Soul Transcendence – Navigating Through the Constellation of Your Soul


As the energy on Mother Earth continues to shift into higher frequencies, your own personal “Soul Transcendence” is also taking place.  This is the time where one needs to go with the flow of the energies of New Earth for the Constellations of July & August are also heavily involved in guiding you to go deeper and get into alignment with your true heart centre!

Take a look at what this world has become.  It does not matter where you live Mr. Fear Monster is being unleashed upon us all!  However, you do not have to feed it and allow that energy in.  You can either choose to live your reality on a solid sailing ship or you choose to head to fear island on a sinking ship!  The choice is completely yours to make!

We’re currently stepping into a time where the constellation in you can shine a lot brighter for Venus is in Leo, and is the literal star of the show all summer long including her once every 18 months trip into the underworld (retrograde) beginning July 22nd to September 3rd.

Our own love nature goes through a metamorphosis right along with Venus.  For Venus is all about love, connection & money where Leo rules the heart; creativity; children; pleasure; and, romance.

Then on July 18th the nodes of the moon change signs and we begin a new spiritual chapter both collectively and personally.  This is also where the eclipses takes place.

Neptune’s retrograde kicks in clarity, all while Saturn is giving us the reality check.  So receiving a reality slap is very likely just how many are you going to experience?  Everyone will experience this, where we’ve had blinders on and did not even realize it!

Knowing all this, are you truly ready or are you on a sinking ship?  Karmic debts are also being collected so you want to ensure you’re educated on what is coming up so you stay on your sailing ship not get kicked off because you have not cleaned up your personal energetic mess!!!

Join Carrie & Lisa as they take the complex out of what is happening on an energetic level and make it simple so you can navigate your own personal ship through it!

Cost:  $40 + $5.20 HST = $45.20 CAN

To purchase recording, please fill out the form on the right hand side of this page with “SOUL” as the subject.  Someone will be in touch with you within 24 hrs.

Testimonials from Past Events with Carrie & Lisa

“Thanks so much to Carrie and Lisa, for everything, so much information that can really help us navigate these turbulent Waters we seem to be going through….I look forward to the next event!!”
Cheers, B.R. – Toronto

“Good day, just a quick note to let you know how wonderful the event was last night.   It truly was food for my soul and I look at music so differently now from your explanations! Truly powerful!!!”  R.S. – NY

“I attended Tuning Your Soul Song with Carrie and Lisa.  It was a fun and amazing learning experience for me.  The biggest take away for me was to reach out to higher forces, raise my vibration, and ride the wave of light to the highest good.  I need to relinquish my control and trust and believe!!!  Thank you, ladies, for an incredible night”.  W.R. – NY

“What a wonderful informative presentation!  It truly has changed my perspective of how I choose my music.   Listening and feeling the energy of the music 🎶 inspires my soul so deeply and puts me in a much better vibrant place!  Yes it tunes my soul and I have the tools to feel lighter and much more grounded. Truly inspirational” 🧚‍♀️♥️  Best S.R – NC

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