Understanding The New ~ Consultation

Understanding The New ~ Consultation

Life as we know it, is  constantly changing and with the “Universal Energies” shifting so quickly, many find it hard to understand what is truly happening to them and how to intertwine these energies into their everyday life through their “Body/Mind/Spirit”. 

“Understanding The New” Consultations are specially for those who are looking for guidance and clarity on how the NEW works.   These are NOT personal readings, they’re consultations where no question is a silly question!  

If you’re in the “Frequency of One” aka- Twin Flames/Twin Souls/Divine Union, please know I have been awake to this journey for almost 10 years and have been working with those in the FOO at a global level for over 5 years and have channeling “The Vibe Report” since 2014.  Please do not send me emails asking who I’ve worked with, please just add my name to theirs in a search to see for yourself, I’m not into playing head games for this journey needs to be taken very seriously!

Below are a few examples of common questions I address often:

  • How do I live in 3D/4D/5D+ energies  and what does it all means?
  • What is the psychological shift all about and how does the rewiring work?
  • Why do I have to do “Shadow Work” and “Soul Work” to ascend?  
  • How do I tap into my “Psychic Abilities” and how do I know when my soul is trying to get my attention? 
  • And constant questions about the Twin Flames journey – too many to list!

If you’re looking for answers to any of these questions, then this “Understanding The New” Consultation is for you.

Payments can be made either through email transfer (if Canadian) or via PayPal.  Please note that PayPal users will also have a service charge, located in the shipping & handling area.  For email transfers, please fill out the contact form to the right and I’ll be in touch with you within 24 hrs!

30 minutes ~ $60 CAN

60 minutes ~ $100 CAN