The New You – Channeled Message

“The New You!”

“In order to find balance as the “New You” one must learn to truly believe in their higher self and allow that inner light of God to shine through. 

To help guide others shift into the new without fear one must conquer this fear themselves – embracing the unknown!

Humanity is shifting into higher frequencies by the minute, which is causing havoc on Gaia – Mother Earth.

There once was a time where there were only so many frequencies available to tap into, however now there are unlimited frequencies which is also contributing to the mass confusion currently being played out by the  human species.

See the old way of life as the operator plugging you into the requested plug; there were only so many plugs you could plug into because you were being mind controlled- told what do/think/feel. 

See the new way of life as a video game you become a part of where possibilities are endless as long as you stay in the frequency of love not fear. 

When you’re in consist fear vibes you energetically get pulled into the “Beast” that controls your body/mind/spirit” so stay clear of the fear whenever possible!

Live in the moment and vibe your past gemstones to create the NEW YOU! You use the old to create the new – you focus on the vibrations and let go of the illusion/experience!

Remember to do your shadow work for “The New Boys” are either with you or not, again your choice who lives in your head!

As humanity undergoes a great soul healing, please understand this is a process that will take many life times to accomplish.  You have only just begun living on New Earth where 3D lower vibrations are still very much alive and they will for many years to come, do not kid yourself!

You are a soul having a human experience and as a human you have something you call the mind.  The mind is central control to all your feelings/emotions.  You can not break free from your mind you must learn to rewire/reprogram it, in order for it to work clearly in the energies of New Earth.

Humanity is being challenged in ways it has never been challenged before.  So ensure you take time daily to quiet the mind and allow the soul to give you clarity. 

Trust whatever YOUR soul is telling YOU for if you allow others to control your vibrational thoughts you may find this process a lot more challenging then it needs to be. 

The world as you have known is transforming in divine timing, please trust this process you’re all going through knowing that all is as it should be, so it is!”

© Copyright 2018 Carrie Turcotte