May 2024

Meeting Carrie couldn’t have been a coincidence and it came at the perfect time.

After the recent loss of my teenage daughter in a tragic accident, I was living in a fog of shock and didn’t know where to turn.

Carries approach was exactly what I needed. She treated me with compassion and honesty. Going into our session I had no idea what I needed or what I was looking for. I came out of our session, with more than I could ever have anticipated. Not only feeling like I had made a new friend, but I felt like I had a whole new perception.

She guided me in the first steps I need to work on for my own spiritual journey in connecting with my daughter and taking the first steps in my grieving process. Without her guidance and expertise, I would be falling into a pit of loss instead of living and honouring my daughter the way she deserves.

Thank you so much Carrie for being who you are. You are a true gem and I am forever grateful. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with you.  Xo


I have known Carrie for over 10 years. When I first met her, I was going through the dark night of the soul. For those of you who don’t know what the dark night of the soul is, please have a look on YouTube or other places.

Often when you go through these terrible phases in your life you will find there isn’t many people out there that you can talk to, simply because they don’t understand you even if you go two psychiatrists, which I did, and other professionals because you think you are going mad, It doesn’t really help.

When I met Carrie,  I instantly felt as if I was in the space of someone who knew what I was going through, which now I know was a spiritual awakening, it would be wise if you looked up “spiritual awakening” as this will help you in your path. Carrie being a psychic immediately through spirit, knew what I was going through and helped me understand and navigate a path which saved me and my family. She will give you the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Carrie has become a firm friend, and I have met other people similar to myself that have also become friends, and now over the years, I can see things much more clearly, and my old life is completely gone.

Thanks to Carrie and her love of teaching through spirit I am truly awakened. Know that there are different paths and they don’t have to be doctors and psychiatrists because the world has become more spiritual and there in lives  Carrie Turcotte your guide and much more.

Jason St. Romaine – England


Prior to May 2024

Hi Carrie! Your story about the rabbit ignited a spark in me. It reminded of a parable I read years ago in a book called Disputers of the Tao by A.C. Graham. In trying to find it again, I’ve come across information way more relevant to my current situations and the understanding of Yin and Yang principles. Thank you for that, I’m so excited! I also want to give you a huge Thank You for all the work you‘ve done with me so far this year. I have shifted and changed in so many ways, I’m blown away. It’s beyond incredible! I feel like I am finally coming back to center. The soul work I’ve done has revealed so much to me, I won’t even try to begin a narrative! I just wanted to let you know how very grateful I am for every button you pushed, every bridge you led me to or helped me to build, every bit of static in my wiring you helped reveal to me, and every minute you’ve spent talking me through all of it. You are an amazing woman with spectacular gifts, and I am truly, in every way, a better person for having worked with you. Sending tons of Love and Gratitude! Nikki – NY

WOW – The channel is on fire!!! Carrie always delivers, but our conversation last night was out of this world – literally, ha. I am so grateful for Carrie’s guidance through this CRAZY time, with these powerful EEC’s and resets. I can’t help but sit open mouthed with a hundred lightbulbs going off in my head while we chat. I went in wound up and overwhelmed, and when I turned off the phone was so much lighter and focused, ready to work.

Thank you Carrie!!!  Campbell R – NH 

I will admit, I tend to 9-1-1 Carrie in times of serious chaos or when my heart is its heaviest. While my 32-year old husband was undergoing cancer treatment with a major transplant, and I was so scared for our young family, she was my voice of reason and reassurance. She has this insane ability to connect with “my team” and provide the information and guidance I need. And when she throws out the specific details and facts that no one could know, I always get goosebumps. I don’t always understand during my reading everything she is telling me, and then time will pass, something will happen and then my ah-ha! moment occurs. I am so grateful for my time with her. 

Hailey R – Oakville 

Carrie, I need to let you know how you have helped during one of the most difficult times in my life! You have helped my healing and acceptance of the lost my nephew Kyle. He and I were very close, almost like my own child! Loosing him took a huge part on my heart.. You have said things to me that have shown me that he is with me, he is defiantly with me in spirit. I see things and feel him all the time! The things you have shared with me have completely blown my mind.. things that only him and I would know, you nailed! Your guidance, support and faith are immeasurable and for that “I thank you from the bottom of my heart”!! You are god sent and I’m blessed to have you in my life! Your ability is such a gift and I’m extremely grateful for you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! xoxoxoxo   — feeling blessed

Debbie T – Mississauga 

I was in a deep dark place with no one that could understand the feeling of hurt at that time!

