Vibe + Exercise = Vibercize



 Please use these “Vibercizes” I have been providing students/clients over the years to help heal lower vibrations that still lie deep within the soul and help manifest that which you truly desire. 

If you do not understand the lingo, please see the Vibe Report (VR) Lingo page for further explanation. 



So it’s time to release all the toxic/lower vibrational people from your life. You may be saying this is not easy to do however there is a way to do so simply and easily!

I want to help you evict those Negative Nelly’s, Debbie Downers, Moaning Mona’s, Trashing Tracy’s and Bitching Bob’s out of you head once and for all; to be grateful for all the GOLDEN NUGGETS & GEMS they have given you. Many of your tenants have been living in that condo in your head all of your life. They may be on vacation right now but they still live there and will be back.

Ask yourself why are you keeping yourself prisoner to someone who obviously lowers your vibrations and is interfering with your energy as well as interfering with your sacred journey back to one? Think about that for a moment and if you’re really ready to start evicting those tenants out of your head, then it’s time to do an exercise I teach called “The Condo In My Head”.

PLEASE NOTE – this is not a one time “Eviction” – this is a process and may take weeks/months to accomplish.

We all have a condo in our head however most have a 3D condo not a 5D+ condo. It’s time to evict all those living in the 3D condo and invite only those who are truly meant to move into your 5D+ condo.

Think of your vessel as a Kur-plunk game however instead of trying to keep the marbles in the vessel we want them to fall out, these are the lower energies that are holding you back. See the sticks you have to pull out as letters you will be burning later. The clearer the vessel the more blissful life becomes!

You’re going to want to keep “The Condo In My Head” in a journal so you can refer to it later on, so get one specifically for this exercise. Make 4 columns. The first column is for your tenant names. Start with those who you live in your head the most, the ones that live in the penthouses. Remember to put your name on that list because YOU my friends have the biggest penthouse of all!

The second column is for the Golden Nuggets. These are personal attributes that you liked about this person. Everyone has them! It could be as simple as their smile, hair or laugh.

The third column is for the Gem Stones. Now not everyone has Gem Stones for these are beautiful, blissful feelings someone has allowed you to feel. For example the most incredible mental stimulation/brain sex you’ve ever had or sexual chemistry that was off the charts or even a friendship that has touched your heart & soul. Remember not everyone has these however you will notice those that do have the “Gems” have hurt you the most.

The forth column is for the Boulders, Stones and Pebbles. The hurt, pain, sorrow, anger, regret etc. The BS you went through with them. Do not get detailed now, keep it simple. For example, Alcoholic, abandonment, verbal abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse…the list goes on.

When you start looking at your list and the common denominators shared between many, you will truly begin to see how you have allowed others to control you all of your life. You’ll also notice that they will be very similar within the family, past lovers, past friends/associates and past co-workers/colleges. These are the repeated patterns/lessons you need to release and break free of.

Now that you have completed the tenant check list you’re ready to surrender and release all the old 3D tenants/soul contracts. For those loved ones who are moving into your 5D+ condo, this exercise will finally allow you to break free of those lower vibrations that have been holding you back from being who you truly are!

Those on the divine path are here on a mission and right now you need to work on yourself. No one else can hold your hand you MUST do it yourself. We’ve all been through so many dark experiences however when you start to focus on the Golden Nuggets and Gems, you’ll truly appreciate why it happened. If you’ve felt a feeling before you can feel it again. So get your Bliss List ready and start vibing.

You’re going to want to write your tenants eviction notices. These are letters you are going to write them and tell them exactly why you’re evicting them from the 3D Condo. Many will not be invited to the 5D+ condo.

Speak your TRUTH and get it out. No one is going to read it because it will be burned so swear, curse and carry on all you want…just get it out! Then at the end you are going to thank them for all their Golden Nuggets & Gems. You signed up to learn that lesson with them, so let it go and be grateful for all your experiences.

