Be an “Observer”, not an “Absorber”
December 29, 2017

Hello my dear friends,

As we all “SHIFT” into 2018, so will the energies & channel of the collective consciousness.  The connection we all share is about to amplify so it’s extremely important that you’re in-tune with YOUR own unique “Soul Channel”. 

This is why I have been guided to create “Vibe-Ah-Thought”.  These are Channeled messages to make you go “Hmmmmm” so you can go deeper into your own unique “Soul Vault”and REFLECT on that which resonates with YOUR soul!

Each and every one of us is very unique in our own special way.  We’re ALL part of the “God Channel” and contribute our own uniqueness into the frequency.  So the clearer your “Soul Channel” is, the more of a transmuter you become!  You become a brighter piece of the puzzle!

What do I mean by that, visualize yourself as a vacuum.  The higher in frequency you are, the higher up the vacuum you are.  When one begins going through their awakening process, they can feel like they were just sucked up literally – your world turns upside down! 

However when you begin to do the “Soul Work – Shade Work”, you end up in the filter of the vacuum.  At this stage you’re now transmuting for all, so some situations may seem more intense then they should be simply because you’re healing at a greater level!

As we all ascend, we will forever be doing “Soul Work”, so make it part of your daily routine.  Please understand that as you ‘Shift” in frequencies so does the “Soul Work”.   You may have already embraced, forgiven and healed a certain situation/person however if you haven’t embraced, forgiven and healed the “Vibration(s)” so when you “Shift” you may feel like your back at ground zero again! 

But guess what?  This simply is NOT the case, you just ASSUMED you were!  You’ve healed that which you could at that frequency; and now that you’ve shifted, your soul will guide you to go back to that “Vibration” to go deeper into the healing process! This helps the “Soul Channel” have a stronger, clearer connection to the “God Channel”. 

Remember…we’re all connected so we DO NOT want to peel the onion to quickly.  Again, this is a PROCESS and the more layers you have healed the deeper you go into the core of the VIBRATION! 

Let go of the experience so you can get to the core!  If you have no idea how to do this, please go to Soul Work – Vibercizes – Condo in my Head.  This is a good place to start.  There is so much more to that Vibercize however you must begin there!

Please do your future self a favor…take the time in 2018 to educate yourself on how energy truly works!  We’re all FEELING our way NOW and that my friends, is all about energy!  You may experience many “OMG WTF” moments so remember about the “Dynamic Trio” – words/thoughts/feelings – all vibrations!  Do a soul check on yourself to see if you’re aligned!  

Take your own power back knowing that the only person that can change your reality is you!  DO NOT continue to play the blame game or be part of the broken telephone, for this only causes “STATIC” in the “Soul Channel”.

Agreeing to disagree is also something one must learn.  I’ve been teaching others about who they truly are for over 30 years and through this journey I’ve come to appreciate just how unique each of us truly is.  NO two people are wired the same, this includes those who are in the “Frequency of One” program (FOO) , better known as twin flames/twin souls/divine union etc. 

So what does that mean?  It means that everyone has their OWN perspective for everything that is!  Are you starting to see why its so important to agree to disagree? NONE of us has the exact same perspective – we only have common denominators!  This is what I refer to as “Soul Shades vs. Soul Glasses”.

Let’s do a “Vibe-Ah- Thought” – Think of God as the main frame of our universal computer and each of us is a wire connected to that main frame. Through our own “Soul Channel” we receive a frequency from the “God Channel” however how we all perceive the message will be different, depending on how you are wired. 

How do we co-create?  Through our experiences: each of us creates our own illusion of what is happening in our lives, we create through past experience.  This is where the repeated patterns come into play.

So lets do another “Vibe-ah-thought” – how can one frequency co-create the same frequency?  3D words – how can one soul give birth to the same soul?  Again, you simply can not!  These people are not in the FOO program, they either think they understand and are not in the program or they’re want-a-be’s, which I do not understand.  Anyone who truly is in the FOO program would not wish this upon anyone, believe it’s not a Disney Land happy ever after ride!

