Shift Your Vibes

Shift Your Vibes

As we all shift in 2018, I’ve been guided to intertwine my “Align Your Vibes” reading with my  “The Power of Clarity” reading to create “Shift Your Vibes”.

Humanity will shift dramatically over 2018 bringing the collective consciousness into a whole new game of life.  Connecting us all in a way we’ve never been connected before!

As we enter into the land of the unknown, only YOUR soul will know the way for YOU, for no two people are alike so honoring YOUR “Soul Print” is so important NOW!

This is one reasons why I have decided to twist my readings into something brand new.  Something I am confident will help you navigate through the energies you will encounter in 2018. 

This “Shift Your Vibes” session is specifically designed and orchestrated from YOUR vibrations.  So time to buckle up and allow YOUR soul to lead the way on this session created by YOU!

I’ve never had such a “real” reading before!
~ S.H. – NE

How these sessions will work:

  • I will tap into your energy and connect with your higher self/soul and do something I call “Soul Surgery”.   This is where I intertwine my energy with your chakras/aura and begin shifting the energy within.  You WILL feel the “Soul Surgery” throughout the session, at certain times it may be more intense then others.   It really depends on what I’m channeling and where we’ve been guided to go to do the “Soul Work – Shadow Work”.   You may feel the energies we’ve shifted continuing to do so for up to a week;
  • I’ll speak about your “Soul Vibrational Map” so you understanding what you’re currently vibing out to the universe and where the lower vibrations may be be holding you back.  These are where the repeated patterns are feeding from;  
  • We’ll be pulled into certain situations/experiences that require “Shadow Work”.  Where you will have to go in deeper to dissect the vibrations that created that illusion.  To allow it to be healed, so it no longer feeds “Mr. Fear Monster”;
  • I will also communicate with your Spirit Guides and loved ones to give the utmost loving message possible and for you highest good to help you on your sacred journey;
  • Please note:  This is not meant to be a Mediumship reading, your loved ones will be providing me with guidance ONLY, to let you know that they’re with you during this very transitional time.  And sometimes its because you also need to do “Shadow Work” with them to allow the channel to become stronger; 
  • If your vibrations are feeding from a past life, I can also be energetically be pulled there to help you understand deeper where these vibrations are feeding from, so you can finally begin healing it;
  • Lower vibrations begin to form through conditioning in childhood however for many that is all they remember…it started there!  So if you’re ready to go back in time to remember where the lower vibration(s) “Mr. Fear Monster” was originally planted, then you may just find out during this session;
  • “Soul Work” will be given so that you can continue on your soul’s journey after our session.

Payments can be made either through email transfer (if Canadian) or via PayPal.  Please note that PayPal users will also have a service charge, located in the shipping & handling area.  For email transfers, please fill out the contact form to the right and I’ll be in touch with you within 24 hrs!

Time to SHIFT YOUR VIBES in 2018!

30 minutes ~ $80    **EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY!

45 minutes  $120 

60 minutes  $150

90 minutes  $200   

120 minutes  $250

“Carrie my dear soul sister has been my complete guiding light for the last two years. Without you this journey would have been unbearable in so many ways. So spot on with the universal/global energies and always been giving me tools how to navigate thru these energies with faith, ease and grace. Every time I have had a blockage in my energy field/chakras no western doctors have been able to help me, a phone call from Carrie and the blockage has been released in minutes. The unique thing with Carrie is also that she gives so much service to her clients from her heart and she is always there when needed. I have never come across anyone like Carrie with so much authentic personality, straight forward communication and speaking the truth. What I really like about Carrie is that she doesn’t glorify my spiritual journey into pink fluffy unicorn lala land, instead she makes you realize that all change happens inside of me, I need to do the work and she gives the excellent tools for it. As a medium she has told me so many things that later been evidence being true. With all my appreciation for you and endless love dear soul sister.” ❤️    N.U. – AZ