Testimonials for the hosts and presenters

We believe in complete transparency, many of you will be following one or all of the presenters via social media, and aware of their service.  Success is always gauged from results or personal testimonials, below are a select few from each team member!


Deane Thomas

“Deane is an incredible wealth of inspiration and wisdom. From his own personal experience and journey through the universe, he supports other light worker’s journeys back towards the divine source. His work guides you to follow your heart to make choices that will serve your highest good. I highly recommend and appreciate his thoughtful guidance.”
NICOLE ZAAGMAN | Founder/CEO of LUX CHIX. –  June 2015


“With Deane’s help I grew to embrace my twin journey. He knows exactly which questions to ask and is brutally honest in his advice. Because of him I have grown light years and have become a much happier person! I am sure he can do the same for you!
Caroline – June 2015


Deane’s compassionate, honest, direct voice has provided me with the guidance my soul needs. I appreciate his experience and strength, but, more than anything, I value his honesty. After speaking to him, I was not only more aware of my patterns that needed to change, but on a soul-level I was opened up to greater truth about myself and the reality of the TF connection. Additionally, he shared with me invaluable meditations and affirmations that continue to help me. He instils a sense of peace and serves as a reminder of divine timing. I’m eternally grateful for his continued guidance.” -Katy, 11/6/15


“Deane served to me as a beacon in moments I couldn’t see clearly. Not only in his kindness but also in being an example by walking his talk. Determined, kind, loving, gutsy are words that come to mind. Deane inspired me to go deeper and seek for answers on my quest. Always ready to offer insight and a listening ear. I thank the Universe for putting him in my path. He helped me to light by being the beacon. Namaste.” Anonymous – June 2015


Carrie Turcotte


After many unexplainable, unimaginable events, Carrie reappeared into my life. I had been undergoing some massive shifts in my life and didn’t really understand what was happening to me. Carrie has taken me under her wing and guided me through my shift. She has been an incredible teacher. As anyone who is new to this knows, it is sometimes very hard to get a grasp on what is happening  and there is way too much information available online these days. It is not only impossible to discern the good from the bad, it is also quite frankly hard to really understand at times. That is where Carrie comes in…she makes you feel so comfortable and explains everything in simple terms that we can all understand. Some of the things she says so easily hit me like a lightning bolt. She so effortlessly puts everything into perspective and explains what is happening, how to understand and the next steps to move forward. My life is so incredible right now and I owe a lot of gratitude to Carrie for helping guide me to such an amazing place. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this beautiful soul.

Nadia – Toronto, Canada


“Years ago I did well at school because I applied myself and did the homework. Present day the teachers have changed and the subjects have changed but still the basic core principles apply – DO THE HOMEWORK.

I signed up with Carrie several months ago and during this time the results have been amazing – a new me is unfolding. I listen to Carrie and do the homework she assigns to me as I know she can’t do it for me and without it things won’t change. She is one of the best teachers I have worked with if not the best.

If you are thinking of signing up with the University of Carrie I urge you to do so – tuition is very reasonable, the results will be amazing but remember you have to do the homework!”

Brad ~ Toronto




Dear Carrie,
I don’t know even where to begin… you have been my shining star from the moment we met. I met you at a difficult time in my journey..being newly awakened not understanding what’s happening why I am feeling what I was feeling where is it coming from and why..and to this day I still remember your first words. “you are a twin my dear!” i felt an instant connection to you and for the first time i was given tools to better myself, to help me, to clear my clutter and unblock my path to abundance. our work has just started and there is more I know that but without you I would still be in the dark. I love how you are the real deal and say it like it is. No sugar coating it. love it!!! you may be my teacher but to me you are much more… my soul sister and family, the one I can turn to without judgement. I thank you Carrie thank you thank you!!! ever since your reading the other day, I still feel a sense of calmness again amidst what we are experiencing… it’s not easy but worth it. every time I talk to you, you validate what my soul is feeling..THANK YOU thank you THANK YOU!! for the guidance and balance you have brought to my journey.

Fotini ) Toronto


My story is so unbelievable that it is hard to articulate. The last few months have been a challenge for me regarding my work, family and health and for the first time in my life I started to pray. I have been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for 19 years and travelling the world seeking relief, I recently found a new treatment through a very random sequence of events. The day before I started I got a message from Carrie. Carrie and I go way back but have not talked at all in at least 8 years. She sent me a message saying that I kept popping into her head and she felt I was about to start a new type of treatment to heal myself or others. She carried on by asking if it was energy based. This blew me away. The treatment is Magnetic based which is all about energy. She also told me I was ascending quickly which I did not know what that meant. She explained it to me and in doing so described what I have been going through in detail. Carrie has been so incredible in helping me with this journey. This is just a very small piece of everything that has happened so far. I am happy to report the treatment is knocking this disease out of my body. With Carrie ‘ s help I have gotten through the toughest few months of my life with a smile on my face and in my heart. I am so grateful. I love you Carrie.

Nadia ~ Mississauga


Carrie is amazing. A blazing star in the universe. The reading I had with her was a multidimensional experience, and it didn’t end there. The residual effects lasted for days. Carrie is one of those rare souls that can affect your life in a most profound way. Words cannot describe the truth that occurs when having a session with her. I would highly recommend the Carrie Experience.

Rose M ~ Nova Scotia

I have been a student of Carrie’s for over a year. Since my initial session with Carrie, my level of spirituality has grown exponentially. I have learned vital tools and tactics that have allowed me to reach the level of personal spiritual understanding and enlightenment I wished to achieve however; my journey is far from over. Carrie is more than a spiritual teacher and advisor, she is one of my most trusted friends and I thank spirit daily for bringing us together. Carrie’s presence in my life has changed me and is a big part of why I am the woman I am today!

Throughout the past year, through attending class, personal readings and dedication to spiritual homework, I have opened the door and realized my true authentic self. During my most recent session with Carrie, a good friend of mine who passed last year came through. I had my first medium experience!!! Of course I was hesitant and shocked at first, but having Carrie beside me to guide me through the experience made it into the most beautiful experience of my life!! (Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!)

Carrie has always made the time to “walk me through” the tough times. In addition, I also visit the Embassy of Light on a daily basis. I have found that a lot of the knowledge that I either need to be reminded of AND new knowledge, is available there. I highly recommend that anyone who’s soul is yearning for spiritual growth or experiencing confusing or tough times to reach out to Carrie, see how you can start your journey and go and visit the Embassy of Light!!

Liana K ~ Thornhill, ON

I can’t say enough about how Carrie (and all that she does for her students), has helped me beyond belief! I would not be the person I am today without her help, support, classes, Facebook postings & friendship. I’ve learnt so much over the past few years, about myself, the universe, manifesting what I want in my life and realizing what I truly deserve in life – I am beyond grateful and can never thank her enough for what she’s taught me! The energy we create in class, the people I’ve met along the way and just the good vibes you feel for days afterwards is just amazing. You are a beautiful person Carrie – inside and out. Thanks so much for all you do for the world. Much love and light

Claudelle ~ Mississauga, ON

Dear Carrie:

I must profess that before I first met you I was a skeptic.  This is simply because I am just skeptical by nature of all things that are not black-and-white.

However, after having now met you on two occasions I am a skeptic no more.  You have opened my eyes in such a way that I never dreamed would be possible and revealed things to me that only a special talented person would be able to see and know.  Plus, your caring nature made it a very easy process for me to go through under what has recently been a difficult time in my life.

You have my unmitigated 100% endorsement.

Thank you so much.

Paul B.
Milton, ON