Retrain Your Brain

Retrain Your Brain


For 30 years, Carrie has internationally been teaching thousands of people about who they truly are, by using several different “Personality Trait” programs.  In 2005, she was introduced to the Insight Learning Foundation and quickly became an “Authorized Associate”.  Back then, Insight was then the ONLY personality trait program/testing in the world with a “Patent”.  Meaning it is proven to be accurate and could be used in a court of law.

“Retrain Your Brain” is a NEW service Carrie is providing to help her clients understand their own unique “Personality Spectrum” which is unique as a finger print!  Teaching one how to shift the programming/conditioning within to embrace how we NOW think – heart based centered. 

As we enter the energies of New Earth, one MUST learn to “Retrain the Brain” as we all shift into 4D+ vibrations.  Depending on YOUR personality spectrum WILL determine how you will do this.

When Carrie works with you she will review your testing  and help YOU interact successfully with all types of people by (1) identifying your unique personality style and the styles of those around you, (2) teaching you everything you need to know about all personality types, and (3) showing you how to adjust your behaviors until you consistently treat other people the way they want to be treated.  For more information regarding the program, “Who Am I?” – Discovering Your Personality Spectrum Workshopplease click here!

Please note that the “Retrain Your Brain” Service is NOT a reading!  It’s a “Psychological Assessment” to help you balance your mind & heart thinking! Someone who’s primary colour is “Green” does not think the way a “Orange” does and when you come to truly understand this you’ll be able to turn your monkeys into lemurs!

If you’re in the “Frequency of One” aka – divine union/twin flames/twin souls, this service will help you understand the “Mirror Yet Opposite” terminology and how to properly incorporate this into your own unique sacred journey back to one!

Every living organism on this planet has an “Aura” and within the aura you have an “Emotional and Mental Field”, this is where Carrie will help you shift your vibrations – the programming/conditioning!  Think of that old saying “I have to see it to believe it” well on New Earth, one MUST learn to “BELIEVE IT before they can SEE IT!”

These consultation session will help guide you to be able to do your own “Shadow Work”, which is needed in order to ascend.  The shadow side is nothing to fear, for its part of you, we all have a shadow side!  See this as the “Ying & Yang” within you.  It’s the “EGO” aka “The Boys/The Monkeys” that you have to learn to become friends with.

When one learns that they’re so unique and that NO one will experience life they way they do, your SOUL will begin to shift frequencies! 

To ensure all interested can participate in this new service, Carrie has created the following phone/Skype sessions below.  Please note that you must pay for your consultation BEFORE an appointment will be set.  Payments can be made through email transfer, if  Canadian, or via PayPal.  PP payments will have an additional service charge which is be found in the shipping & handling section.


In this 30 minute consultation, Carrie will verbally go through the basic testing with you to determine your “Colour Spectrum”.  You will then ask 1 question regarding a current situation you may feel stuck in.  Carrie will then explain to you, why you are thinking the way you are and how to shift your thought process to create that which your soul truly desires!

30mins – $60 Canadian


In this 60 minute consultation, Carrie will verbally go through the “Discovering Your Personality Traits” testing with you, explaining what YOUR “Personality Spectrum” means and where your strengthens and weaknesses are.  Once the testing is done, the remaining time will go towards questions regarding a current situation(s) you may feel stuck in.  Carrie will explain to you, why you are thinking the way you are and how to shift your thought process to create that which your soul truly desires!

60 minutes – $110 Canadian


This service is specially for those who have already had a “Tuned In” consultation with Carrie.  These 4 – 15 minute sessions are meant for those who are serious about turning their monkeys in to lemurs, who are actually friends with “The Boys” and can allow you to do the “Shadow Work” required!

4 – 15 minute sessions – $100 Canadian

Carrie, your Insight to who you really are has been a real eye-opener for me.  Through your fun and out-going way to communicate, you captured the audience when you explained that we all have are own personality spectrum – like a fingerprint.  No one else has the same!  You can have the same colour spectrum as someone else’s, however it’s were you fall on the spectrum that makes you so unique.  Not only has this benefited our company tremendously but this workshop has also helped me in my personal life.   Thank you so much!!! Marie – Mississauga


“Since learning about the personality colors and the traits, it’s helped me know why I react and think in a certain manner. It also has really given me insight on who others that I interact with react and process life. From personal love relationships, co-workers, children and friendships. Those moments when you stop and say “hmmmmm why are these people reacting like this”. You have a handle on how you yourself perceive life, then how others do also with the personality color information. This really can make communication stronger and well let’s face it much more affective, knowing how to speak in a language of others and “colors”. This has been an eye opening experience and find I’m incorporating this into all areas of my life. Carrie has done an outstanding job at explaining, and teaching both how to use the colors for our own lives for responses and how to use this for delivering our intent/ interacting with others.” ~ Mya – Florida