Special Event – VR Live

Tuesday, August 16th @ 7:30 pm EST 
Cost:  $17.70 + $2.30 HST  = $20 CAN

During this Special 2 hour VR Live, Carrie will provide you with an energetic blueprint that will help you navigate through the energies of New Earth during the August/September “Energetic Flip!”

The Duality Train is currently overflowing with so many people…and guess what?  It’s been parked at the station since May 30th 2022 and it will remain parked till at least till the end of September. Those who vibe wrong/right – this way/that way – win/lose etc.; need to learn how to shift out of that vibration or they will have a difficult time getting off.  

When this Special VR takes place the energy of the Lions Gate will still be in effect and will help energetically shift you during class!

Join Carrie for an evening of wisdom and knowledge.  Information you can use in your own personal reality.

Remember Carrie creates a picture of the energy through the channel…energy we’re all dealing with.  It’s up to you to intertwine it into your own personal reality and go with the flow!

No two people experience life the same so this channel does not paint the picture of your reality – YOU do – The VR Live give you the truth so you are educated on what is coming down the pipe line on an energetic level!

To register, please fill out the from to the right and put “VR” in the subject line – Please DO NOT SEND A DONATION.  Someone will be in touch with you within 24 hrs!


This online event will be recorded for those who can not make it live! Only those who are registered will be given the recordings.

  • Advance registration is required
  • Registration will not be completed until payment is received
  • Once Payment is received an email will be sent with a link and password for class
  • All purchases are final – No refunds
  • Payment:  Canadians can send an email transfer (invoice will be provided) or receive an invoice from PayPal.  All other countries must use PayPal.