The emotional pain touched my soul in a way that I had not ever felt in my life. I tried speaking with traditional councillors that offered me CBT Therapy which I accepted, and found that these ways are off the shelf tried and tested formulas which suit some linear aspects of people’s lives and give you an understanding from a non-emotional point of view but never really solve the deep problems.

I started googling my feelings and certain things that were happening to me, for example,  I would see the numbers 911 all the time. Even though I didn’t class myself as a spiritual person at the time when I googled these numbers, the results kept appearing that the meaning of 911 was a “lightworker” so I googled “lightworker “which means briefly, taking a spiritual path.

I was introduced to Carrie through a mutual friend and from the very first meeting over Skype I felt I was finally speaking to someone who understood me. She helped me understand what was happening to me and gave me work to do on myself, so I could heal and go forward as a different person (she calls it re wiring) this means changing the way you think. Carrie is also a powerful Medium that channels messages from the other side to help you in your journey, something that helped me overcome what happened to me and gave me an understanding that no Counsellor could ever do. Carrie is also a very understanding soul and I’m glad to call her my friend after knowing her and working with her for over two years now.

J.S.S – Europe

Hi Carrie, The 21 Day Soul Challenge reset is definitely reflecting where I was three years ago, except this time I have a high self worth and a shiny new set of negativity deflection tools! Your soul work exercises have shown me who controls my energy, and now I am slowly, deliberately taking back that control. This time around, the Trigger Man does not impact me as he once did. I do not absorb and react as I once did. I am getting much better at observing and responding. As a side note, the S&S Soul Sisters are singing, baby!! It’s almost a parallel reality, and it is an amazing experience. I want to add that, for me, time seems to be in flux. Clocks are off and self-adjusting, and my perception of time is off. Please thank your Dad for the music! Music is a huge bonding point with me and the other half of my frequency, and it is a major communication channel between us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! For everything! Love from TN – US

I just wanted to express my eternal gratitude to Carrie Turcotte and what she does for the collective/Twin Flames. I recently had a reading with her that was nothing short of transformative, heart felt, empowering and resonating. I am so glad I decided to connect with her and recommend her services to anyone looking to deepen there understanding of themselves (Higher) and the ever changing pivotal times we live in. She has a powerful gift and has a way of touching you at the soul level. It is quite the emotional/spiritual journey to say the least! Can’t say enough about my experience. Eternal and gratitude!

Spencer – Deerwood, MD, USA

“I wanted to thank you very much for my session with you Carrie. I always look forward to it. It brought a lot of healing and a lot of guidance that I needed. The way you were able to see personal experiences without me telling you left me in awe. May you continue to be a blessing to the world and help all those who need it. My daughter is now so excited to speak to you. I am telling everyone about my experience because it was so amazing and fun. I love seeing you and I am grateful for your work”

Estrella – Toronto, Canada

My experience with Carrie Turcotte was by far the most magical, beautiful, and intense experience I ever had. We laughed, I cried, I felt energy shifts, and she pin pointed the exact challenges I need to work on. In a way I was still a little lost in my next steps before speaking to Carrie. Now I feel confident on where I’m going and what those steps are. She connected with my spirit guides and guardian angel, which was such a beautiful experience. One of my spirit guides is actually someone I used to know in this lifetime before he passed away. He told Carrie he likes my tattoo on my left wrist and I don’t have a picture of that posted anywhere on social media. Even without Carrie mentioning that, I knew what kind of extraordinary beautiful gifted soul she is by just the feeling when she connected with me. This was one of the best experiences I ever had in my life. I am truly grateful for you Carrie that you shared your amazing gift with me. Love you sista

C.T. – Chicago, IL

“Carrie….I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you, sorry to THANK YOU!!

I am so grateful for what you have done and continue to do.

