The FOO Rewind

The FOO Rewind

July 16, 2018

Hello my friends,

Back in March, I spoke about living as ‘The New You” all whilst going through a “Global Reset”, which was all about vibrations, click here to read.

Now here we are once again going through the same experience shifting vibrations however this time we’re also shifting frequencies….which is a whole NEW energetic ball game. 

The FOO rewind is allowing clarity to be revealed to you in greater depth, so you can truly heal that which catapulted you into the “Frequency of One Program” (FOO) aka as twin flames.

It does not matter if you woke up to this journey last month or 10-20 years ago, YOU are going back to where it all began!

WHY?  To heal the life altering vibrations that were created during that time.  You would be surprised at how many band aids where put on people/places/things/feelings when this took place.  So NOW, we’re being given a second chance to clean house…to do hard core shadow work!  As Spirit has been saying to so many during readings…. “Clean up on isle 3 & isle 5 & isle 8 etc!”

The only way you can shift in frequencies is by shifting your vibrations.  This is why this channel teaches this journey very differently then others – to help you digest that you share a frequency NOT a soul.   This is not a label, its a term we refer to for now till we ascend high enough in frequencies to know what this truly is. 

From now till the end of December, the FOO program is also going through a energetic masculine & feminine clean up with each month representing a different theme to what soul work is being done within the “Soul Vault” – and being done BY BOTH on an individual level!

See “The Soul Vault” as the mother board for the FOO.  And this energetic twist is allowing the FOO computer to defrag – to clean up the vibrational mess YOU have created over YOUR life time.  It’s time to take ownership for your own soul so that you can begin to shift so clarity can kick in.  When this happens the static in the FOO begins to fade away!

Remember as someone who shares frequencies you are both masculine/feminine, please let go that you are only one!  That would mean that you are still wired/programmed/conditioned in believing you share a soul. 

Please know there is no judgement here, my channel refers to this as “The Delusional Stage”….and we’ve ALL been there or you will be once you pass “The Crazy Stage”. 

YES….my channel has its own lingo to this journey…we like to “Keep It Soul Simple” for its so complex, yet once you shift in frequencies you see this journey in a very different way!  It’s time to ensure your monkeys remain lemurs by keeping your creative life source energy moving and catching the VR KISS!

The FOO Rewind, will have vibrational matches to that which was taking place right before your stepped into this journey.  Let go of the situation and see this situation as energy….what where YOU vibing?

That which you were, has either already arrived in your head or its about too very soon! 

Remember this is a “Body 3D/Mind 4D/Spirit 5D” shift and shifting your 3D way of thinking into 4D+, is the most difficult part of this journey!  That’s why “The Boys – aka Ego” have taken over so many and set up camp in their head – lets roll out the DVD collection of your past and see what vibrations can stop you from shifting frequencies –  keeping you in the same old, same old repeated patterns!

Many would have felt this starting back on July 1st when the NEW frequencies kicked in.  I personally went through this right off the bat and let me tell you “What a mind-f*ck it was”!  I was pulled into overwhelming energy related to the people/places/situation/feelings that were part of my life just before I entered this journey.  On one side of the mind was the FOO and one the other side was this!  I felt like a peanut butter & jelly sandwich – stuck together in extremely powerful vibration that needed attention.

Now I knew I had done so much shadow work on this time and am extremely grateful for the experience, for I would not be the woman I am today without going through that extremely dark time!

There really were so many beautiful “Golden Nuggets & Gems” created during that time.  Like how “The Condo In My Head” vibercize (see soul work tab above) was created by that experience, which in turn has helped tens of thousands of people from all over the world!  So YES I am extremely grateful and always will be.

However, I know the people involved have not done the shadow work I have – probably have no idea what shadow work is to begin with!  There is no pointing fingers or playing the blame game, just explaining how energy works….its a two way connection!

SO WHY IS THIS HAPPENING – On July 1st, the FOO underwent a massive rewiring and when this happened the FOO connection shifted in a way its never done before.  This is what is energetically pulling you back.

YES, it is very intense and “The Boys’ are out in full force however go to that bridge and do your shadow work! 

Please DO NOT take action on what “The Boys” say you should do ie….reach out!  Let it flow through you for at least 10 days, you should notice a shift in the intensity by then…once it starts to subside it shifts quickly…within 72 hrs….then you’re back to where you where when you started.

Also note this FOO Rewind is essential to go through to clean up YOUR own “Soul Vault”.  Do not fool yourself in thinking you’ve done it all….you will never be done it all….ascension is a forever process! 

That’s why it’s so important to dissect the situation into vibrations….its YOUR vibrations that create your reality causing “The Loop-Di-Loop Affect”to take place in so many people’s lives right now. 

The band aids are coming off and that is causing so many to go through a vibrational shift that requires healing.  It may not be you, it may be the person who is trying to heal you/situation and you’re getting pulled in energetically.

Remember if your truly in the FOO program, then you vibrate at a much higher frequency then the collective so you CAN help heal if you’ve already done your part at your end!

Do your soul work like I did. knowing that when you do you will come out of this “FOO Rewind” new and improved – ready for your next energetic shift in frequencies.

Later this week, I will be opening the doors to “The Vibe Report” once again and will go deeper into this.  Please note that this time the VR will be very different, so stay tuned for its official launch – will be posted on this websites main page when the VR goes live once again!

If you’re need of personal assistance, please view my services above – all in Canadian $$$ – so Americans you get between 25-30% in discount because of the exchange….that’s a bonus!

Stay strong my dear friends and embrace this FOO rewind.  It’s a blessing to be given a second chance to clean up the vibrational mess that took place during your FOO awakening. 

Use the wisdom & knowledge you’ve learnt since then to go within and clean up whatever needs cleaning up.  Once you begin doing this the clarity truly does kick in. 

July is all about shifting frequencies, so use this time wisely for August we’re playing a completely different energetic ball game then now! 


Love & light

© Copyright 2018 Carrie Turcotte