SHIFT in 2018!

SHIFT in 2018!

January 31 – February 3rd “The Grand Shift”

Hold on and buckle up, its time to step up the game of life my dear friends.

And if you’re in the “Frequency of One” (aka Divine Union/Twin Flames/Twin Souls) you’ll want to be ready for the “Soul Ship Twist” coming our way in 2018! This WILL change the dynamics of the FOO in a very BIG way, stay tuned!

“SHIFT in 2018” is a channeled video mini-series that will go deeper into the energies of each month and how to navigate through them.

These videos also include information for those in the Frequency of One Program – aka Divine Union/Twin Flames/Twin Souls etc

This launch special includes:

  • Welcome Message with Lingo – 21 mins
  • 2018 Overview Message for the Collective Consciousness – 36 mins
  • 2018 Overview Message for those in the Frequency of One Program
    Part 1-  31 mins     Part 2 – 27 mins
  • January & February Overview – 49 mins

Still to be recorded, will go live shortly after the Partial Solar Eclipse ~ channeling in the NEW to intertwine with what I already received:

  • March thru December (at least 4 videos will be recorded)  
  • Guided Meditation 

1/2 Price Launch Special $29.99 Canadian 

Canadians can also send an email transfer.  Please send email, right of this page, requesting transfer information. 

PLEASE NOTE:  These videos are NOT downloads.  You will receive an email within 12 hrs of payment being received, with information on how to log into your account to view the “Shift in 2018” video series!  You MUST sign in to watch.  You’ll also want to register from the device you will be watching the videos from.  When you register, your IP address is added to your account so if you log in from different IP address you will be kicked out of the system.  

This special offer is valid till the last video is posted later this week, then the price will go up!

Love & light

© Copyright 2018 Carrie Turcotte


I have been a follower of the Vibe Report for more than 4 years. Carrie and the channel have guided me through numerous shifts and upgrades on this FOO program. This is not only a journey it’s a process which has many curves, peaks and valleys. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Carrie and her channel. During mentoring sessions, Carrie connects with her guides and my higher self and relays the guidance combined with her incredible knowledge to assist me in navigating the current energies.  This journey is not all FLUFF; it is hard work and consistency that gets you to a higher conscious. Of course there is fun and games along the way and code-words to keep “The Boys” at bay and Dancing Dave always has a few song lyrics to keep me going. I highly suggest you connect with Carrie, it’s an investment into your future and the FOO Program. 


Carrie my dear soul sister has been my complete guiding light for the last two years. Without you this journey would have been unbearable in so many ways. So spot on with the universal/global energies and always been giving me tools how to navigate thru these energies with faith, ease and grace. Every time I have had a blockage in my energy field/chakras no western doctors have been able to help me, a phone call from Carrie and the blockage has been released in minutes. The unique thing with Carrie is also that she gives so much service to her clients from her heart and she is always there when needed. I have never come across anyone like Carrie with so much authentic personality, straight forward communication and speaking the truth. What I really like about Carrie is that she doesn’t glorify my spiritual journey into pink fluffy unicorn lala land, instead she makes you realize that all change happens inside of me, I need to do the work and she gives the excellent tools for it. As a medium she has told me so many things that later been evidence being true. With all my appreciation for you and endless love dear soul sister. ❤️