During the day if someone starts pushing your buttons or triggers you, keep your vibes in check by simply thinking of their Golden Nuggets & Gems. Again, everyone has Golden Nuggets. Even if you run into some Negative Nelly in the grocery store, compliment them in some way, something that they are wearing, just find something. If they get the best of you, make sure you add them to the list and write them a quick letter when you get home.

The key is to observe not absorb what others are vibing your way. Focus on their strengths not their weakness and when you get home, take a shower right away and clear your aura. Visualize yourself under a beautiful waterfall of love & light. Ensure as you are clearing yourself you are clearing your energy you are putting down the drain. Gaia will be the grateful to you that you did!

Now that’s it time to clean your life up and get things in order. Work on yourself, not your beloved and while your clearing out your 3D reality know they are too. Patience is key now but think of it this way, the clearer the vessel the more blissful your sacred journey back to one is going to be!

Happy evicting,
Love & light

© Copyright 2018 Carrie Turcotte

Bliss List

love-1120281_1280The purpose of the “Bliss List” it to ensure that you keep your vibrations in check when “The Boys” come out to play.  Simply take your “Gem Stones” from your “Condo in my Head” exercise and create a list that will make you feel blissful when you read it.  When you notice your vibrations are being lowered by triggers created by someone/something, this is the perfect time to put your “Bliss List” into play.

Happy Vibing!



© Copyright 2018 Carrie Turcotte


snap-839997_1920When you send out your “Snapshots” to the Universe. Please ensure you send them out in the “Dynamic Trio” vibration. Meaning that your thoughts, words and feelings are in the frequency in love.

For example, if you’re sending a “Snapshot” of your souls true desires in the frequency of love in thoughts only, it will not manifest. All three MUST match.

The Universe is like a magic mirror and that in which you vibe out will reflect back as your reality so keep your vibrations in check.

These “Snapshots” are meant to be just that….a snapshot. Twenty to thirty seconds max; then back to reality. Do not go into fantasy land my friends and remember to vibe as you already have it….this is key!!!

When you send “Snapshots” out to the universe through out your day, do not allow “The Boys” (the ego) to interfere. To not worry about how your ‘Snapshot” will manifest. As long as you are vibrating in the frequency of love the Universe WILL reflect back that as your reality.

Simply send out your “Snapshot” in the “Dynamic Trio” to the Universe, then get back to the NOW and watch the MAGIC begin.

YOU create YOUR reality so what are your waiting for. Gather your “Golden Nuggets” & “Gems” and start sending the Universe your beautiful “Snapshots”.  

Please note that if your soul contract does not include what you are sending as a “Snapshot” the vibrations you are sending will co-create into that which aligns with your soul.

Happy Vibing!

© Copyright 2018 Carrie Turcotte

Emotional Scale by Abrham-Hicks

With the energies of New Earth shifting by the day, many are still having difficulties understanding all the 3D/4D/5D language. 

Please know you ARE a SOUL having a HUMAN experience which means you live in 3D, always have and always will, till its time to for you to move onto your next adventure! 

What others are referring to is the energy you NOW have access to (4D/5D+ energy) which you can tap into, by quieting the mind, to help shift your lower vibrations!

However, most are not saying that your aura has an emotional field which will ALWAYS be shifting from 3D/4D/5D as long as you are here on Planet Earth! You CAN NOT live in 5D+ for if you do you would NOT be here in the physical! 

Embrace these lower vibrations when they appear for you will ALWAYS go up and down in frequencies on the emotional scale – that is what we here to experience! The secret is NOT to live in 3D emotions however you WILL visit often for without emotions – you’re not real!!!

Print this off if need be, to help you understand where your emotions are and how to shift them if need be!  You may feel an emotion that you do not find on the scale, if so, place it on the scale.

Please be yourself and if you need to shift into 3D to get the lower vibes out – GO FOR IT! 

DO NOT allow anyone to tell you “You aren’t spiritual if you have 3D emotions” for that is BS…those 3D emotions make you REAL!


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