The Frequency of One Program – aka Tw*n Fl*mes


Are you in “The Frequency of One” program also know as Tw*n Fl*mes?  If so, then this reading is for you.

Like all my readings, I will tap into your energy and begin to channel information regarding your scared journey back to one!  Depending on what your current beliefs are regarding this journey will determine where we will begin deprogramming/rewiring to help you shift from the old into the new. 

Please note that many of these beliefs come from others who are teaching this journey, who are not actually on this journey themselves.  You have to be in the FOO program yourself to truly teach it!

At the end of each session, you WILL receive soul work to do afterwards and SHADOW WORK is guaranteed!  This is a process and takes time to shift however when you understand at a deeper level what this journey is truly all about your reality begins to shift just as quickly!

I look forward to connecting with you in the “Frequency of One” program.   

CAN $200 + HST – 60-90 mins 

Email transfers can be made by Canadians only all others will be invoiced via PayPal. 

To book your session, please fill out the form to the right with FOO is subject line and someone will be in touch with you within 24hrs. 

What clients are saying…
  •  I have been in the mentoring program with Carrie for some time now. Carrie and the channel have guided me through numerous events in my life including job transfer, moving and my FOO journey. I would not be where I am today without the knowledge, wisdom and tools Carrie and her years of experience has taught me. See Carrie does not just give you guidance, she taps into your HS and most times the other side of the frequency and tells it like it is. No sugar coating here! And it does not stop there, the homework is intense and if you are committed to this journey you will see changes in your life almost immediately. Carrie and I have laughed, cried and been blown away by some of the things the channel has revealed. I usually receive 3D confirmation within the next day or two. Carries channel is very in tune with the new energies of the now and what’s coming. If you think you know this journey have a reading with Carrie and be prepared to be shock as to how much you may not know. 


  •  Late last year, I was struggling with my circumstances so much that I found myself wishing I could find a therapist who understood twin flame connections. I knew I was missing something important, and I needed some help figuring out what it was. With that, I quickly realized I could never talk about this stuff with anyone in the medical community without being labeled and having it filed in a permanent record. Then I found Carrie–my wish was granted! The past six months I’ve spent working with her have been transformative. She showed me the Frequency Of One is not just a love that transcends all traditional understanding of what love is, but a highway to genuine self discovery and true soul growth. She taught me how to embrace my fears as guidance tools, and the importance of living in the moment. I realize now that, before working with Carrie, I was waiting for some sort of divine intervention to magically fix all of my issues. Carrie gave me a place to start. She showed me the roots of my issues and helped me catalog, examine and pull them out one by one. She helped me get unstuck. After years of utter stagnation, I am finally moving forward, and it is an incredible feeling. If you are tired of feeling like your twin flame situation is an endless tangle of cords and you’ve landed here on Carrie’s page, you’ve come to the right teacher to straighten it all out. She will challenge you to your core, and it is so worth it!


  • Through my journey, I have embraced Carrie’s services as a psychic medium/channel. She assisted me in what felt like the darkest time in my life. I have come to realize we go through many, and we do get through them and they are all there for a reason of growing. Being in the Frequency of One is extremely rare.  During one reading it started to unravel I was not only experiencing Ascension,  I was exhibiting a number of physical “symptoms” (if that is what you call it) of a twin flame. This sounded exciting…..yet I quickly came to learn this is not an easy journey to navigate at all. Carrie has been an absolute Pillar and beacon of light for me to find mine and embrace this new found side. I went onto Carrie’s Mentoring program and then part of the VR and 4 years later, I am grateful to have had Carrie to guide through all the “craziness” . If indeed you are a twin flame, I am not sure this FOO journey is one you could do without understanding and educating yourself, from someone who truly is a clear Channel……(there are so many that just want to line their pockets).  There are many different stages one will go through and Carrie’s informative posts, to the private group, personal readings and mentoring, were just the thing to make what I was going through, easier.
    Thank you Carrie!!!!


  • I found Carrie almost two years ago, and life has moved forward rapidly since then. Carrie is a straight shooter, say it like it is, kinda channel, wrapped in love and laughter. I have shifted my ability to trust and flow with greater ease since meeting her. Yes life can be messing and I often say “WTF is happening now?”, however Carrie has taught me tools to co-create from a place of healing, trust and joy. I honour where I am, and where I am going from the messages I have received thru her. My ability to witness what triggers me and deal with it head on, and heal it,  has been life changing. I am forever grateful for our paths crossing. If you want a session with the real deal, book an appt today. This new earth energy, can be a challenging journey if you have not done your shadow work.  Learn tools to heal your stories, and allow life to be more joyful!


  • Carrie…..I can not thank you enough for the time you spent with me yesterday. The frequency of one reading was exactly what I needed to get myself back on track with MY LIFE! The way you explain what is happening makes so much sense and in a matter of 90 mins you were able to help eliminate so much static that has been within me for so long. I’ve never had anyone explain this journey the way you have never mind actually give me information that I can use to step into my own soul power. The old beliefs I had before connecting with you are no longer there as you gave me the light I needed to see right through them. I have shifted in vibrations in ways I never have before and I am so grateful that you showed me the way. I am saying good bye to the old ways of thinking about this journey and embracing the truth of where I AM GOING. Posts about what DM/DF are doing will never pull me in again and I will always be thankful to you for opening my eyes to a whole new way of seeing this scared journey of sharing a frequency not a soul…can I say MIND BLOWING! Right now I’m off to do more soul work but needed you to know that I am a changed person because of our time together. See you next week when we dive back into MY energy…can’t wait to see what comes out then. YOU are such an inspiration and will always be grateful my soul guided me to you. YOU can love slap me anytime sister! xoxox


  • I found Carrie 3 summers ago when I started on my journey, desperate for meaningful guidance through something that I could not explain or understand. Every webpage and ‘expert’ I looked at made me cringe because it was either information that was completely crazy sounding or really sad. Carrie was the right guidance at exactly the right time for me. She helped me to understand what being a frequency of one truly is and work on myself and my own soul. The desire to change and grow comes from within yourself and she is there to tap into what you might be overlooking but not to tell you what to do. I’m grateful for all her guidance and humour as I’ve grown and changed into the person I am. Her ability to tap into my energy and work with me is always an amazing, profound and hilarious experience. Thank you!


  •  I’ve been working with Carrie for more than 2 years now. From the very beginning I started to understand how much I can do to evolve on this journey and how much my perception, action and vibration matter. I was also able to contact her for an emergency reading at a time where I was a total mess not knowing what was going on. Carrie was able to bring back clarity and trust in my own abilities and was able to show me where my mind had been tricking me. I felt such a relief afterwards and was also back trusting myself and my inner wisdom – something so important on this journey. Thanks a lot Carrie, and thank you for making even the hard things fun.


  •  When I met Carrie, I was lost, lost at what spirit was wanting me to see, lost to what the FOO journey was about, and at what direction I was meant for. I had felt the pull to a more spiritual life, having been spiritual my entire life. I was untrained and confused to understand where and what I was experiencing and feeling, it was overwhelming to say the least. The first time I connected with her, I felt like I was being reunited with a sister. The connection was more than strong. It was undeniable and felt like a miracle. Through out the years, we continue to connect and her connection with spirit gives good, direct, and purpose-able direction and information. What I love most is there is homework. Continuing on with self work is never ending, sometimes it doesn’t make sense until later… when I have the multiple “ah-ha” moments. Trust me there are a lot. Carrie you and your channel are a continued blessing, I continue to look forward to many more years working together.