Shift Your Vibes

“Shift Your Vibes” sessions are specifically designed and orchestrated from YOUR vibrations.  As I tap into YOUR vibrations I will begin to paint a clearer picture for you to understand…what is currently happening in YOUR reality vibrationally.  Time to buckle up and allow YOUR soul to lead the way in this session created specifically by YOUR energy for I am is simply the channel!

Hi Carrie-Ann…Thank you for shifting my world in a matter of an hour. I can’t even put words to how your SIMPLE guidance and quiet healing energy put a stop to the darkness that has taken over my being in just a few days. No nonsense about the “he-said, she-said” bullshit, just straightforward facts from the channel that allowed me to see the work I need to do within my soul. Stuff I already knew was there, but you guided me to the tools that will allow me to heal. I can’t put a price on this work!! I went from a state of pure anxious hell, to a warmed soul feeling,  empowered to make the difference in my current reality. I am able to tap back into my other frequency, and that’s the true power of this journey – The Healing. Not through telling me of useless facts, but pointing out the raw and true FEELINGS of the wounds I need to heal within my soul, the wounds that I didn’t know were there. Many thanks, Carrie-Ann, you are The Bomb!! I’ve never had such a “real” reading before!
~ S.H. – NE

Payments can be made either through email transfer (if Canadian) or via PayPal.  Please note that PayPal users will also have a service charge, located in the shipping & handling area.  

For book your session, please fill out the contact form to the right and put SYV in the subject line, and someone will be touch within 24 hrs!

30 minutes CAN $80 + HST  (current clients only)

45 minutes CAN $100 + HST (current clients only)

60-90 minutes  CAN $150 + HST

90- 120 minutes  CAN $200 + HST

“Carrie-Ann my dear soul sister has been my complete guiding light for the last two years. Without you this journey would have been unbearable in so many ways. So spot on with the universal/global energies and always been giving me tools how to navigate thru these energies with faith, ease and grace. Every time I have had a blockage in my energy field/chakras no western doctors have been able to help me, a phone call from Carrie-Ann and the blockage has been released in minutes. The unique thing with Carrie-Ann is also that she gives so much service to her clients from her heart and she is always there when needed. I have never come across anyone like Carrie-Ann with so much authentic personality, straight forward communication and speaking the truth. What I really like about Carrie-Ann is that she doesn’t glorify my spiritual journey into pink fluffy unicorn lala land, instead she makes you realize that all change happens inside of me, I need to do the work and she gives the excellent tools for it. As a medium she has told me so many things that later been evidence being true. With all my appreciation for you and endless love dear soul sister.” ❤️    N.U. – AZ