Who Am I? ~ 4 Week Course ~ Jan 2024

SOLD OUT – Cost:  $199 + HST CAN

As an Authorized Associate of the Insight Learning Foundation, I have been teaching others about who they truly are for over 35 years.  

As an Educating Medium, I use this program to explain “The Law of Allowing”, one of the most difficult Universal Laws for people to grasp! When you understand why people do the things that they do, you can appreciate them for who they truly are!

Many have difficulties realizing that you can not change another person, you can only change yourself. That one must focus on one’s strengths not weaknesses or you will have your buttons pushed and bring down your vibrations. Something you do not want to do during these very intense energy shifts.

When you truly understand the “Law of Allowing” and how it works with the “Law of Attraction” you’ll start to understand how to manifest the life your soul truly desires by focusing on all the good in life and the world around us.

No matter what, you can not judge another for how they live their life and you certainly must allow them to do or say whatever they want for it has nothing to do with you! Not easy to do, however after completing this powerful workshop understanding the “Law of Allowing” will come quick and easy!

This 4 week live online course is based on the Insight Personality Instrument, which provides an immediate, proven results based technique to develop everyone’s ability to build instant rapport and increase their relationship building skills.

Everyone who attends this live online workshop will have an empowering perspective and advantage few people ever obtain.

This innovative concept is based on identifying our four different personality styles. For example:

Colour Personality Styles

Gold            Structured; Traditional; Consistent; Reliable
Green         Curious; Objective; Logical; Independent
Blue             Compassionate; Genuine; Peaceful; Accepting
Orange      Adventurous, Competitive; Spontaneous; Open-minded

You can learn a great deal about yourself and those around you. In fact, the amount of information you can gather is really quite impressive:

  • You can determine how people prefer to think and feel, work and play, learn and teach, speak and write, lead and follow;
  • You can identify the attributes they admire, the values they cherish, and the activities that bring them joy;
  • You can detect the kinds of jobs they prefer to do in the work place and at home, how they respond to stress and conflict, and how they prefer to relax and enjoy themselves;
  • You can determine what they want from their relationships, how they show affection, and what strengths and liabilities they bring;
  • You can even get some pretty significant clues into what they like to read, what television shows they enjoy, what clothes they choose to wear, how they decorate their homes and offices, what kind of toys they play with, what kind of cars they drive, even what they will do at a backyard pool party.

This seminar is a cost effective and exciting way to implement this simple tool into your everyday life. This experience teaches everyone how to effectively engage with people in a real and genuine way.

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