the bell stops you will hear the monks chanting OM – calling in the divine. Follow along either verbally or in your thoughts for a few minutes. Until you feel you are in the 100% in the NOW.

3. Allow yourself to tap into the music and guide you on a mystical journey in mother nature.

4. When the Tibetan bell goes off again, this time it will ring 8 times. The first 7 rings represent your original 7 chakras (we are not getting too advanced here for this is for those who are new to meditation). So the 1st bell is the root/base chakra, the second bell is the sacral chakra and so on. Ensure you light up your charka’s,.. visualize the vibrant colors and feel the energy move. When you get to the 8th bell feel yourself connected to the divine.

5. When you hear the OM again you can continue on your mystical adventure in mother nature. Remember to send her love as well.
Please do not think you can not control the monkeys, because you can my friends. Take a little bit of “ME” time to make the “WE” stronger.

There is great power in using this OM chant. When the bell goes off and you have to light up your chakras….see that as the divine smashing on the head saying “Get into the NOW” focus on your chakra’s.

It keeps the beginners in check so they aren’t thinking about what just happened 3 hours earlier or what they are going to cook for dinner…etc….lol. And I’m not laughing at you my friends, I’m laughing with you because no matter how often you meditate there are times when the monkeys get the best of all of us!

Believe me before you know it, you’ll be meditating longer and longer each time. It doesn’t take long to be able to do it for the whole hour.

This OM chant is also in 432hz so it is already in the vibration of LOVE!

I hope this helps all those who are having difficulties turning off the monkeys and all the newly awakened souls who have never even tried meditating because you didn’t think you could do it! Guess what my friends, you can and this OM chant will help you accomplish that.
Happy Meditating!
Love & light

© Copyright 2016 Carrie Turcotte

Click here to listen to the Mediation Music that goes with this Vibercize!

Feel The Energy

Please do yourself a favor and take 6 mins to watch the video below, so you can FEEL just how connected we all are!

You may want to put this into your spiritual tool box for it’s a simple way each day to raise your vibrations. Singing & dancing are 2 of the easiest ways to shift your vibes which will allow you to be in the moment and “Live life like a Sunset”.

When you have 65,000 people living in the moment, using their creative life source energy – the energy sky rockets, as you will soon find out!

This video is a perfect example that we’re all connected, we’re multidimensional and that time is an illusion for you WILL get pulled in energetically and feel “Thrill Bumps” through out your body. You will FEEL like your truly on stage 

I post this to help YOU understand just how energy works and that together we WILL make a difference!

Watch for the signs within the video as well and when the audience starts clapping and jumping up & down (4:04), you’ll start moving too – head bobbing  again perfect example of how powerful creative life source energy is!

When you connect people who have the same views/interests (even on webinars/telecasts etc) the energy WILL be felt by all, even if no one says anything….do not fool yourself, thinking its the presenter creating all the energy – they are only the facilitator that has brought you all together!

You ALL are creating the energy being FELT! That’s why after a few days you do not feel that energy anymore! Use this video to truly understand that YOU can raise your vibrations yourself and that the only person that can change YOU is YOU!

YES, its important to seek help from a professional who has the experience and creditably to GUIDE you however they’re only opening the door, YOU must walk through it yourself. It’s up to you to do the SOUL work!

Enjoy this AWESOME video and see/hear/feel just how easy it is to shift your vibes and guess what? YOU did it all by yourself….how cool is that!!!

Love & light

To watch video, please click here!