The Vibe Report ~ Weekly Energy Forecasts

These New Vibe Report Mini Energy Forecasts are channeled messages giving you guidance to help you navigate through the current/upcoming energies of New Earth, as we all shift into higher frequencies.    Information you can use in your own personal reality.

Carrie has been channeling the Vibe Report since March 2014.  In October 2014 she started a written version that had over 17,000 people in 141 countries following.  In August 2015 it went to video format, then membership, then the doors closed a few years ago…to provide the info more on a one-on-one basic.

This is the first time in over 4 years the VR is going public once again!  These mini forecasts will provide you with an energetic blueprint that will help you navigate through the energies and be able to remain grounded!

Please note: Carrie creates  a picture of the energy through the channel…energy we’re all dealing with.  It’s up to you to intertwine it into your own personal reality and go with the flow!  Each VR is also sealed with a Energetic K.I.S.S = Keeping it Soul Simple!

No two people experience life the same so this channel does not paint the picture of your reality – YOU do – The VR only gives you the tools and the canvass of what’s coming down the pipe line energetically!

Please view the drop box options for specific time frames/dates.