The New You RESET

The New You RESET

March 28th, 2018

Hello my friends,

Welcome to the 1st week of living as ‘The New You” all whilst going through a “Global Reset” that will continue until April 19/20.   Please take a deep breath knowing you’re currently going through a “Body 3D – Mind 4D – Spirit 5D” RESET bringing clarity to life so feeling foggy is normal for all of this is NEW! 

What is the “Global Reset?” All of humanity is currently being RESET on a vibrational level.  Meaning, that you’re once again going through a situation(s) that is/are a carbon copy of a past experience(s).  However, this time you’re being given an opportunity to use the wisdom & knowledge you have from the past to RESET and heal the repeated pattern in the present.

For example:  Think about when you woke up to your spiritual journey or if you’re in the “Frequency of One – FOO” when you woke up to that journey.  You will see the repeated vibrations in your currently reality.  The situation may be similar however the way you are handling it is very different.

Do your shadow work on that which appears; be grateful for the experience for it has taught you what you need to know today.  A perfect example of your future self becoming your present self!

Once you have been RESET in one area of your life, you will then be RESET in another.  If you’re in the FOO, please know that when one gets RESET, so does the other.   So hold on, you may feel like you’re playing dodge ball when the other gets RESET and you go along for the ride!  Please know you’re also being RESET in that time line however it will not be as intense.  See it as you’re cleaning up the frequency at both ends!

The more soul work you’ve done the more RESETS you will experience.  You may also feel like you’re in a pin ball machine – BING, BING , BING! Please ensure you embrace all that you’re currently going through, no matter how crazy it may be!   

We’re about to go through 4 Shift EEC’s next month so these RESETS are getting us aligned for what is about to come. 

Please take time to be outdoors where you can ground easily and just breathe!  It’s so important during these extreme energy shifts to keep your energy balanced and cleared as much as possible.  Ensure you also drink plenty of water for your body will need more than normal to go through this process as you’re healing the soul!

Back in August 2017 I started speaking about the “Great Psychological Shift” we as humanity are NOW going through and how it would take approximately 25 years for our minds to go through this rewiring process.  We as a society must learn how to FEEL our way through life instead of THINKING.  You want to balance your heart with your mind; becoming friends with your “Boys- aka Ego.”

Speaking of “The Boys” they are coming out in full swing this weekend so please be aware of this so you respond instead of reacting!

I mention this because on April 21st we enter into an “Extreme Energy Cluster” that will once again do a deep “Soul Rejuvenation Healing”.  So all the work we’re doing now during the RESET will be able to be healed at a deeper level then.  How cool is that?

Remember “The New Game of Life” this is a process not a race.  No two people are experiencing the same experience for we’re all unique and different and a beautiful piece of the puzzle.  

Take the time to go deep within during this Mercury Retrograde for it’s a “RE-PARTY” (reflect, revisit/review, reshuffle, realign, reset etc) you want to be part of. 

This week ensure you rest as you align with “The New You” frequencies and continue being RESET in all areas of your life.  Believe me your future self will be very grateful your present self did the soul work now for I’ve channeled that the end of April and all of May is beautiful energy where “The New You” can truly come out and play! 

Remember because this is ALL NEW anything is truly possible.  Keep sending out your “Golden Nuggets and Gemstones” and watch what the Universe sends back to you.   

Wishing you all the best during this very transformational time and should you need assistance on your spiritual journey, please see all my services below.  One of these services may be just what your soul is calling for right now!

Love & light

© Copyright 2018 Carrie Turcotte