You have walked with me on this journey and at times have carried me, you have talked with me and shared with me, prodded me and pushed me (when need be), assigned homework to me, nurtured me and when needed given me doses of reality.

Without you I would be stuck in the same old treadmill lifestyle – days in and out.

You have shown me to the door of change and shown me how to push open the door, walk through it and not look back. You have been a major catalyst in bringing to me the life I have always dreamed of.

I will always be eternally grateful to the universe for them bringing you to me”

Bradley – Toronto

Dearest Carrie,

Thank you for such a life changing reading. You came highly recommended so I knew I was in for something magical and it truly was; thank you for sharing your gift to humanity. The reading was very helpful to me on so many different levels, and the homework you had assigned me has immediately impacted my life in powerful ways. From one side, it has helped me release things and people that are no longer serving my higher purpose in life, and the other side is helping me in manifesting my dreams. I am excited to be subscribed to your vibe report now and your love, light, and guidance are helping me on a daily basis. For this I am so grateful. Thank you for shining your light to the world, especially to your soul family!

Angelica – Chicago, IL

Dear Carrie…I just wanted to thank you and let you know whenever I felt I was losing myself and settling into low vibrations… You are always there with a clear view of a path I know I’m meant to be on. I just needed validation… Everytime we talk you ground me and settle my vibes so I focus and raise them up again… Thank you my guardian angel on earth… I am blessed to have your soul befriend mine… And extra blessed my soul sister introduced us! Always grateful xoxo

Fotini – Toronto

My story is so unbelievable that it is hard to articulate. The last few months have been a challenge for me regarding my work, family and health and for the first time in my life I started to pray. I have been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for 19 years and travelling the world seeking relief, I recently found a new treatment through a very random sequence of events. The day before I started I got a message from Carrie. Carrie and I go way back but have not talked at all in at least 8 years. She sent me a message saying that I kept popping into her head and she felt I was about to start a new type of treatment to heal myself or others. She carried on by asking if it was energy based. This blew me away. The treatment is Magnetic based which is all about energy. She also told me I was ascending quickly which I did not know what that meant. She explained it to me and in doing so described what I have been going through in detail. Carrie has been so incredible in helping me with this journey. This is just a very small piece of everything that has happened so far. I am happy to report the treatment is knocking this disease out of my body. With Carrie ‘ s help I have gotten through the toughest few months of my life with a smile on my face and in my heart. I am so grateful. I love you Carrie.

Nadia ~ Mississauga

Carrie is amazing. A blazing star in the universe. The reading I had with her was a multidimensional experience, and it didn’t end there. The residual effects lasted for days. Carrie is one of those rare souls that can affect your life in a most profound way. Words cannot describe the truth that occurs when having a session with her. I would highly recommend the Carrie Experience.

Rose M ~ Nova Scotia

I have been a student of Carrie’s for over a year. Since my initial session with Carrie, my level of spirituality has grown exponentially. I have learned vital tools and tactics that have allowed me to reach the level of personal spiritual understanding and enlightenment I wished to achieve however; my journey is far from over. Carrie is more than a spiritual teacher and advisor, she is one of my most trusted friends and I thank spirit daily for bringing us together. Carrie’s presence in my life has changed me and is a big part of why I am the woman I am today!

Throughout the past year, through attending class, personal readings and dedication to spiritual homework, I have opened the door and realized my true authentic self. During my most recent session with Carrie, a good friend of mine who passed last year came through. I had my first medium experience!!! Of course I was hesitant and shocked at first, but having Carrie beside me to guide me through the experience made it into the most beautiful experience of my life!! (Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!)

Carrie has always made the time to “walk me through” the tough times. In addition, I also visit the Embassy of Light on a daily basis. I have found that a lot of the knowledge that I either need to be reminded of AND new knowledge, is available there. I highly recommend that anyone who’s soul is yearning for spiritual growth or experiencing confusing or tough times to reach out to Carrie, see how you can start your journey and go and visit the Embassy of Light!!

