Special Message for those in Divine Union


September 5th 2017 ~ With so much happening energetically, it’s important to understand that as we all undergo this “Great Global Psychological Shift” (that will take years) the labels we’ve created together as a community may no longer resonate with your soul.  This is why we MUST come together to agree to disagree. 

We’re all entitled to our own perspective and depending on your “Soul Glasses” will also play an important part in how you perceive what others are speaking/writing/recording about.   

As one goes deeper into their own unique sacred journey, what once resonated with the soul begins to shifts, as it should for only YOU know the way!   DO NOT mock others for their choices, or the path they have chosen, it is their soul path to live not yours!

Let’s use the label “Twin Flames/Divine Union” as an example. 

When you label yourself as a twin flame, the mind has been programmed to think two, which means duality.  Divine Union can also allows the mind to think this however the vibration is not as harsh.

Divine can be perceived as magical and union can be perceived as coming together.  Be careful for this may allow “The Boys – aka EGO” to create something so far from the truth that you can end up delusional, especially if you allow others to control your journey.

So depending on YOUR “Soul Glasses” will indicate how you psychologically digest this and begin to send out vibrations through YOUR words, thoughts and feelings.  What I call “The Dynamic Trio”.

The mind is such a complex place where the average person will have around 70,000 thoughts go through their mind in a day.  No wonder “The Boys” can come out to play if you do not follow your own soul on this sacred journey back to one.  One can also get lost in 5D, creating fantasies that have no common sense & logic connected to them – Welcome to 5D FUFU LAND where so many still reside!

In the beginning of your sacred journey, the label twin flame will guide the way however once you’ve gotten out of the “Crazy Stage” and really start getting into how to control the “Mind F*ck Game” of this journey, the duality the mind believes may allow you to believe you are two, not one.  For in physical 3D reality you are two, living two different realities however at a soul level your one frequency – and you wonder why so many twins are feeling lost right now?

 Let’s go a little deeper and talk about the label “Twin Flames”.  Please do not think God cut the soul in half, putting half the soul in one vessel and the other in another – the masculine & the feminine!  This is NOT how this works.  It’s all about the ENERGY for you ARE the same frequency!

Meaning you’re the same at a soul level however who you are in the “Body, Mind & Spirit” is different.  How can one frequency think the same – you can not.  This is where the “Soul Glasses” come into play and “The Flips” that take place at an energy level have a greater meaning. 

There are so many taking the “Body, Mind & Spirit” aspect to this journey and twisting it into something it is not!  For example I’ve seen “If one twin is a celebrity so is the other or you are not twins” – this would be incorrect.  The physical path each twins takes is unique to help the soul growth.  

However if one twin is a Medium so is the other for this is energy!  Many state this is not the truth so you be the judge.  If the frequency of the one is set at Mediumship how can only one be a Medium for it’s an energy channel made for two.  Make sense?

See it this way, you and twin are the same frequency on God’s radio antenna however you are NOT on the same station.  How you perceive the channel of God is unique to you.  Know that each twin’s strength makes the other stronger and vise versa. 

Look at the vibrations, if you’re feeding the vibration of frustration, chances are so is twin however how they’re experiencing it will most likely be completely different.  So by learning to become friends with Mr. Frustration, the frequency of the one is not as frustrated as it was a when both were feeding Mr. Frustration.  Are you following me?  

The clearer YOUR channel the stronger the connection becomes:  allowing the twin channel to become stronger.  What they do with this energy from that channel is for them to decide.  DO NOT assume or expect what they are thinking, living, experiencing even if you’re together, again what you both experience will be different making the soul frequency stronger!      

If you’re bashing twin in any way – words (social media BIG ONE) thoughts or feelings, please understand you are putting static in the channel.  For example:  If you say, you’re disappointed with twin then you’re telling God you are disappointed in yourself.  Are you following me here?

Let’s go deeper! If your “Soul Glasses” are primary Blue then know twins will not, however it can be their secondary.  Both twins can not be the same primary color and if you are that would mean you’re not true authentic twins, just being honest here. 