With the energies shifting so dramatically in January 2018, many will fly away into 5D Fufu Land and not come back.  There will be NO common sense and logic to what they are saying/doing. 

Back in August, I stated we were entering “The Great Global Psychological Shift”, a shift that would take approximately 25 years to go through and here we are in month 5!  How are you thinking these days?  Do you feel like you’re not yourself?  Well, your not, you’re “New Self”!  And “New Self” does not think the same way “Old Self” did!  Another “Vibe-Ah-Thought”.

This brings me to why it’s so important to be an “Observer” not an “Absorber” in 2018.  As we collectively shift into higher frequencies, the lower vibrations (fear, shame, guilt etc.) which we have ALL created together as one, must be embraced, forgiven and healed as a whole!   This is not going to be an easy task.  And the more in-tune with energies you are, the more you WILL feel it!  Own and protector YOUR energy – this is your “Soul Channel”.  

Vibe-Ah-Thought – Visualize the Spirit radio (those in the Toronto area, play attention to the stations) – a radio you can see all the channels on.  The radio starts at 88.1 and goes up to 107.9.  See someone who is not in-tune with energy/still asleep is hanging out around 88.1 and someone who is extremely in-tune with energies is hanging out around 104.5 – you can only tap into the higher channels you can stay there.  See 107.9 is the “God Channel” so one wants to work toward getting to balanced zone of 99.9.  As you shift in frequencies,  you will have the ability to tap into the higher stations, however you do not stay there for too long or you will end up listening to “The Unicorn Song” over and over again!        

So what does this all mean?  That the “God Channel” will be removing “Static” from the main frame and how you perceive the information is up to you.  Again, no two people are alike so your message will be uniquely designed for you.  DO NOT let “The Boys”(aka – The Ego) in! “The Boys” are our friends and when you learn how they truly are part of your soul and are NOT going anywhere, the game of life becomes a lot easier to play.

When you experience a situation that you’ve created through your vibrations and the energies shift – you will either REACT or RESPOND!  If you’re being pulled into the situation and ABSORBING the energy you WILL REACT!  BAM – YOU’VE BEEN TRIGGER!!!

If you’re OBSERVING the energy you WILL RESPOND!  This means you have control of your own energy, are friends with your “Boys” and agree to disagree.  YES, there are times when you will REACT for you’re a soul having a human experience, that comes with feelings & emotions.  That’s why “The Boys” aren’t going anywhere – you WANT to become friends!  The secret is “You do not want to live in lower vibrations for too long”.

Please view “Triggers” as a good thing, its your souls way of saying time to do some “Shadow Work”.  

Right now we’re all healing the past so we can move forward.  Just remember…you CAN NOT break free from your soul memories/experiences you can only embrace, except, forgive and heal for its part of YOU and it always will be!  So see whatever rears its little head out when you’re triggered as the soul reminding you to go deeper for this creature is asking for your forgiveness, so you can heal, shift and move forward.

Dissect the experience deeper by going into the vibrations you were illuminating at that time, allow the illusion to shatter knowing that you co-created that experience through past VIBRATIONS you just allowed “The Boys” to let you assume/expect how was going to happen and it didn’t so you got TRIGGERED! 

Welcome to “The New Game of Life!” where everything you have experienced has conditioned you and now you are being rewired.  YES, you want to bring in the old of that has made you who you are today, however we’re going to take the old wisdom & knowledge and intertwine it with the new; to create a whole new way of being.  This is a very complex process, so please be patient and take the time to tap into YOUR “Soul Channel” and get acquainted with the NEW you!

Have a wonderful New Years my dear friends and remember to be the “Observer/Responder” as we “Shift into 2018” – your soul will truly be so grateful and so will your future self! 

Live life like a sunset knowing that when you give out only vibrations and let go of assumption and expectation, you’ll never be disappointed! 

Happy vibing!

Love & light

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