Liana K ~ Thornhill, ON

I can’t say enough about how Carrie (and all that she does for her students), has helped me beyond belief! I would not be the person I am today without her help, support, classes, Facebook postings & friendship. I’ve learnt so much over the past few years, about myself, the universe, manifesting what I want in my life and realizing what I truly deserve in life – I am beyond grateful and can never thank her enough for what she’s taught me! The energy we create in class, the people I’ve met along the way and just the good vibes you feel for days afterwards is just amazing. You are a beautiful person Carrie – inside and out. Thanks so much for all you do for the world. Much love and light

Claudelle ~ Mississauga, ON

Dear Carrie:

I must profess that before I first met you I was a skeptic.  This is simply because I am just skeptical by nature of all things that are not black-and-white.

However, after having now met you on two occasions I am a skeptic no more.  You have opened my eyes in such a way that I never dreamed would be possible and revealed things to me that only a special talented person would be able to see and know.  Plus, your caring nature made it a very easy process for me to go through under what has recently been a difficult time in my life.

You have my unmitigated 100% endorsement.

Thank you so much.

Paul B.
Milton, ON

Greetings and hello Carrie

You impress. You inspire and You motivate others to manifest their own dreams and desires. I was blessed to peruse the pages of your enriching and enchanting home on the web. Know that you are one who changes lives for the better. Your unique and authentic essence is to be admired. I found everything to be enlightening. Thank you for sharing your gifts as doing so awakens others to their own beauty and truth. I wish you lightness of heart and fullness of life as you breathe joy into your existence.

May you experience true freedom as you become fully present and May you unite with your source as you move towards positive transformation.

Michael ~ Boston, MA

What an absolutely uplifting experience it was to connect with you Carrie.  Your ability to cut right to the true heart of the matter yet offer the clearest and most concise answers for my own personal clarity was truly remarkable.  I’ve thought about our conversation long after the fact and continue to ponder what I believe to be sincere messages of guidance sent to me from the Universe thru you.

Charlene S. ~ Brampton, ON

Carrie is amazing!!! She spoke of a friend that I’d lost over 20 years ago. She mentioned things that only Tom and I would have known. I’m so glad our paths met. I’ve often wondered about my friend and whether he was at peace. Now I know he is. I miss you, my friend. Thank-you Carrie…I know we have more to discuss!!!

Trish ~ Mississauga, ON

Wow!! I put good vibes into world yesterday and today life is changing! Thanks for teaching me Carrie Turcotte! Amazing how fast life can change & spread like wildfire (or should I said wild flames!!) So excited for the next chapter to start!!

Rachel M ~ Toronto, ON

I want to thank you for thinking of my father, and thinking of me. You truly are an amazing person Carrie. I think about you often, you have touched me in a way to no person ever has and i doubt anyone ever will again. I think about the universe often as well, try to listen to it, see how it is trying to help me through this tough time, i know it’s trying to help me, and YOU were the one who brought it to my attention. You have a special spot in my heart Carrie…..you truly do well, Hope to hear from you soon…..or better yet, see you soon. I hope everything is awesome in your life. Talk soon!

Laura R ~ London, ON

Carrie, I never got a chance to let you know what an exceptional person I think you are and how monumental you were in guiding me through what I believe was my first life crisis. Thank you so much for the happen stance of you coming into my life when you did…and all that you said to comfort me. You are truly an earth angel sent to me and I have been so grateful.

Meghan ~ King City, ON

Carrie: I wanted to say thank you for being such a special person. I wish you all the success and can’t wait till your book hits the shelves. Your readings are like no other! thank you xo

Liza G ~  Bobcaygeon, OM

Hi Carrie, still processing last week’s session and wanted to tell you something astounding. In your reading you saw an older lady, maybe Mary, who treated me like her own daughter putting something on a chair to raise me up.

Today, I had lunch with my mother-in-law at her home. She is a grandmother and a great grandmother eleven times over and through all the years has treated me as her very own. When we went to sit at the table, she had placed a cushion on my chair because she thought it was too low for me. She has never done this before. I nearly fell over as your words came back to me. Also, although her name isn’t Mary the sister she is very close to is Mary and Mom was eager to show me some beautiful photos of  Mary that she had just received in the mail.

I nearly fell down in my tracks and had to tell you about this. My friend from Rhode Island is very interested to contact you because of the things you have seen in my life that are so accurate.

