Where is your soul kite taking you? August 24, 2018

August 24, 2018

Hello my friends,

Over the past couple of months, we’ve all been guided by God and the Universe to go deeper within, to face that which we have put band aids on in our past.  To forgive ourselves and all involved so that we can truly begin to heal at a soul level!

As a soul having a human experience, we must honor our past experiences knowing that we are the person we are today because of them; that includes the good, as well as, the not so good!  These are the lessons we’ve come here to learn.  Sometimes it just takes longer to figure some of them out, and for some it can take decades!

That’s why it’s so important to remember that we ALL have an “Energetic Sh*t Pot” it’s just “What’s in YOUR energetic pot” that’s creating YOUR reality?

When you truly realize that we’re all connected, you let go of judging others for their reality, knowing that energetically there will be a vibrational match somewhere.   Like attract like my friends, so go deeper within the vibrations and see/hear/feel what is revealed to you-what is YOUR soul trying to tell you about this connection?

Sometimes those you truly love drift away for a while.  Please know this is simply because your vibrations are no longer in a match and you’re probably in different frequencies. This does not mean you will not reconnect – if the vibrations begin to shift and if it’s meant to be, it will be.  You MUST have faith in the process for we’re all on our own unique soul journey and as I have said before; this is NOT a race nor is there a finish line!

Remember your vibrations determine what frequency you are in.  Please take the time to educate yourself on how energy really works.  Believe me your soul will be grateful that you did.

This leads me to how we co-create through experience and why it’s so important to do “Shadow Work”. 

When one goes within and revisits past soul memories, not all are pleasant however there are “Golden Nuggets & Gems” to be found!  These are the soul memories that you want to use to create the future by using the vibrations connected, not so much the experience. 

The yukky soul memories are where you want do your “Shadow Work” so that you do not use them when co-creating your future. 

Think of your soul memories as a movie collection.  Within this collection, you have Cinderella stories however you also have Stephen King stories.  These are the experiences you want to do your “Shadow Work” on.

To do so, begin to dissect your soul memories and find the common vibration(s).  When one does not understand why repeated patterns/experiences take place, they should look deeper into the energy surrounding it.

For example:  The current situation you’re in is causing you to feel: anger/frustrated/stressed/short temperature/sad/isolated/lonely/abandoned.   

These are the vibrations you’re currently sending out to the Universe because of your experience however they’re also feeding from past experiences where you also felt the same feelings/emotions. 

When one starts to see the common vibrations they can now go in and begin doing “Shadow Work”. 

Please note, that when you start to dissect the vibrations from the experience you will find MANY!  Some may even go as far back as childhood; they have just been intensifying over the years within different experiences.   However you now have the opportunity to do a soul clean up and allow the God within you to lead the way, in a brand new soul kind of way!

With the current Universal energy creating a magical kite in the sky all while a full moon amplifies it; God is working within YOU, creating a NEW reality according to YOUR vibrations!

Today we’re on day 3 of a 6 day EEC – extreme energy cluster.  An energy cluster that I am referring to as a “Sh*t Cluster” simply because if you allow yourself to be pulled into the energetic beast that is currently surrounding Gaia/Mother Earth, this energy can take you vibrationally down! 

Do not allow Mr. Hopeless to take over and make you think it’s only his way.  As challenging as life may be right now, God is truly guiding you in the right way!  Trust that whatever you’re dealing with will reveal the light very soon, if it hasn’t already. 

We’re all being pulled to that which is aligned with our soul; we just have to follow what is being revealed through words/thoughts/feelings.  Please remember that if you’re hanging out with “The Boys – aka Ego” Mr. Hopeless will become your best friend during this EEC, if you allow him!

 As crazy as this may sound, this EEC is energetically preparing us for September.  There is a powerful grounding energy attached to it which is causing many to feel pain in their lower back and hip area.  You may also be visiting the lu a little more often than normal.  Make sure you go with the flow, no pun intended!

September will be another life changing month if you truly believe in yourself and do not feed the energetic beast. 

I’m positive you’re already feeling the pull to where you soul wants you to go so please trust that all doors opening right now will allow the old yukky ones to close!

Allow the inner child to come out to play and have fun flying your soul kite this weekend.  Know that if you keep your vibrations in check, God will be your string and guide the way to an incredible September.  A month that will light up your soul is ways you could have never imagined!

Remember to let go of expectations and focus on the feeling of that which you want to experience once again and watch how your vibrations intertwine magic into your current reality!

Until next time, 
Love & light


© Copyright 2018 Carrie Turcotte