Whoa Dude ~ August 23

August 23, 2021

Hello all,

May this Whoa-message find you all riding this rapid energetic wave of global change in a chipper way….doing your best to keep yourself balanced, centred and grounded, as often as you possibly can.

Remember to unplug from your 3D reality and just be in your own 5D reality for a little while!  Use your creative life source energy to do this – singing, laughing, dancing etc.

I would highly recommend you do this multiple times a day for there’s definitely a tsunami of WHOA energy circulating the planet right now and you do not want to fly away because of it!

This week seeking your own truth is the key.   Do not allow others to try and tell you the way it is.  Do your own research so you can connect the dots for yourself and come up with your own conclusion.  Your own soul must align with your truth, not others!

With the 22 Day Energetic Cycle now in place, one must not believe the first thing they hear nor should one feel they must follow everyone else…just because!  This is YOUR soul decision and you should honor others in the same manner.  Agree to disagree if need be!

The energy of division has intertwined itself unto this planet and is causing the energy of chaos to become even more powerful.  Which in tune is allowing people to be triggered all too often!

Look it this way…we are all a pressure cooker within a pressure cooker (planet).  The pressure cooker within each of us is exploding and causing the pressure cooker of the planet to go off too!

We live in an energetic world now, so understanding why you’re feeling the intensity of the global unrest is imperative.

Your personal reality does not have to reflect the outside world, however whatever energetic game you choose to play will determine how you play your new game of life.

Remember energy is the key and this week you have another key to add to your collection..the key of truth!

Take the time this week to seek what this key of truth means to you.  There is explosive energy connected to the beginning of the week – being amped up by the full moon.

Whatever this may mean in your own reality do not assume…this will cause more friction to enter your personal reality….something you do not want to happen.  Just go with the flow and expect the unexpected!

The latter half of the week you have the opportunity to find that balance you’re looking for within your own reality.  Vibe in the frequency of love as often as you can…the only way to do this is to unplug for this 3D matrix and plug into your 5D self.  Do this at least 5 minutes a day and watch what begins to happen. The more you do this the more magic is created.

Trust that the light will shine brightly during the week to allow yourself and others to wake up to a higher truth…as the veil of deception reveals itself even more.  Which way will you go?

Lastly, as your reality unfolds this week remember that you have the ability to make change, to overcome those challenges you feel you’ve been dealing with forever.  This is part of the energetic progress…one must go through the valley of death in order to step into New Earth.

This is not an easy process…it takes time.  Ascension will forever be, there is no end.

Thus why, doing daily soul/shadow work will make your future self extremely grateful.

You can make the valley of death a lot easier to get through if you’ve mastered “Your Boys” – aka Ego along the way and have soul-remembered that you want to observe not absorb the energy around you.  It pulls you into the illusion!

There is a lot coming down the pipe line so I’m going to start making weekly posts on my website about upcoming weekly energy – brief and to the point.

The censorship is going into over drive so please be aware if you do go to my website and you get an error message – please just head back in about an hour.  The attacks are causing my site to crash often however it resets itself when it happens.

Stay tuned to more crazy in this “Looney Tune” world we currently live in.  And remember when you feel the “WHOA” energy, turn on the music and bust a move for a few minutes…it will make you feel more balanced and grounded in a very simple quick way!

And should you need help navigating through the energies of New Earth check out my new services and upcoming online events,  You’ll see I’ve got a little something for everyone…starting as low as $44 + HST CAN.

Have a Fun-Whoa Filled Week my dear friends, as we all seek our truth in all areas of our own reality!