I’ll be coming to see you again in the near future to learn more about meditation and how the spirit world can help me in my life. I’ve already read The Celestine Prophecy and am believing more and more that there are no coincidences and that energy has an enormous role to play in the universe.

Sharon – Markham

Love you Carrie, this affirmation is such a precious gift you have no idea! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU xoxoxoxo I will definitely connect with you to talk in depth after the dust settles a bit. You are such a wonderful soul, your gift is so pure and genuine. You are gifting me with such a wonderful peaceful loving affirmation of my love shared with him THANK YOU..will talk soon. Thanks for being there for me, means more than words. xo

Nancy – Brampton

Carrie … I want to thank you for spending time with me last night. I believe that I received what I needed to hear in order to heal and be at peace with going forward in my own personal journey. I appreciate your passion and your words.

Tara – Oakville

Hey Carrie – just wanted to share with you that I’ve been receiving so many signs this past week but today especially!!! I asked for a sign just last night and got the best one ever this afternoon! Just wanted to thank you for enlightening me and opening my mind to this new spirtual world

Claudelle – Oakville

Hey Carrie, I hope you had an incredible day. I felt such peace all day! It’s been on my heart to tell you how thankful I feel to have found such an incredible mentor. You’re wise, caring & a selfless woman. It’s an honour to call you my friend!

Marsha – Burlington

Since your energy reading, I have woken up every morning with a tune in my head and a song in my heart. There have been a number of challenges this month and I have sailed right through them. I am going through something right now that is dramatic and I can not believe the strength that I have. When we meet again, you will understand. I know that I have some more work to do on an area that is blocked BUT your advice is simple. It’s funny but I’m not scared anymore. Your reading was awesome! Bless you!

Susan, Oshawa

Thank you so much. This experience has changed my life for the better. You helped start patch my heart and filled my soul with positive energy. I can now vision my future as a new beginning. Reconnecting with my loved ones on the other side was a so amazing especially knowing that they have been around for some of my life’s best moments. Can’t want to see you again!!!

Courtney ~ Bobcaygeon, ON

Talking with Carrie about my father’s passing really changed my perspective on a lot of things and the way I should and shouldn’t deal with trauma.

Betty ~ Bobcaygeon, ON

Carrie is absolutely amazing!!! She told me some very useful information and gave me wonderful advice, I admire her skill and it was so cool that I didn’t have to tell her anything but my name. Wish I had you everyday to turn to.

Rob ~ Buckhorn, ON

“Thank you Carrie for helping me see things in a more positive way! My mind has been all over the place and you helped me finally rest it.  I haven’t been able to sleep right for a while and I had a great sleep last night…finally!!! Thank you again for all your help!”

Ashley – Hamilton, ON

“Carrie, thank you for all the insight.  Allowing me to finally see things I couldn’t see for myself.  The whole experience was great but the end of the reading was overwhelmingly amazing.”
Jillian – Ancaster, ON

“This was a great reading…right to the point and as they say no BS.  Thank you for your time it was wonderful.”

Rick – Oakville, ON

“I have already seen changes in my husband Rick in a matter of a week!  Thank you Carrie for guiding him on a path of self discovering…you rock!!!”

Wendy – Oakville, ON

“I haven’t felt this positive about myself and the decisions I know I need to make.  You have me realize I am on the right path.  Thank you so much.”

Kallie – Georgetown, ON

“The answers I got today gave me such a positive outlook on what is to come and to how much I have control of my future by simply changing my thoughts.  You are amazing Carrie.  Thank you.”

Francine – Burlington, ON

“Carrie, thank you! I need to find my BLISS?  I know I will find it I just need a little work and it will be there in front of me finally.  Thank you for your guidance.”

Laurel – Burlington, ON

“What can I say?  I am awakened!  Thank you very much for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel.  All the best.”

Angie – Burlington, ON

“Thank you Carrie for such an amazing reading.  Your guidance has allowed me to get my life back on track.  I’m looking forward to seeing you again really soon.”

Cathy—Toronto, ON

“Carrie you gave me the most accurate and inspirational reading I have ever had.  I will always be thankful for your guidance.”