A little deeper!  How a Blue perceives life in NOT how a Green, Gold or Orange perceives life and anyone who has been part of the VR knows this.  Those who have not, this is the kind of soul work we do with the channel.

Please know that the twins are here in service to God, each set of twins agreed to be here and to undergo their own unique soul path so that when the time came and God needed the twins to get into mission, they could.  Regardless, if it’s a solo mission or not!  And guess what…we’re all there NOW!

The purpose of reuniting is to intertwine YOUR wisdom & knowledge with THEIRS, creating a bigger picture to help humanity.  Depending on where are on your journey you may also experience revealing/unlocking of soul memories being brought into the NOW to teach the NEW!  The soul knows what the soul knows!

Twins will be intertwining OLD wisdom & knowledge with the NEW; we ARE NOT getting rid of the old for it’s our foundation – our experiences that have made us the person we are today! 

Now not all twins are meant to reunite and come into union to step into mission.  Some are here to reunite and step into mission, while others are meant to just step into mission…solo mission that is!   

There are so many aspects to this for again all twins are on their own unique sacred journey back to one.  What does that entail?   Go within to find the answers! 

And if you’re with a soul mate and FEEL this is right for YOU, then follow YOUR soul please!  If it is not meant to be, it will end…believe me, I’ve seen this happen all too often.  

Maybe you’re with that soul mate to learn a lesson you can not learn with twin or vise versa.  Again, how can one frequency learn certain life lessons with self?

I know many of you reading this understand, however many still do not.  Many have gotten caught up in the “Broken Telephone,” so I have been guided to speak MY truth and the information I have shared in The Vibe Report for years. 

I may not be out there on social media the way I used to, however I have helped so many in divine union around the world navigate through their own unique sacred journey.  Remember NO two set of twins are on the same path, we’re all unique and energetically at a different place.  

What I am going through is unique and special to Carrie.  Just like whatever you’re going through is unique to you.  So where Carrie is on her own sacred journey can not be compared to anyone else. 

Think about the energy you share with twin, where are they vibing and where you’re vibing?  Are they awake or are they still sleeping?  If they’re awake, how awake are they? 

Again, we’re all different so please do not compare yourself to anyone else!  YES, the common denominators are there, yet YOUR reality is YOUR reality and NO ONE will experience the same experience! 

This is what makes those in Divine Union so special and when you truly understand that by working on oneself is the easiest way to navigate through this sacred journey back to one…those “Rose Colored Glasses” you’ve been wearing for so long will come off and you’ll finally see YOUR COLOR OF LOVE at a frequency level that you share with twin.

We’re here to show the world how powerful the soul is and if the twins can share a frequency with someone and step into their soul power so can someone who has their soul frequency all to themselves….lol.  

You can not break free from this journey you MUST accept it, for what it is! And with the energies we’re about to encounter till the end of the year, please take the time to educated yourself on how to navigate through them.

If you’re looking to book a personal reading, please understand that I DO NOT have readings titled Twin Flames.  You are either looking for my Shift Your Vibes or Retain Your Brain Readings. 

Remember this channel teaches that this sacred journey back to one starts and ends with YOU, not twin.  So there truly is no need to label my readings in this matter.  Thank you for agreeing to disagree, if I just triggered you!

My final thoughts, believe in YOURSELF and the unconditional soul love you have with twin.  Let go of the label, knowing if you must teach with this word (like I have to), ensure you do so in a 4D/5D vibration of duality. 

The color of love the two of you share is so unique and special that is should be treated with respect, so please remember this is a sacred journey back to one; honor the sacred and keep the details to yourself knowing only you, twin & God truly know where the soul is going!  

Embrace the intertwining of the “Body/Mind/Spirit with the Soul” my dear twinnies! And remember that you’re a frequency of one within the frequency of one within the frequency of all, so shine YOUR inner light brightly for others will follow!

Love & Light