The Vibe Report – Testimonials

The Vibe Report – Testimonials

What Vibe Report subscribers are saying:

I love the VR because it helped me so much to understand the energies, what is going and how I can empower myself to deal with Mr. Ego & his Tribe. And all of the info is provided with a good amount of humor and the special VR lingo. I am so grateful I found Carrie and the VR very early in my journey! 

I love the VR because it is fun and very informative. It is always on time with the energies and very realistic in what it forecasts. 

I love the VR because Carrie, says it like it is, down to earth no fluff…and with a comical twist…the VR has opened my eyes to my abilities and gifts to give back to the world, I am forever grateful

For me, the Vibe Report is navigation, plain and simple. These intense energies and ebbs and flows (drop zones and energy clusters) are much more challenging to ride without the heads-up that Carrie channels. Even better, the laughter and light-heartedness sprinkled throughout help to keep us aligned with joy. Which is why we’re here, right? 😉  I’m so so so grateful to have the Vibe Report. Don’t leave home without it!

Being one of the long time VR subscribers I can truly say this channel is on point. Carrie is remarkable at tapping into the current energies and beyond. Her guidance is always educational and helpful, no fluff here.. If you want the real deal then tune in to the Vibe Report.

I love the VR because it tells me where my energy might be going, if I don’t pay close attention! I also like seeing your pretty face, Carrie!!

Loving the vibe report …resonating with me 100% since day 1 when spirit led me to Carrie, in October of 2016.  I found Carrie while navigating some murky intuitive waters.  She has helped me tremendously and I have come to respect and trust her guidance deeply.  I feel like every video is speaking directly to my heart and my soul.  It always confirms intuitive nudges from the universe and I am so grateful for this.  The way my schedule has been lately, I have been listening  a few days behind, and I am always so blown away by the synchronicity of the universe.  How it all makes so much sense, the spiritual connections, symptoms, headaches, bodyaches…. I am so happy to be a part of this soul family.  I look forward to vibing even higher with Carrie- and all of you!

If you want to hear truth this is the place you will hear it first! I love the vibe report! It’s an information guide to help you navigate through the energies/ times we currently live in. The vibe report tells it like it is.  Thank you Carrie!!! I am ever so grateful for you and the Vibe Report.  Much love!!!!

For me personally, the VR has been my saving grace over the last year.  I could not understand for so long why I was feeling the way I was (on a high, on a super low etc.) until I was able to have access to the Vibe charts.  Then I realized oh, it’s not me…it’s this crazy energy.  I’m not crazy 😜 yay!!!

It’s also been so helpful to know that when I’m feeling so physically ill..that many times (according to the VR) I’m actually experiencing ascension symptoms so it explains why I’m feeling the way I am…I actually have ANSWERS (which my Green is very thankful for) instead of wondering what in the heck is wrong with me??!!  

I love the VR…it’s kept me sane during my journey and I am very thankful for all it has taught me and showed me ❤