Michael—Burlington, ON

“Carrie I can’t begin to thank you for your spiritual guidance. The way you use the Law of Attraction is so unique and by far the most enlightening reading I have had.  Can’t wait to see you again.”

Amber—Collingwood, ON

“Carrie you have been my spiritual healer for months now and I can’t thank you enough for your guidance.  You have helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life.  Teaching me the Law of Attraction is truly a blessing.”

Stephanie—Oakville, ON

“Where do I begin.  Carrie you’ve helped guide me into an incredible life.  Your readings have showed me how I need to change my attitude regarding so many things.  Because of you I am now living the life I’ve always wanted.”

Ryan—Barrie, ON

A very blatant and loud wake up call from the universe and Spirit occurred almost a year ago and it was through that experience that I met Carrie. Instantly when I was with her, I was able to pick up all sorts of messages and presence of Spirits at this location that is rich in history. I attended her weekly Spiritual Development classes and furthered my growth and abilities. It scared me at first and I doubted myself but I continued the classes. I still struggle with self doubt but every day I have confirmation that this is real.

Ever since Carrie started the Soul Connecting class this fall, my gift and abilities and self confidence have increased. Carrie has observed me develop and progress and she has become an incredible mentor. She has taught me how to access and trust the keys of knowledge that already exist within me and I am on an exciting journey of rediscovering and reconnecting within and with Spirit.
I am not sure where all of this will ultimately lead which is scary as I am a planner and like to be in control but I am learning to step out of the way and listen to my heart (and Spirit) and follow my path as the doors open and discover how this insightful guidance can help change my life and in turn help others in a profound way.
Carrie is absolutely amazing…such a beautiful giving soul and such a talented and gifted person. I feel grateful, thankful, and blessed to have met her and to have her in my life as a spiritual teacher, mentor, friend, and soul sister. xo <3 <3 <3
PS – Last night was another incredible mentoring experience. With Carrie’s encouragement, I let go of fear and self doubt (and ego’s self defeating mind chatter) and I was able to pick up on so much and I received confirmation and further affirmation that I have this ability and it keeps getting stronger the more awakened I become. At first, I was scared of a challenge to ‘push me out of the nest’ so to speak but I connected within and with Spirit and soared! 🙂

Jill – Burlington, ON

“You know, as I sit here 4 days into now, my 4th chapter of my book, I am moved still by my experience with my friend Carrie Turcotte yesterday while I write a share where I at one time in my life truly believed that if you shared a dreadful truth that for the what family meant to me…we could still be okay, we could get through it…and it was at that moment, I saw for the first time when betrayal and trust of all sacred grounds got broken….

Carrie shared a very touching and similar experience where a lot of us relate too…and, it’s just so sad…like why can’t this all just stop??? Why do outside opinions of those that are suppose to love us and just accept everything that we are we let it terribly thwart our self expression? She shared of how keeping her authentic talent to herself for so long. Her talent is being able to connect with spirits and those that have passed on. THIS IS A HONEST skill!!!

Carrie shared something perfect, she said this; ” Our Spirit Energy will always fight us if we are resisting what is our natural calling”….it’s no different a conversation to those who get judged in races of greek to black, to black to white, to gay or not not gay…It’s all freaking BS!!! My two cents!!! Argh!!!

It has never been in my nature nor I am NOT one friend, not one woman, nor one teacher to EVER guide my children to hold any wrong opinion or judgement to any ONE’s self expression.

I have experienced this to often and, forever still find it seeping in here and there…. I AM SO proud of myself for those who have experienced me that have known me consistently for 20 years plus that you canNOT say I hold judgement nor opinion on any one’s choices or actions whether in integrity or not…I can’t imagine since I’ve been to little to impose my opinion or judgement on anyone.. It actually breaks my heart!!!

Anyway…as I continue to write my book, I hope to leave the intention of this share as insight to really just pause. Be mindful of where your thoughts go to any human being or walk of life…anything that bounces around in your head, out of your mouth to dis another…it’s only dissin yourself! We are our own mirrors in all the words we choose and all the actions we BE!

Love you Carrie Turcotte”

Charmaine ~ Toronto, ON