The Energetic Yin/Yang Shake Up! Oct 10th – Oct 26th  

Hello my friends,
This VR may be going live on Oct 14th however anyone who knows me and my channel knows that sometimes we have to experience whatever it is that the channel wants to talk about. 
Remember we’re in New Earth were everything is NEW!  So until you’ve experienced it the channel really can not say anything for we will not truly understand.
And this week (Oct 10-16) humanity is going through an Energetic Yin/Yang Shake Up that allows each and every one of us to find more balance in our lives – aligning the body/mind/spirit at a deeper level.
From the 10th till the 13th God came knocking.  Did you answer?  By now you should have clarity in certain areas of your reality.  Whatever is pulling at your soul strings is divinely reminding you that together with God you can make a difference on this planet by just following your God Tune!
Pay attention to whatever was revealed…for the 14th to the 16th is an Energy Cluster that is guiding all of us to go deeper within to find ourselves.
During this process you may feel Mr. Sad & Lonely creep in, this energy is connected to the Energetic Beast that does not want you to reach out to the higher forces for help.  Remember one must ask for help to receive it!
During this time you may feel the energy within (chakras) shifting/clearing your physical vessel.  Because this week is about you finding yourself with God – your Solar Plexus will also be acting up.  Stomach issues are normal during this energetic process.  The energy will also shift up or down so pay attention to the energy flow for other chakra will be affected.
You may find you are also getting headaches/migraines/vertigo because of the energy clearing of the 3rd Eye.
From the 17th to the 23rd the New Frequency of Love – New Radio/New Earth will be coming to Gaia at full force.  This Universal Frequency Shift is going to allow all that is to shift with it.  The universal push to help us get further into the New Game of Life on New Earth.
On the 17th and 18th we enter another God Cluster – energy that will knock most people off of their feet, so be aware. The more connected you are with God the more you will shift in frequencies – not just vibrations!
Allow the God energy to unlock the hidden treasures that lie within – the ones that were waiting for this frequency shift to receive/activate – a gift from God especially for YOU!  No two gifts will be the same!
I’m feeling that there will be a mass awakening happening around this time and when millions of souls allow the pressure cooker to exposed and release whatever energy is within – there is be a lot of crazy energy being added to the pot!  Just a heads up!
Keep yourself grounded/centred as often as you can. Whatever was revealed to you during the 10th to the 16th will become more active within – a pull from God you will not be able to ignore.
Mr. Sad & Lonely reappear again on the 19th however this time they bring Mr. Isolation will them.  Do not allow your Boys to dim the light you just received from God.  Allow your shadow self to reveal itself knowing the only way you can get to New Earth is by going through the Valley of Death to heal….there is no other way!
There is an Energy Cluster from the 21st to 23rd that has extremely dark energy attached to it.  Mr. Ego and his ENTIRE CLAN are coming out to play – so add The 5W Clan (who, what, where, when, why, how) and The Word Posse to the mix!
This Energy Cluster also has the Throat Chakra attached to it so watch what is revealed to the world at this time!  Whatever it is you MUST keep your Throat Chakra in balance so you do not get pulled in!
Speak your truth but remember your truth may not be someone else’s truth.  DO NOT get into a disagreement or the energy cluster will take over and make you say things you may regret later!  Mr. Regret is not fun to hang out with so do not go there to begin with!
There’s an opportunity for each of us to energetically jump out of whatever is about to be dropped – WORD WISE!  And it’s very easy to do….you just have to TRUST whatever is best for  you…do not allow others to tell you otherwise!
I see this as a Big Bouncy Castle where humanity is being thrown into – and for the 21st and 22nd we will be bouncing all over the place.  On the 23rd you have the opportunity to bounce right out of the castle or continue bouncing with whoever else stays for one more day.  Your choice!
When we enter the week of the 24th to the 30th – Reality Love Slaps/Punches are coming in to wake humanity up even further!  No one gets a free pass from this energy so be prepared to blossom – it may time however you’ll be grateful later for that wake-up call!
This also means that Mr. Trigger Happy/Mr. Sparked are also joining the party.  They’re the ones greeting you as you get off the Bouncy Castle if you stuck around of an extra day.  If you got off early, they will find where you are and hunt you down.  Do not allow them to lead you down the wrong road for on the 25th – the Duality Train shows back up – Toot Toot all aboard!
This Duality Train is overloaded to the max and when it takes off at midnight on the 26th something BIG is going to take place!!!
I do not want you to feed Mr. Fear Monster with this information.  However, whatever BOOM goes off on the 26th has to take place for Old Earth to shatter further.  This could be global, it could be nationally, it could be locally or in your personally reality!
DO NOT ASSUME what this means.  Mr. Assumption is a very dangerous Boy you do not want to let in.  If you do, Mr. Expectations will be right behind him.  And guess what, these Boys do not reside in New Earth so make sure you kick them to the curb or Mr. Disappointment will also show up.  This Nasty Trio is not a group of Boys you want to be hanging with energetically!
This VR is bringing you further into the future then normal, however it is important that you understand what is coming our way so you can navigate through the energies of New Earth on route.
The month of October is going to change where you put your energy and right now God is asking us all to go deeper inside and find the hidden gems that are being revealed to all of us right now.  The Yin/Yang Shake Up will help you with this!
Some may have to go deeper than others….really depends on what universal radio you’re on – Old Earth or New Earth!  Obviously if you’re in Old Earth it will be a more difficult process.
With the Sacral Chakra in full swing this month as well – use your creative life source energy to co-create the reality you truly desire.  We ARE co-creators – co-creators with God – use your vibrations (words/thoughts/feeling) to shift yourself in frequencies.
Remember the power up above (God/Universe/Spirit etc) does not see the visions in your head – they feel the vibrations attached to it so keep them in check so you’re not putting static in your channel.
Until the next VR, take the time often to close your eyes and connect with God…allow the energy created to flow through you into Mother Earth…she needs just as much love as we do right now!